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 The Sorceress is one of the strongest classes in Lost Ark PvE. It's also very useful in PvP. It deals a lot of damage over long distances and is particularly good at dealing with groups of enemies. 

What class is this? The Sorceress is a ranged magic damage fighter who uses a large wand to do so. She has many AoE skills that build on certain elements.

This makes it easy for you to control your opponents and eliminate them quickly, especially in the early game. In the Lost Ark endgame, the Sorceress is welcome to support and deals a lot of damage to your party.

Your ability to identify consists of two different aspects. You gather magical energy as you damage enemies. You can then activate this with X to perform a teleport or “blink”. The jump then always consumes 30% of your energy.

Or you activate the ability with Y, which provides a huge boost to your damage, but then uses up the energy completely.

In relation to all other classes, the sorceress can take very little, which is why you will most often activate your identity ability with X to jump away.


  • Massive area damage
  • Easy to level
  • Great mobility
  • Very popular in groups for its tremendous damage


  • Holds very little
  • Long casting times
  • Little push immunity

What game content is it useful for? The sorceress shines, especially in PvE. Due to its enormous area damage, it can destroy entire hordes of opponents in a flash. The agile magician is also extremely good against bosses.

In PvP, the sorceress takes a bit of getting used to. Here you have to unpack a completely different build than you would play in PvE in order to be successful. 

While the sorceress in our tier list is in the A tier for PvE, i.e. the second best, when it comes to PvP, she even has to give way to the B tier. Still, she's a lot of fun.

All Sorceress skills

At this point, we would like to give you an overview of all the magician's skills. However, we leave out the exact damage figures, as these also depend on your attributes and the points already distributed.

Fire – Costs 74 Mana: Shoot forward a wall of fire that stays on the ground and pulses for some time. It deals with initial damage and then provides short-lasting area damage.

Energy Discharge – Costs 61 Mana: Fires an orb of concentrated energy that pierces and damages your enemies. You can activate the skill again to fire a second, more powerful charge.

Lightning Vortex – Costs 80 Mana: Creates a ball of lightning that stays in place and pulses for 3 seconds. When an enemy is hit, it pulls them into the orb, where they take additional damage.

Frost Call - Costs 110 Mana: You must hold this skill down for it to work. If you hold it down for the maximum duration, 4 seconds, it hits all enemies in the radius 9 times.

Gust - Costs 85 Mana: Creates a hurricane that blasts away from you in a cone, dealing 3 damage total. The opponent will be thrown back.

Angelic Cheer - Costs 96 mana: The skill lets a tidal wave roll on your opponents, which emanates from you. She hits enemies in her path, damaging them. If it hits an enemy that is already airborne, the wave will keep the enemy airborne.

Inferno – Costs 96 Mana: Creates a pillar of flame that rises from the ground, inflicting Fire damage to enemies around the blast.

Punishing Blow – Costs 119 Mana: Rains down a massive thunderbolt from the sky on your enemies, attempting lightning damage in a large radius.

Gravity Reversal – Costs 91 Mana: Creates a field around you that first lifts enemies into the air, pause there, and then hurls them to the ground with force. The ability deals double damage to your enemies and grants you Super Armor.

Ice Shower - Cost 77 Mana: A fast ability with no casting time that deals water damage in a cone in front of you and also grants you Super Armor.

Lightning - Costs 110 mana: If you hold this skill down, it will shoot out a massive bolt of lightning, which you can then steer with your mouse at an angle of 50 degrees. He hits your enemies 5 times within 2 seconds.

Esoteric Reaction – Costs 110 Mana: Creates a crystal on your cursor that pulses three times before ultimately exploding, dealing area damage and knocking enemies back.

Rime Arrow – Costs 105 Mana: Rains icicles in a rectangle in front of you, dealing water damage and hitting enemies multiple times.

Explosion - Costs 119 Mana: After a tremendously long casting time, you shoot a meteorite at your enemies, which explodes in a huge inferno and causes massive damage in a large radius.

Switch – Costs 14 Mana: You gain 30% less mana regeneration, but gain a shield, which causes all damage to be applied to your mana instead of health. However, you lose 330% mana relative to the life you would lose. 

Envika's Might (Awakening) - Creates a large ball of lightning energy that deals damage in a large area and pulls all enemies together before the ball explodes and knocks your opponents away again.

Call of Apocalypse (Awakening) – Drops meteorites from the sky for 8 seconds. When an enemy is hit by an impact, they take fire damage and are thrown to the ground.

The sorceress in the leveling process

What is the most effective way to play Sorceress at the beginning? Especially at the beginning, it is important not to shoot wildly at you with everything you have. Many of your skills have a long cooldown and longer casting times.

So it's best to pull a torrent of enemies behind you before you stomp them to the ground with your AoE effects.

At the start, you should focus on the skills Fire, Lightning Vortex and Frost Call. They cause a lot of area damage and have a comparatively little cooldown. However, in the course of the leveling process, you will exchange two of them. But that's not a problem, as you can reset your points at any time for free.

Directly to level 12 you already let go lightning vortex. You keep the skill in the list, but take the points down and put them on Inferno. A skill that will stay with you until the end of the game.

At levels 14 and 16 you get the Punishing Slash and Gravity Reversal skills. You can safely level up both of them, they will also be part of your main damage abilities later on. Feel free to take your points from Frostcall.

At levels 28 and 32 come Rime Arrow and Explosion. You always want to have both skills with you.

What gear is good to start with? You should rely on Crit, Specialization, and Agility stats when gearing up. While Crit will of course make you land more Critical Hits, Specialization is there to do better elemental damage.

But you shouldn't completely lose sight of agility either, because here you benefit above all from shorter cooldowns in your skillset. 

How do you allocate your skill points? Make sure that you always unlock the next tripods. This always happens at skill levels 4, 7, and 10. However, the points you need to level these skills vary from skill to skill.

  • Right at the beginning, you can put your points in “Fire”. In the first tripod, you select "Ignite" for the time being, which ensures that your enemies burn as soon as you catch them. Later, when you have a bit more skills, trade the tripod for Shame Boost. This causes you and your party to deal 6% more damage to fire-hit enemies for 8 seconds.
  • If you tend to play alone, leave fire at level 4. If you are out and about a lot in groups, bring fire to level 7 and then add the “Charge Flame” tripod, it significantly increases the field of “fire”.
  • At level 14 you get the Punishing Blow skill - get it to level 10 asap, it's one of your best skills. Use the Wide Angle Attack, Inevitable Fate, and Mage Boost tripods.
  • Second, you prioritize the Inferno skill. You should also bring him to level 10 and provide him with "Rift Acceleration", "Flame Area" and "Firepower Supplement".
  • Once you unlock Blast at level 32, you can take Inferno's points back down and get Blast to level 10 in exchange. Choose “Ignite”, “Return Fire”, and “Mage Boost”.
  • If you have points left, you can distribute them as you wish. However, we recommend the Gravity Reversal skill with the Wide Angle Attack, Molten Lava, and Weak Point Detection tripods.
  • As for the Awakening skills at level 50, both Sorceress spells are viable. However, we recommend that you focus on Envika's power, as it can be used in a more targeted manner than the other spell's random meteorites.

This level build is best suited for a lot of area damage. It is optimized for monster groups and not optimal against bosses or in PvP.

The sorceress in the endgame

There are various builds for the Sorceress in the endgame, all of which are not bad. However, we want to focus on the builds around the two engravings.

The Reflux Sorceress: Focuses on the Reflux engraving, without which this build doesn't perform as well. It causes you to discard one of your identity skills (the Y skill) and gain more general bonuses in return.

The Reflux Sorceress has more mobility as she can use all her magical energy to jump. It also excels in sustained damage rather than short burst windows. The main attributes you focus on with the reflux sorceress are crit and agility.

To do this, you mainly rely on the skills fire, frost call, punishing blow, gravity reversal, and esoteric reaction. You can find detailed instructions for this build on .

The Igniter Sorceress: This build relies on the Sorceress' Igniter engraving. It basically does the exact opposite of reflux engraving. It ensures that your identity ability (Y) is improved. You receive up to 50% less cooldowns and 50% more damage while in this form.

Compared to the Reflux Sorceress, the Igniter Sorceress relies more on burst damage because you can't sustain consistent damage. So your burst window is whenever you finish charging your Y ability. 

The Igniter sorceress loses some mobility as you should no longer use your X ability to maximize your damage. You also have more downtimes during your skill rotation in this build. The main attributes of the build are specialization and nimbleness.

Your main skills here are Frost Call, Punishing Blow, Esoteric Response, Explosion, and Inferno. Full instructions on this build and how to play it can be found at .

What do you think of the sorceress? Do you like all the area damage and heavy skill effects, or do you prefer to focus on another class when it comes to damage? How did you level the sorceress and which build do you play in the endgame? Which engraving do you prefer? Write it to us in the comments.