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Lost Ark Currency Guide


Welcome to another comprehensive Lost Ark guide where we’ll be covering all the currencies you have in the game. Lost Ark is big and so does its list of currencies. There are more than 10 currencies that you’ll need to grow and survive in the game. So, it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed and confused. But put all that to the side because experts at SSEGold are here to the rescue. 

As you’ll see, This guide is divided into two sections; Main Currencies and Other Currencies. The first one talks about Crystals, Gold, and Silver. The later one talks about secondaries like Pheon, Pirates coins, etc.

Once you go through this guide you’ll have every information you need and excel in Lost Ark. So let’s get rollin’, shall we?

Main Currencies

Main Currencies

Royal Crystals

Royal Crystals are used to buy blue crystals, skins, cosmetics, for your characters, pets, and legendary mounts from the game shop.

How to buy: You can get Royal Crystals by purchasing the Founder Packs from the game shop with real money. 

Blue Crystals

Blue Crystals are used to buy items from the game shop. Almost every legendary bundle in the shop is bought by spending Blue Crystals. They're weakened versions of the Royal Crystals. 

How to Buy: To buy blue crystals, you can go to the auction house and move straight to the Crystal Sale tab. It’s the place where other players sell their crystals to others for gold. You can buy from that tab once you find a good deal for your gold.

How to Sell: Beneath that Crystal Sale tab, you can find the Buy Crystal tab, it's the place where people buy crystal from other players. Look for a good deal and complete the transaction. 


Lost Ark Gold is the most powerful currency. The one that has it all. Gold means program because only through gold can you upgrade your tools and materials. It is also used to trade with other players to buy blue crystals. The only thing used in Auction houses as a currency.

How to Find: Finding Gold is kind of a difficult deal in the game. However, you can find some bits from different methods like Una Dailies, auctions, compass Islands, or weekly dungeons. You can also exchange blue crystals with gold at auction houses or just buy Lost Ark Gold from to save your time.


The other currency that has influence in the game after fold is silver. You can use it to replace your gears, pay it as teleportation fees, travelling through tunnels fees, rerolling gems and buying standard potions.

How to Find: You can snag your silver coins at Una Dailies, Cubes, and .Daily Chaos Dungeons.

Laziness Feathers

They aren't’ a currency, per say. All they do is that they allow you to resurrect on the same spot you died. 

Let's say you are doing an event on a Compass island and you die. If you want to resurrect on the spot you died, you can use one of these feathers. If you don’t have any, then you’ll get the typical random  resurrection in the dungeon. 

Needless to say that these feathers are only for dungeons and compass events. You can not use them in PvE and PvP games

How to find: You can only find Lazenis Feathers through in game events and by killing certain types of monsters.

Other Currencies


Pheons are used at auctions as a tax or bribe to buy equipment. They can also be used to buy gold by purchasing blue crystals with them and then exchanging those blue crystals with gold. 

How to Find: You can buy them by spending blue crystals and through in-game events. 

The Coin of Courage

Courage Coins are currencies used in the PvP games. This can be used to purchase a variety of items from the PVP trader. In addition to cosmetics such as titles and mounts, it also provides resources and upgrade materials for players to use.

How to Buy:  The only way to gather Courage Coins is through participation in PVP activities in Arena.

Stone of Providence

They're heart-shaped items which can be traded with NPCs in exchange for a variety of different rewards. The majority of the items on this list are those that can increase affinity for specific relationship partners. In addition, there are exclusive skins available for large quantities of these stones.

How to Buy: You can obtain the Stones of Destiny through a variety of activities, including dungeons, Una Dailies, quests, and simply killing monsters.

Pirate coins

Pirate coins can be redeemed for a variety of different goods. Exclusive cosmetics such as emotes, songs, and other collectibles, in addition to additional resources and consumables, can be obtained through in-game purchases.

How to Buy: Pirate Coins are awarded for a variety of tasks that you complete while sailing your ship across the ocean. You can also obtain them as a reward for completing the sea dungeon quest line and Adventure Islands. 

Sea Coins

Sea coins are supplementary to pirate coins and are used to buy or exchange the same. You can also buy collectibles and useful sailing stuff for your sailing adventure.

How to Find: You can find Sea Coins during sailing activities, missions, and In-game Events.

Sylmael Crystals or Guild Crystals

These Crystals are used to trade in Sylmael Crystal exchange NPC for other goods. 

How to Buy: Sylmael Crystals/Guild Crystals can be obtained by participating in guild activities and completing quests. This includes things such as GvG and GvE events, guild quests, raids, dungeons, and other similar activities in the game.


Carnelians are the currency used by NPCs to establish relationships with one another in Lost Ark. They can be obtained by defeating specific monsters as well as completing certain daily quests in the game world.

You can then use these points to purchase affinity boxes or cosmetic boxes, which allow you to either strengthen your relationships with NPCs or simply alter your appearance for a more appealing appearance.


In the game, there are three different Shard currencies to choose from; Shards of emerald, sapphire, and citrine. Shards are unique in that they are one of the only currencies that are character-bound, which means that you cannot transfer them between your main and alt characters.

They are used to upgrade items, allowing them to gain more experience, and then raising their level. In order to progress through the game, you'll start with Emerald's shard and work your way up to the other two as you gain more experience.

How to Find: You can find Shards at Una Dailies, Chaos Dungeons, by Dismantling Gears, or in Towers. 

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