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 In Lost Ark, Chuo is one of the many world bosses that you can find on the large map. We show you here the locality of the enemy.

What is this opponent? Chuo is one of Lost Ark's wide variety of world bosses. You can fight him with a small group of players or defeat him solo if you have good gear.

We show you the location of the boss in the overview and why the kill is worthwhile for you.

Chuo location and loot

Where can you find Chuo? On the following map, we show you the exact location of Chuo's spawn. Go to the spot marked in red.

You can find Chou on the Annika continent at Twilight Mists
You can find Chou on the Annika continent at Twilight Mists

You can find Chuo on the continent of Anikka. So your best bet is to have access to the ships in Lost Ark to get there. Once you have access to Twilight Mists, you can search for Chuo in Cloud Valley. You can find the spawn point on the map we included above.

If you can't find Chuo right now, he may be respawning. After killing a world boss, it will take 30 minutes for it to respawn.

Then simply come back later or switch channels by clicking on the “CH” in the upper right corner of your interface and selecting a different channel.

What does the kill bring? Defeating Chuo earns you an entry in the Tome of Adventures. There is also money and loot and of course experience points. For your first kill on Chuo, you will receive a first kill reward consisting of a crate with three epic parts waiting for you.

With our guide, you should be able to find Chuo easily. After the fight, secure the loot and grab the Mokoko seeds that you can find nearby.