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Lost Ark Guide: How to level up to level 50 quickly


Lost Ark Guide: How to level up to level 50 quickly

In Lost Ark, you reach level 50, the so-called soft cap, in a relatively short time. The path to level 60, on the other hand, takes several weeks or even months. We reveal how you can quickly reach level 50 and how to proceed after that.

How do you get to level 50 fast? You can reach the soft cap relatively easily by completing quests:

  • Complete all quests with an orange marker - this is the main story
  • Complete all quests with a purple and blue marker - these give you stats and skill points
  • Complete all quests with a red mark - these are quests that will disappear after a period of time. So these have the highest priority

After unlocking the ship journey, you should stick to the given path: Tortoyk -> Anikka -> Arthetine. After that, all you have to do is go to North Vern. There you get about 33% of the last level. So make sure that you already have level 49 and 66% of the experience.

Once you graduate from North Vern, you'll have reached level 50.

Three important tips for leveling:

  • Activates the Triporters in the world. To do this, you have to select them with a mouse click. Don't forget that, because the teleports can save you some walking distances.
  • Complete the required dungeons only on the easy difficulty. The dungeons hardly give any experience points, which is why staying in them for a long time is not worthwhile.
  • Put your skill points into damage at first. You can later reskill for free to put more emphasis on auras and group support.
How long does it take to level 50? Experienced players will need between 12 and 15 hours for the journey. This includes, however, that no quest texts are read and the tasks are completed dull.

Fast leveling lets you miss a lot

What are players missing when leveling fast? In addition to the three quest types mentioned, there are two more:

  • Quests with a pink mark are related to the NPCs and the flirt system. These bring useful silver, experience points and are needed to later take these NPCs to your own island and use them there for orders.
  • Quests with a yellow marker are classic side quests. You will sometimes have to complete a few of them in Arthetine.
But otherwise, there is no reason to rush to level 50 quickly. You miss the story and steal a piece of the in-game content for yourself.

How to level more characters to 50? Theoretically, you can then do the leveling process with other classes. You experience exactly the same quests and tasks again. However, there are several ways to skip this.

For one, Amazon gave us two power passes. These bring you two more characters directly to level 50 if you play correctly. You can buy more power passes for real money.

Alternatively, you can level up new characters on your own island. This costs 600 gold, an in-game currency, and 8 hours of waiting time. 

The road to level 60 is rocky

What's next after level 50? After reaching the soft cap, you have the next major milestones ahead of you with levels 55 and 60. However, from then on you need so many experience points that you will spend weeks at the level-ups.

However, the additional levels bring you skill points, which you can use to further strengthen your skills. This is important for later levels of dungeons and raids.

After level 50 you level up mainly via new quests in the main story and via side quests and dungeons. The pure grinding of monsters brings almost nothing in Lost Ark.