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You will come across trading cards relatively early on in the new MMORPG Lost Ark . The game then takes a comparatively long time to explain them to you. We want to anticipate this and answer all your questions about the cards.

What are trading cards? You get the cards from all sorts of game content as random drops or quest rewards. Many of the NPCs you can flirt with give you their card as a reward for improving your relationship.

These cards then go into your card inventory. This only has 100 slots initially, which is barely enough for all maps but can be expanded with gold as soon as you need it. In total, you have space for over 500 different trading cards.

In general, the cards only really get interesting in the endgame. There they give you additional bonuses on attributes via sets.

How should you deal with cards? More often than not, you'll simply have more cards than you have room for in your inventory. But the cards are far too valuable to simply throw away. If you have too many cards left, it's better to store them on another character.

If you have several cards of the same copyleft, they simply stack on top of each other and do not take up any additional space in your card inventory.

Your card inventory can hold over 500 cards
Your card inventory can hold over 500 cards

Card sets bring attributes and can be upgraded

What are the card sets? Basically, the MMORPG distinguishes between active and passive card sets. The card sets bring you, whether active or passive, strong attribute advantages such as more damage, more life, or more defense.

The passive card sets activate themselves once you have filled them. So if you have a passive set full, which usually consists of 4 to 10 cards, you have automatically activated passive bonuses without you having to worry about them any further.

The situation is different with the active card sets. These bring stronger bonuses, but you have to pay attention to which one you currently need the most. You can only have one active card set.

How can you upgrade sets? Each card in Lost Ark can be upgraded by you up to five times. In order to perform this upgrade, you will need additional copies of the map and map experience, the latter of which is often more difficult to collect.

To upgrade a card to the maximum, you need it 15 times. Excess cards are therefore worthwhile. But if you then want to upgrade a whole set, it works a little differently.

To improve a set's stats, you can upgrade the set. You always need a certain number of total upgrades for this. For example, if you get a set upgrade after 12 upgrades, all cards in the set must have had a total of 12 upgrades.

You can do this:

  • Upgrade all six set cards twice
  • Two pieces five times and one twice
  • Three cards four times
  • And so forth

The exact path for a set upgrade is up to you. The only important thing for the set is that you have distributed a certain number of overall upgrades.

How do you get card experience? Don't upgrade all your cards just because you can. You need card experience for the upgrades and that is sometimes difficult to get.

If you want to gain map experience in a targeted manner, the Cube Dungeon, which you unlock in the endgame of the game, is the best way to do this. It's the only place where you can get a guaranteed map experience and then target that for upgrades.

This set for DPS classes brings you a lot of crit chance
This set for DPS classes brings you a lot of crit chance

What are the best sets for you? One of the main things you should focus on when choosing your Active Set is what content you want to play next. However, the “Abandoned Cliffs of Wind” set is particularly suitable for PvE as a DPS class.

The set, which is relatively easy to get, not only gives you more damage, but also a decent bonus to critical hit chance. That's what you want to achieve if you want to do damage.

In raids and dungeons, you can then choose a set that focuses on damage against demons. Since you often encounter demons in this content, this can benefit you more than the pure critical hit chance.

What do you think of the card sets? Do you want to concern yourself with collecting all those cards because you enjoy them, or do you collect things more because you have to keep up with all the stats? What do you think of the mechanics of the trading cards and the adventure tome in general? Write it to us in the comments.