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 Shangra Island appears in several locations in Lost Ark but is not always present. We will show you how to find them.

What is this island? Shangra is a special island in Lost Ark. She isn't always visible, and when she does appear, you'll first need to look for her in three different locations.

Incidentally, the prerequisites are unlocking sailing, since you can't reach an island without a ship, as well as level 50 and a gear score of 460.

What do you think of Shangra?  It spawns in three different locations:

  1. North of Anikka, west of the Sea of ​​Death
  2. West of Anikka, southwest of the Credos Ocean
  3. East of the Wall of Procyon between the Glacial Region and North Vern
The three possible locations of Shangra Island
The three possible locations of Shangra Island

To find out when Shangra will appear, you can use Procyon's compass, or look at the events on the top left. Feel free to sail to the first location a few minutes before it spawns, because 10 minutes before the island appears, there is a whirlpool in the water at the appropriate place. 

What does the island bring me?  There you get the island token of Shangra Island, which is important for your adventure tome. Additionally, there are two emotes, the Mount Flying Nimbus and the Song of Spring. There are also a few Mokokos on the island.

What is special is that there is a new currency on Shangra: you collect peaches. You can then exchange them with the merchants on the island. You can find peaches, like the mococo seeds, all over the island. In addition, you get them with almost every quest on Shangra. However, you can only accept these quests once you have reached level 50.

lost ark nimbus mount
lost ark nimbus mount

It takes 5,600 peaches to get the Shangra Token. At an NPC, you first exchange your peaches for the sapling of the thousand-year-old tree. In the lower-left part of the island is the tree. Enter to exchange the item for the token.

Some areas of Shangra Island require a specific buff to enter. You have to drink a bottle of peach wine and you are buffed for 5 minutes. Now Shangra grants you access to rewards such as chests and more Mokoko Seeds.

You can get the Song of Spring through a quest from the NPC Eunsun. It is important to obtain the so-called Shangra flower dew. With this in turn you buy the Nimbus Mount and other rewards from NPCs.

Shangra initially caused confusion for many users in Lost Ark. If you know the locations and a few tricks, it's not that complicated to find them. Have you already been to the island and already riding around on your cloud mount? Have you collected the island token yet? Let us know in the comments.