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Lost Ark: How to find Rovlen and how to defeat him


Lost Ark: How to find Rovlen and how to defeat him

In Lost Ark, there are a number of world bosses that you can find and defeat. Rovlen is one of them. We reveal where you can find him and how you can defeat him.

Where is Rovlen located? Rovlen is a world boss from the area of ​​Bilbrin Forest in the third continent of West Luterra. In the area, you can find Rovlen in the southwest of the map, in a small nose to the north.

He is a plant monster and therefore stands very still in his place. You must defeat this world boss to complete your adventure tome.

Here is the location of Rovlen.
Here is the location of Rovlen.

Everything you need to know about Rovlen - respawn timers, abilities, and life points

How strong is Rovlen?

  • Level: 25
  • Health Points : 35,619,893 (spread over 23 bars)
  • Respawn Timer : 30 Minutes

What Rovlen Can Do: Rovlen has four visible abilities that you shouldn't ignore:

  • Rovlen uses an attack with his roots that creates red squares. You should move out of these.
  • Every now and then he will summon more tendrils that you should focus on
  • There is a Poison attack that you should dodge in a straight line away from him.
  • Occasionally Rovlen also wraps himself in a shield, announced with a white orb flying around the boss. During this time he is invulnerable and you should hold back your cooldowns.
Is it worth fighting the boss? Yes. In addition to the entry in the adventure tomes, there is also useful loot, including useful armor, weapons, and trinkets.

Also, the boss can drop various treasure maps. Hidden places and even special dungeons can be unlocked.

He also drops an item that is also worth an entry in your adventure tome.

Can you defeat the boss alone? It's certainly possible, but unnecessarily difficult. Rovlen is a sought-after boss. Just write in the global chat on which channel he is currently there, and in no time at all, you will have a number of players to knock the boss down together.