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Lost Ark: Is there a DPS meter that you can use to check your damage?


Lost Ark: Is there a DPS meter that you can use to check your damage?

The new MMORPG Lost Ark has just been released and there are already many users who want to compete with others. Aside from PvP, this is only possible with a DPS meter, but does Lost Ark even have that?

Is there a DPS meter in Lost Ark? We can give the very clear answer yes. While there is a way to check your DPS and even some kind of DPS meter, this is not possible in normal dungeons and raids.

Similar to the MMORPG Guild Wars 2, Lost Ark relies on a kind of training room where you can keep an eye on your DPS, i.e. the damage you do per second.

Away from this room, however, there is no official DPS meter in the new MMORPG. Unofficial tools don't seem to exist either, and even if they do exist, we strongly advise against using them.

How do you get into the training room? As soon as you have completed the main quest far enough to be able to play the Song of Trixion, the training room and thus the Lost Ark DPS meter will also be available to you. That's around level 30.

To enter and try it out, just play the song that teleports you to Trixion. There you speak with the NPC Beatrice and tell her that you want to be taken to the training ground.

There you can then play around with all kinds of settings and change your skills, engravings, and co. You can then spawn bosses and normal monsters and fight them.

A display on the right edge of the screen also shows how long your fight has already lasted. It also indicates how high your weapon damage is overall, how high your critical hit chance is, and how much damage per second you can dish out.

You can keep an eye on these values ​​there
You can keep an eye on these values ​​there

What do you need a DPS meter for? In many MMORPGs, such yardsticks are common to check how much damage individual group members are doing and thus better understand why you might not be able to defeat a boss.

At the same time, however, it also serves to spur one another on and to brag about one's own damage. So a "race" for the highest numbers can begin, which of course not only pushes the ego but also the overall damage of the group.

A DPS meter makes people toxic

Why is there no DPS meter in Lost Ark? This topic is hotly debated in many MMORPGs. Pretty much every game is different. While there is no official DPS meter in Guild Wars 2, addons for it are tacitly allowed.

There is no such check built into FFXIV either, but there are addons for it. These are also tolerated as far as possible. Talking about your own damage numbers or those of others is then forbidden.

For the same reason, there is no such DPS meter or tool in Lost Ark, which allows you to see your own damage or that of fellow players. The developers are of the opinion that there could be unhealthy competition and the community would react rather toxic as a result.

A hot topic in the community: Since the release of Lost Ark, players have been discussing whether there should be a DPS meter or not. The bearings are roughly balanced on both sides. 

While many fans feel that such a tool would help a competitive scene and could help veteran players keep improving, some fans have the opposite opinion.

They say Lost Ark is about more than just damage numbers. A DPS meter could cause boss mechanics to be ignored in order to rank high on the scoreboard. They also worry that casual players might be at a disadvantage based solely on numbers.

how do you see it? Would you like a DPS meter in Lost Ark? Or do you think it might cause more problems than it would help? Do you use tools in other MMORPGs to display your damage? Would you look more at your own or the DPS of your fellow players? Write it to us in the comments.