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 Silver is the classic in-game currency in Lost Ark and is required for purchases from the merchant or for upgrading equipment. In this guide, we explain how you can effectively get silver.

What are the best methods? There are several ways to get silver quickly. We can particularly recommend:

  • Unas daily and weekly tasks
  • Chaos Dungeons
  • Cube Dungeons
  • By exchanging other currencies in the Guild Shop or the Gold Shop
  • By playing additional characters who can also run the daily quests and dungeons

Daily quests and dungeons

Which methods are particularly lucrative? The quickest way to get a lot of silver is through Una's daily tasks. These quests will unlock once you reach level 50.

You can complete three of the daily quests per character and a total of nine across the account. There is also an item in the shop that allows you to complete further daily quests that have already been completed. So you can get the rewards twice.

  • Not all of the daily quests give silver, so you should do the appropriate daily quests for farming
  • The type of daily quests is related to your Gearscore. The better the Gearscore, the better quests.
  • The number of rewards also depends on your reputation with the factions. The higher your reputation, the more silver you can win. For example, the daily quest "Special Delivery: Annika" brings 27,000 silver as a reward at reputation level 4.
A selection of daily quests that only give two pieces of silver as a reward.
A selection of daily quests that only give two pieces of silver as a reward.

In addition to the daily quests, there are also weekly quests. Some of these also give good silver.

Chaos Dungeons and Cube Dungeons: Both dungeons also give a lot of silver for the completions. You can complete Chaos Dungeons twice per day and per character to earn the silver.

For the Cube Dungeons, you need special tickets, which you can get in Chaos Dungeons or from the Guild Shop. Here you get more rewards the further you get. Already for the first box, there is about 8,000 silver.

Exchange for Silmael bloodstones or gold

How to exchange silver quickly? If you urgently need silver, you can exchange it for other currencies.

You can exchange Silmael Bloodstones, also known as Guild Crystals, for silver in the Guild Shop. Depending on the level of the shop, there is a different number of offers:

  • At level 1: 60 bloodstones for 2,500 silver
  • At level 2: 100 bloodstones for 2,500 silver
  • At Tier 3: 140 Bloodstones for 2,500 Silver
  • At level 4: 180 bloodstones for 4,500 silver
  • At level 5: 250 bloodstones for 10,000 silver

Each offer can always be used 6x per week. Overall, the deal is most lucrative at level 1 and still acceptable at levels 2 and 5.

Exchange of Silmael bloodstones for silver.
Exchange of Silmael bloodstones for silver.

In the gold shop (with certain NPCs in the big cities) you can exchange gold for silver. For 100 gold you get 10,000 silver. However, gold is usually more valuable, which is why this exchange is not really an option.

Basically, farming silver directly is more effective than trading it.

And all several times a day

In Lost Ark, you can and must complete many of the tasks on several characters at the same time. You need three different characters for the 9 daily quests and you can also run the Chaos Dungeons on each character again.

That's why there are also methods in the MMORPG to level new characters passively and quickly.

How much silver have you farmed already? Do you know any other methods to get silver quickly? Feel free to write it in the comments.