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Lost Ark: What are pirate coins and what is the best way to farm them?


Lost Ark: What are pirate coins and what is the best way to farm them?

There are many different currencies in Lost Ark . Almost everything that has to do with islands or your ship requires the rare pirate coins or pirate coins. Here we will show you how to get the best.

What are Pirate Coins? You need this currency in Lost Ark primarily for things that happen on the water. You can use it to pay at the merchant ships you find. But often the traveling traders on various islands also take these coins as payment.

You also need them to further expand your own island and you even need pirate coins for some Mokoko Seeds. They unlock the Song of Resonance for you, which you need for some situations in Lost Ark.

Last but not least, you can also exchange the valuable pirate coins for many other currencies, so that they can also help you away from the sea and the island. In short, you really want pirate coins.

Where can you get a lot of coins quickly? If you're new to the system, you'll probably want to start with 16,500 coins to buy the Song of Resonance, which you need for some Mokoko Seeds.

Now it takes a comparatively long time to raise so many coins with the usual and permanent farming methods. At least there are some quests that can help you out. It is important to mention that you must have reached level 50 for all of these tasks.

But if you have, you can visit the following islands and complete the quest lines there. It takes different amounts of time and isn't always the same effort, but it's worth it in the end. Since there is only one quest on each island, we'll limit ourselves to the island names here.

  • You can collect a total of 2,000 pirate coins on the giant mushroom island
  • The quest on Peyto and Glacial Island brings you 5,000 coins
  • You can also pick up 5,000 coins on Runaway Island
  • A little more sublimely you will be rewarded on the Isle of Sublime with 6,000 coins
  • You are even better served on the Golden Waves Island, there are 7,000 coins here
  • On the island of Kalthertz you can collect 8,600 pirate coins
  • Fermata, the cradle of the sea also weighs 9,000 pirate coins for you
  • It gets double digits on the island of Atropos, where 10,000 coins are waiting for you
  • You can also collect a total of 10,000 coins in Black Tooth's Cave
  • You will also be well rewarded on the island of freedom. There are 15,000 coins here
  • The biggest reward awaits on Lullaby Island, with a whopping 16,500 coins up for grabs
Focus on the quests on these islands
Focus on the quests on these islands

Since you also need 16,500 coins to buy the Song of Resonance, which you then have to continue using on Lullaby Island, the questline practically gives you the song for free, provided you can produce it.

In total, 94,100 pirate coins can be picked up through the quest lines on the islands. After that, you are then dependent on the usual farming methods.

So you constantly collect pirate coins

How is this continuing? The quests on the islands remain the best way to get the coveted coins. While the other islands don't give you nearly as many coins as the ones listed above, the quests there is still your best shot at pirate coins.

At some point, when you have done all the quests, you are dependent on the rather lame farm options. You can earn Pirate Coins in the following additional ways:

  • As a random drop when fishing
  • For completing missions on your island
  • Through the events at sea
  • Daily and weekly quests
What's worth it? The best way to get rare pirate coins in the long term is through the events that await you at sea. These include adventure islands, ghost ships, chaos gates, and more. They all give you Pirate Coins as rewards.

If you want to farm pirate coins long-term and without much deviation, this is the method you should focus on. You can also complete Una's daily and weekly tasks, some of which also grant you pirate coins.

The least worth it is to bet on fishing. The chances of getting pirate coins are completely random and even if you can catch a drop, it is usually not significant. 

Your crew on your island, on the other hand, should be constantly on the move. They bring you more rewards than just the pirate coins. 

What's the best way to go about it? We recommend that you spend a few full days farming pirate coins. Then you can bag a lot in one go and don't have to wait for events every time you only need a small amount.

You can follow the events using the calendar and the compass. If you want to actively farm, just wait for the next naval event to appear and join in as soon as possible. So you can then collect the rare coins in the long term.

Exchange for other currencies

How does this work? The Tea and Libra guild merchant ships will also offer you pirate coins if you bring them other currencies in return. You can also get the so-called Voyage Coins, which they ask for, from almost all activities that are somehow related to water. Even for bosses on islands.

The currencies Guienas Coin, Kraters Coin, Coin of Arcturth, Ancient Coin, and Solar Coin are called Voyage Coins. They can then be exchanged for different amounts of pirate coins with the merchant ships.

Guienas Coins are the least valuable with 10 pirate coins each, the Solar Coins with 20 pirate coins are the most valuable. The remaining Voyage coins settle between the two currencies.

How many Pirate Coins have you collected on your journey through Arkesia? Do you have any other tips on how to get the coveted coins quickly? Or are you grateful if you even have any of the valuable pirate coins at the moment? Write it to us in the comments here.