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Lost Ark: What is the max level and what is the best way to reach it?


Lost Ark: What is the max level and what is the best way to reach it?

Lost Ark raised the maximum level again shortly before the release in the west. We reveal what the level is, what the so-called soft cap is all about and how best to level.

What is the max level in Lost Ark? Currently, you can take your characters up to level 60. This puts the Western version on the same level as the Korean.

How long does it take to level 60? A few weeks to months. However, the developers have introduced a so-called soft cap at level 50. Because from level 50 you can already farm the endgame equipment and visit all dungeons and raids, provided your gear score meets the criteria.

Do you have to be level 50 for everything? No. Many activities don't even require you to reach level 50:

  • You can already enter Arena PvP at level 27. Since the equipment doesn't matter there, you don't have any disadvantages compared to the hardcore players.
  • You unlock the housing, your own island, at about level 26. You can also spend some time there without having reached the soft cap.

Experience points make a huge leap from level 50

What happens after level 50? Anyone who has played up to level 50 can already experience all relevant content in the game. However, the required experience points now increase rapidly.

To jump from level 49 to 50 you need about 1 million experience points. For the jump from level 50 to 51, you need 47 million. So it becomes much more complex to reach further levels.

What's the point of leveling up? With each level-up, you get additional skill points that you can invest in your skills. So there are gameplay benefits, but most community builds are designed to be playable at level 50.

What is the difference between character and account level?

Lost Ark features two different types of levels:

  • The character level is simply the level that your selected character currently has.
  • The account level - also squad level - in turn, increases slowly and increases as all of your characters level up. Account-level unlocks bonuses, including additional stats for each character on your account.