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 Magmadon is one of the World Bosses in Lost Ark, which will allow you to obtain resources. But where exactly is it on the map?

To advance in Lost Ark, it may sometimes be necessary to obtain specific resources! Some of them are obtained by fighting World Bosses, whose location can sometimes be difficult to find if you don't know where to go.

One of these World Bosses is none other than Magmadon and to find it, you will have to go to the Ruins of Xeneela, south of the city! You are given the precise location of this boss to find it more easily in Lost Ark.

Where is Magmadon in Lost Ark?

To find Magmadon in Lost Ark, you will have to go to the Ruins of Xeneela. This city dedicated to Queen Azena and destroyed 500 years ago by an explosion is located on the Rohendel continent:

  • Continent: Rohendel
  • Zone: Ruins of Xeneela
  • Location: South of the city

Once there, you will have to go to the south of the city, to the location indicated on the map below by the red pictogram:

Magmadon's location in Lost Ark.
Magmadon's location in Lost Ark. 

By going to this boss, you can KO him in order to obtain resources. It will notably allow you to obtain the skill ruin Bleeding , which also requires killing four other bosses (Proxima, Tarsila, Project VLZ-LUL and Chuo of Chaos).