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Dying Light 2 gives you a variety of weapons at hand. But if you now hope to be able to use your favorite waterpipe until the end of the game, you will be disappointed. You can repair weapons, but only to a limited extent.

What happens if my weapon breaks? A broken weapon can no longer be used. It even disappears completely from your inventory. Then there is no way to save them.

You can see how close your weapon is to breaking by looking at its durability. In the menu, you get a numeric value when you look at the weapon. In the HUD you only see a bar. If this is empty, your weapon breaks and is irretrievably destroyed.

How can I repair weapons? There is no proper repair function in Dying Light 2. Instead, adding a mod will restore some durability to your weapon.

To do this, call up the menu and select the weapon that you want to modify or repair. This only works for weapons with mod slots, which you can recognize by the small circles on the weapon icon.

Press the appropriate key or button to modify and select an available mod. You can make mods yourself, you can find recipes for them at master craftsmen. When you select the mod, you can already see the effects, including the increased durability.

Weapon repair tips

What should I put attention to? The repair with the modifications has some disadvantages that you should be aware of:

  • you can only repair a weapon as many times as it has mod slots (empty circles on the icon)
  • once you have selected a mod, it cannot be removed or exchanged
  • the early and low-quality weapons usually have no mod slots at all
  • Mods are usually quite valuable as they require rare materials

Since you can only repair weapons a limited number of times in any case, you should not immediately slap mods on your favorite weapon - or at least not in all slots. Use the weapon for a while before modifying it.

This way you can also find out right away whether you want to repair them at all. If you don't like it, it's not necessarily worth wasting mods on the weapon.

Which mod is worth it? Depending on your taste, you can inflict fire, electricity or other elemental damage on your weapons. Here it depends on your preference and the area of ​​application of the weapon, but it doesn't make a difference when repairing it.

However, you should keep an eye out for the shaft durability mod. This increases the durability of your weapon permanently, so you can use it more often. Most artifact weapons have a corresponding slot. The mod can be upgraded up to 8 times with Master Crafters.

Which weapons should I repair? Most weapons are not worth repairing. You'll constantly find lower quality weapons to lash out with at will. It is extremely unlikely that you will ever be completely unarmed in front of opponents.

A repair is worthwhile, especially later with stronger and unique weapons. However, you have to decide here whether you would rather have an improved weapon from the start, or whether you would like to repair it later.

If you want to take a middle ground, you can attach a blade mod immediately and use the remaining slots for repairs.