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You can find a whole latte of crazy Easter Eggs in Dying Light 2 . One of them is Darth Vader's famous Force stranglehold from Star Wars. But before you can become the Sith Lord incarnate, you must survive a long quest to find evil rubber ducks and an homage to the shooter classic DOOM. 

What is this weapon? Weapons in Dying Light 2 are mostly crude clubs and improvised blades that can only be repaired with this trick. Bows and crossbows are better weapons, but there are far more crass ways to finish off your opponents.

One of them is the legendary "force choke". Anyone who knows Star Wars probably knows that this refers to the "trick" of Sith Lord Darth Vader. He can simply squeeze the throats of unwelcome contemporaries with the power of his thoughts and strangle them nasty from a distance.

You can learn this cool ability in Dying Light 2 and use the Force to hold and choke your opponents. But before you can master this trick, you have to master a long and arduous journey to the dark side.

This is how you find all the evil rubber ducks

huh Why rubber ducks? Yes, you are indeed supposed to find rubber ducks scattered around the city. But the ducks are evil and have red glowing eyes. When you pick them up, you'll hear eerie demon grunts in the background.

So these are downright evil rubber duckies! You can find the fierce bathtub pets from hell in the following locations around town. You must first complete the "Broadcast" story mission.

  1. Houndfield: Go to the North West district of Houndfield. There is a heavily contaminated region where you can reach the duck with a brave jump. So pack enough immune boosters.
  2. Wharf: To the north, by the quays, is a submerged police car. In it, an evil rubber duck was probably arrested last, because it is still in the vehicle. You can reach it by swimming.
  3. Observatory West of Garrison District: Find Mount Lucid Observatory west of Garrison District. There is the evil duck in the tower next to the entrance. But you need the grappling hook to get up there.
  4. Lower Dam Ayre: This duck actually perches on a skull just like that on the docks on a bollard. As I said, they are EVIL ducks. Since the environment is full of poison, you should glide there.
  5. VNC tower: You should get this duck last because the following secret DOOM level is right in the basement of the VNC tower. Ride the elevator to the top. There you will find a blue ramp. From there, rappel to swing into the room directly below. There is a safe that you open with the combination 6-6-6 (it was clear, right?). The last of the evil ducks is already waiting inside.
The whole procedure can be found here in video form

How to find the DOOM level

What do I do with the unholy ducks now? Then take the elevator down to the basement in the VNC tower. There you will find a flooded section that you should bravely dive through. At the end, you can then enter a spooky room. There are 5 altars of evil on which you place the fierce ducks. Then it is necessary to connect the cables in the form of a pentagram.

Once all of this is done, a shotgun will appear in the center of the room and you can enter the secret DOOM level.

Like right now? DOOM? Yes, it gets even more absurd, because you are now entering a pixelated level in which you have to give up your previous skills. You can't even jump. But that wasn't the case in DOOM back then either, because this level is clearly based on the shooter ancestor.

For this, you get a double-barreled shotgun and you can blow over a lot of zombies with it.

At the end of the level, you'll even get a thank you letter from the developers, thanking the Doom devs for the inspiration.

This is how you find the power stranglehold

Yes, fine, but where's my power stranglehold now? As you run through the DOOM level and smoke away zombies, you must collect crystals. In the green region, there is a blueprint booklet, which is difficult to see because of the pixelated graphics, directly under one of the crystals.

How do I build the stranglehold? Using the blueprint, you can use 369 scrap parts to build the stranglehold as a "weapon" called Dead Force. This, in turn, can be used 16 times and causes your opponents to hover breathlessly in front of you for a while. You can then simply kill them with your weapons.

By the way, in the red area of ​​the level, you can still find a blueprint with an Easter egg: Link's sword from Zelda!