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Sims 4 Wedding Stories DLC: All content and objects

 Who doesn't love saying "Yes, I do!" to a new Sims gameplay pack? The new Sims 4 Wedding Stories expansion is all about the most romantic day of your life. From the family reception to the engagement to the big wedding event, love and loyalty are the focus. In the following guide, we will show you what to expect in the new expansion.

Sims 4 Wedding Stories DLC: All content and objects

Love awaits in Tartosa

In the new picturesque world "Tartosa" you will find not only new plots of land but also, for the first time, a real wedding location "La coppia serena", which already has (almost) everything ready that you need for your big day. Since there is also a vacant lot on the sandy beach, you can plan a beach wedding, which is perfect for water-loving Sims and mermaids.

Otherwise, the world offers a karaoke bar for the bachelor party, to really step on the gas again. It also doesn't hurt to stroll through the small town a little. On the one hand, you will find the town hall there in case the wedding has to go quickly and on the other hand a charming little flower shop where you can buy flowers and seeds for your garden.

New objects in build and buy mode

Here everything revolves around the perfect wedding location. For this, you will be equipped with a total of 79 objects in build and buy mode. The majority is limited to decorative objects with which you can create the right wedding atmosphere.

Here you will also find different interactive elements that your Sim can interact with during the events or in everyday life. You can buy a bridal bouquet in the flower wagon and toast the champagne cooler and make a toast. The new elegant piano and noble tea service are also waiting to be used for the wedding.

The most beautiful are the rooms that have already been completed, five of which are offered to you. Of these, two are suitable for reception or a tea ceremony and three for outdoor seating or for weddings.

New clothes in create a sim mode (CAS)

Festive attire is also necessary for a festive event. In Create a Sim mode you will find it here. Whether you want your Sim to wear a sari or a white wedding jumpsuit is up to you. In general, you will find the wedding robes of different cultures in your closet.

The colors also range from motley to plain traditional white. As a personal highlight, we recommend that everyone who does not have the wellness extension try out the colored fingernails.

It should be noted here that the focus was placed heavily on the outfits. So you will find very little new clothing in tops and bottoms. Only one new design was added to the men's hairstyles, so you'll have to fall back on your standard selection here if necessary. The same applies to the children, who are equipped with a total of three outfits and the adult hairstyles in miniature.

New clothes in create a sim mode (CAS)

New wedding cakes

A long-awaited renewal can be found in the kitchen. Because there you can now create the wedding cake of your dreams. You can choose between nine different construction variants, which are also divided into several color categories:

  • Cupcake Wedding Cake
  • Floral Wedding Cake
  • Round cakes with squares
  • Heart Shaped Wedding Cake
  • Maritime Wedding Cake
  • Square Wedding Cake
  • Four tier round cake
  • Hexagonal Wedding Cake
  • Pillow Wedding Cake
In order for your Sim to be able to make these themselves, they must have at least level five of the Cooking skill, because only then will they unlock the Foodie skill. The higher this is, the more types of cake you can bake. Depending on how good your Sim is at baking, you can also sell these to the local bakery for good money.

If you prefer to have this made and want to approach your wedding day in peace, you can also order the cake over the Internet and it will be delivered directly to the inventory of the selected Sim.

As soon as you have placed the cake, you can add an attachment as a finishing touch and label it. You have the choice between over 50 different attachments, ranging from rainbows to bridal couples to cow plants.

New Events and Parties - Wedding Stories

A wedding consists not only of the marriage vows, but of much more. Starting with the family reunion, where you announce the engagement and invite the relatives directly to the wedding, you end with the rehearsal dinner so that nothing goes wrong at the wedding. But also for already married Sims there is the possibility to renew the marriage vows. There are a total of seven new events that you can try out:

  • reception
  • Renewal of Marriage Vows
  • family meeting
  • JGA (bachelor party)
  • Wedding ceremony
  • rehearsal dinner
  • engagement dinner
Since this is an activity event, you must complete at least one activity to successfully complete the event. You can select these as soon as you get to the next step, the activities. Here you can choose from a total of 13 different activities that have to be completed at your event.

Whether just one or all - it is important that you also meet the requirements and remember that you only have a certain window of time to complete the activities. For example, you cannot serve tea if you have not placed a tea set on the lot.

There are currently bugs in cake cutting and vows taking vows that prevent Sims from completing these operations. If you still select these activities, they will be counted as negative.

The style of celebration allows you to jump straight into Create a Sims mode to dress the soon-to-be couple appropriately. Here you also select a dress code for the guests. Whether they wear it or not is a matter of luck, though.

Finally, only the people on the event list are missing. Depending on the event you are planning, you can choose different roles. In order to be able to select a groomsman, a ring bearer, or a flower child at a wedding, it is important that you have asked the respective Sim if they want it at all. Otherwise, it does not appear in the selection.

If the wedding itself is too much effort for you and you prefer to experience one bachelor party after the other, you can also get married in a nutshell. To do this, travel to the town hall in Tartosa and interact with it. The bridal couple disappears inside for a few minutes and comes out married again.

Interaction possibilities with the wedding stories and collectibles

Once the wedding event has started, you will have the opportunity to interact with the Sims in a variety of ways. Your Sim can happily tell others about the engagement, or they can start expressing concerns.

In addition, there is now the Ceremony Activities option, with which you can command all guests at the same time. This is useful if everyone is to sit down or show up for the tea ceremony. This allows you to reach your activity goals faster.

You can now find a new category of collectibles on the beach. There are a total of 20 colorful glass bottles in which a small message is hidden. You can find these by letting your Sim dig in the sand. Small romantic or funny stories are written on the message as well as Easter Eggs that refer to the old Sims games.


The Sims Wedding Stories gameplay pack is something I've been waiting for for a long time and after playing for several hours I can say it's good but room for improvement. The variety of events is a nice touch as family and bachelorette parties get involved and there are finally countless magical wedding cakes to choose from.

Only the trappings are missing something, which gives the whole thing more depth. There is no career (such as wedding planner), no new traits or life dreams. The pack is limited to events only and I would see it more as an accessory gameplay expansion for now. This is mainly due to the fact that the events do not work flawlessly and, due to the bugs, the wedding is more of a chore than a nice experience. Both for me and my Sims couple.