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 There are many ways to get through the zombie-infested streets of Dying Light 2. But no matter whether you move over roofs or choose a brute method, you should not forget a certain selection of skills. Find out which skills are without alternative in the zombie apocalypse.

What is important in Dying Light 2? Dying Light 2 allows a variety of approaches. You can move like a parkour artist over the roofs and walls or just stubbornly march through the hordes of undead and human opponents and knock everything to a lump.

Then just pay attention to the durability of your weapons, which can only be repaired with this trick. But a few skills are so useful that they actually always make sense.

You should definitely level up these skills first

In total, there are two skill trees with 24 skills each when Dying Light 2 is launched. It is divided into combat skills and skills for Parkours, i.e. the art of diving through the area quickly and acrobatically.

You get experience points for the respective skills by doing things that belong to the skills. So you level up your fighting skills by fighting, and your Parkours skills by hopping around.

So that you don't waste your hard-earned skill points, we've put together a few essential skills here.

The most important combat skills

You should get these six skills quickly because they make the fights noticeably easier for you. First, choose the mandatory skill Vault Kick / Jump Kick. With that alone, you can jump back and forth between opponents and give them fat kicks. Then you get the following skills:

  • Perfect Dodge: If you get the timing right here, you can stagger the opponent, which in turn allows you to vault kick.
  • Air Kick: A very useful skill for flattening enemies from high above. Since you often do gymnastics on roofs anyway, this skill is essential.
  • Dropkick / Dropkick: With this skill, you can push one or more opponents away from you with a massive dropkick. Great for banging them off roofs or into spikes or other unhealthy obstacles.
  • Power Attack: With this skill, you can get the most out of large, two-handed weapons and knockdown and stun opponents really hard. Great for banging out more combos.
  • Perfect Parry: This skill works like Perfect Dodge, but with a block. It also unlocks the next very useful skill.
  • Block Projectiles: Some of the toughest fights in the game are against enemies who hole up at a safe distance and pelt you with arrows and other projectiles. With this skill, you can easily block the projectiles and take away the advantage of the opponents.

The most important course skills

The first skill you get here is the high jump. This way you can get higher, which is essential for parkours. Then you get the following skills:

  • Firm Grip: This gives you one last grip when you're stuck on edges and running out of breath. In addition, if you fall, you can grab hold of hold and save yourself from many falls to your death.
  • Active Landing: With this, you can roll with a keystroke after a fall and take less damage.
  • Far Jump: Here you can jump off obstacles, which also gives you a big advantage.
  • Safe Landing: Here the distance that you can fall unharmed is further increased, which forgives you for many mistakes in the course.
  • Dart: / Charge You can't just run in Dying Light 2. It takes a skill to do this and this one gives you a short speed boost that also increases jump distance.
  • Sleek Runner: This increases your speed when running over narrow or otherwise difficult spots.
So much for our selection of essential skills in Dying Light 2. Do you have a different selection that you have fallen in love with or any other advice for players in Dying Light 2? Then let us know in the comments.