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 The new MMORPG Lost Ark started a few days ago and like in many other games of the genre, gold is sometimes the most important currency. We will show you how to get a lot of gold the quickest.

What do you need gold for? Gold is one of many different currencies in the MMORPG Lost Ark. However, it can hardly be denied that it is one of the more important means of payment in the game.

Not only can you donate gold to your guild, but it also serves as a currency in the auction house that players can trade with each other. By the way, NPCs do not want any gold from you, here you have better cards with silver.

However, since most items in the game are not tied to a character or account and can therefore also be sold, you can easily buy almost anything in the game with enough gold. 

Even things that are bought with real money currency can usually be sold and purchased in the auction house for gold. That's why we are giving you 5 tips for beginners, with which you can bag a lot of gold and, as a result, almost everything else you need. 

1. Improve relationship with NPCs

What's the point? In Lost Ark, you can befriend over 70 different NPCs and work to deepen and improve your relationship with them. If you reach a certain level of trust, the generous NPCs will give you things.

Some of them even have gold for you and in extraordinarily generous amounts. While this method makes less sense in the endgame, since you can only bag the NPC rewards uniquely, you make a lot of gold with it, especially in the beginning.

How does this work? There are several ways to improve your relationship with NPCs. The characters all have different preferences and then either want you to complete tasks for them, play songs or show your emotions in front of them.

However, what always helps is gifting the various characters from Arkesia. For this, you use gifts of different degrees. But beware: Here, too, the various NPCs have different preferences.

All gifts will get you further with each NPC, but some of the personalities are particularly happy about very specific gifts. If you then bring them to them, your relationship with them will improve significantly more.

Which characters are worth starting out with? Not all different characters reward you with gold for your efforts. Therefore you should, especially at the beginning, stick to the following NPCs:

  • Thirain, the King of Luterra, who can be found in Luterra Castle. If the good gentleman is friendly to you, he will give you a whopping 500 gold.
  • Neria, the innkeeper in East Luterra's Wave Beach Harbor, will even give you 600 gold if she trusts you.
  • Neria in Arthetine, who is waiting for you in Stern's Origin, will also give you 600 gold if she trusts you.
  • Sasha, who can also be found in Stern's Origin, even gives you a total of 3,500 gold if she trusts you at level 5.
  • Mercenary Zeira is also still in Stern's origin. She also gives you 200 gold as soon as she trusts you.
  • You can meet Ealyn in Vern Castle. If she's interested in you at level 5, she'll give you a total of 1,000 gold.
  • In Vern Castle you will also meet Avele, who will give you a total of 1,400 gold if she trusts you.

There are other NPCs that will give you up to 2,700 gold, but you won't find them until later in the game. For starters and up to level 50, these are the only characters you can persuade to give you gold.

2. Complete collection tasks

What's the point? In Lost Ark, there are countless different collectibles that you can take with you. However, many of them cost more money than they bring you in the end. 

The objects that you should also focus on are the so-called masterpieces. Unfortunately, you will only find these relatively rarely, but you can also find some here relatively early in the game. 

The more Masterpieces you find, the more Los Ark will reward you for it. By the way, you don't even have to hand in the masterpieces, you just have to own them to bag the rewards. 

How does this work? Masterpieces are collectible items in Lost Ark. You get them by completing various tasks, quests, or by filling adventure tomes.

If you have collected some of them, you can get a reward from the NPC Alfonso on the sunflower island west of Pleccia. The painter just wants to see the masterpieces, so you don't lose them.

In total, you can find 38 different masterpieces in Lost Ark. Alfonso always rewards you for this in ascending sections. You get gold for the first time when you have collected 20 masterpieces. Then Alfonso will reward you with 3,000 gold.

You have to fill some of these adventure tomes
You have to fill some of these adventure tomes

At 30 masterpieces, he again jumps 5,000 gold. If you then manage to collect 34, there is another 8,000 gold on the high edge and if you have found all 38, the sunflower painter will give you another 13,000 gold.

In total, you can earn 29,000 gold by collecting the masterpieces. However, this is a one-off, which is why it is not a long-term source of gold income.

What masterpieces can you easily get? If you consistently focus on the collection tasks in the game, you will get many of the masterpieces thrown after you. Exploration in the game is most likely to get you further if that's what you want to focus on. 

You will receive a masterpiece for each of the following tasks, which are relatively easy to earn:

  • For a total of 30 and 55 island tokens, you get one each
  • Complete the Artists in Residence quest on Sunflower Island
  • Fill the Eastern Luterra Adventure Tome to 50%
  • Fill Tortoyk Adventure Tomes to 50%
  • Fill Anikka's Adventure Tome 50% full
  • Fill the North Vern Adventure Tome 50% full
  • Fill Shushire Adventure Tomes to 40%
  • Fill the Rohendel adventure tome to 40%
  • Collect a total of 24 World Tree Leaves
  • Complete the questline "The Light of Love" which starts on the island of Liebeheim
  • Complete level 25 in the tower
  • As a random loot from secret dungeons
  • Purchase from the Vernesian Science Vessel for 10,000 Pirate Coins

3. Complete Daily Tasks

What's the point? At level 50 and upon reaching North Vern, you will unlock Una's Quests. This is the counterpart to daily and weekly quests in Lost Ark. It is best to follow the purple quest that you get to have the system explained to you in detail.

However, you only complete the tasks for one reason: a lot of gold. You can also choose a faction and thus justify the background and motives of your tasks, but of course, you want to see gold in the end.

How does this work? Behind Una's quests in Lost Ark is a sophisticated scoring system, where daily quests give you 2 points, while weekly quests give you a whopping 12 points.

After 25, 35, 45, 55, and 70 points you get the so-called Unas marks, and behind them is the gold that you absolutely want to have. However, the daily tasks give a few more rewards in the form of useful materials.

So that you don't grind all 70 points immediately, you can only complete 3 daily and 3 weekly tasks per character. The higher the item level of our character, the more we get donated from valuable brands. The points will then reset at the weekly reset.

How much gold is that? This depends on a bit of luck and is therefore not as safe as the previous two tips. However, you can always repeat these tasks and your gold is therefore theoretically no limit.

You can get different gold chests from Una's brands, which can contain different contents. The chests always give a minimum value of gold plus a random drop that you can get really lucky with. 

There are these chests:

  • Bulging bag of gold for 80 tokens: Get yourself 200 gold plus either a small gold bar worth 100 gold or a large gold bar worth 1,000 gold.
  • Small Safe for 200 Tokens: Brings you 600 gold safely plus either a small gold bar worth 100 gold or a large gold bar worth 1,000 gold.
  • Large gold chest for 500 tokens: 1,250 gold safe plus either a small gold bar worth 100 gold, a large gold bar worth 1,000 gold, or a giant gold bar worth 10,000 gold.

So you should always complete the daily tasks if you want to earn a lot of gold. But if you don't have time for it, you can even do it with real money.

4. Complete the daily dungeons

What's the point? When you reach level 50 and reach Gearscore 250, the Chaos Dungeons will open for you. You can go through two of these per day per character and receive certain rewards for doing so.

There is a specific currency that you get from the dungeons that you can exchange for various items. Including gold bars. The actual goal, however, is to defeat the second boss of the chaos dungeons, because there's real gold to be won there.

How does this work? If you manage to defeat the second boss in the Chaos Dungeons, there is a chance that a portal will open. If you enter this portal, you can win a lot of gold.

How much you get exactly depends on two factors:

  • You get more gold when the dungeon is more difficult
  • A higher item level also ensures that you get more gold
So this tip is aimed more at advanced beginners because you can only really pick up a lot of currency here if you have reached a minimum Gearscore.

But not only the chaos dungeons bring you gold. The Abyssal Dungeons also reward you with gold for daily completion, as do the daily island events. You can find these on the sea if you look for the adventure islands.

You can complete these every day, except on weekends when you can complete the island twice a day.

How much gold does that bring? Unfortunately, this is very difficult to estimate, as the rewards depend heavily on the difficulty of the content and your own Gearscore. 

But you should definitely do these daily deals, they are guaranteed to be worth it. In addition, there are often chaos dungeons as a daily quest, which are then doubly worthwhile. 

5. Sell everything you don't need yourself

What's the point? As mentioned at the beginning, almost no item in Lost Ark is tied to characters or accounts. That means you can get rid of almost anything you don't need yourself.

Since trading between players is always done with gold, the auction house is a solid source to keep your gold flow constant. Especially if you like to get your hands dirty, you can earn a lot of gold here.

Because in addition to upgrade materials and equipment, which obviously bring a lot of gold, certain crafting materials can also be sold well and actually everything that the lazy player doesn't like to farm himself. So here is your profit.

It is impossible to say exactly how much gold you can earn using this method, as prices are of course also dependent on supply and demand and are constantly changing.

How does this work? At level 30 you unlock the auction house. There you can then buy and sell things for gold across servers and cities. This is mostly worthwhile for things that require a certain amount of time.

So you can earn a comparatively large amount of gold right from the start simply by mining whatever stone and wood you can find and then selling the raw materials. Since you primarily need wood and stones for the first level of your fortress, trading with them is going extremely well.

If you prefer to farm plants, you can do that too. If you then process them into healing potions in your fortress, you can also sell them to men and women for good gold.

What's worth it? Especially as a beginner, it is difficult to assess what can actually be used to earn gold and what is not really worth it. As a rule of thumb, you can sell anything you would need yourself.

  • The collectibles needed to complete the Adventure Tome are very good for selling. Some of them are currently worth over 30 gold each.
  • All types of raw materials that you have to farm yourself and for which you have to spend your valuable work points are worth selling.
  • Engraving instructions and engraving stones always bring you a solid income. Finding the right engravings and stones for your character is difficult with luck, so many players prefer to buy them rather than search for them for a long time.
  • Trading cards are worth quite a bit of gold since you need 15 total versions of the same card to upgrade them. If you have them at the maximum level, you can sell unnecessary cards well instead of converting them into card EXP.
  • All possible upgrade materials are an exciting good to get a lot of gold. Gearscore is crucial for many players, which is why some players prefer to spend gold rather than farm.

6. Bonus: You can also buy gold for real money

How does this work? There are several ways to turn real money into gold. The first thing you need to know is that there are two types of real money currency in Lost Ark. The royal crystals, which you can buy directly for real money, and the crystals, a kind of intermediate currency.

You can use royal crystals to buy regular crystals. These normal crystals can also be bought with gold. Therefore, the crystals act as a bridge between currencies and can bring you some gold with real money.

The exchange rate of the two currencies is not fixed but varies according to supply and demand.

Buying and Selling Items: Since some items from the cash shop are not bound to characters, you can often skip the normal crystal step. 

To do this, you simply buy items in the store that are not bound. Then you offer them for a gold price in the auction house and wait until someone wants it.

Those were 6 tips on how to get gold quickly in Lost Ark. Do you have any other suggestions or tips on how to snag gold? Or are you currently just grateful when you get the 100 gold together to donate it to the guild? Write it to us in the comments here.