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Total War: Warhammer 3 Guide - How to Play Ogre Kingdoms

Total War: Warhammer 3 Guide - How to Play Ogre Kingdoms

 Definitive Faction Guide - Legendary Lords Skrag the Butcher and Greasus Goldtooth, Tech Research, and Best Faction Units

Ogres are a mercenary faction in Total War: Warhammer 3 . It can be found in the southeast and southwest of the map. The faction is led by two legendary lords - Grisus Goldtooth and Skrag the Butcher. Skrag is located in the southwest near the empire, while Greasus is in the southeast, near Cathay.

Goldtooth has the opportunity to choose one of four titles. It is recommended to choose the “Merchant Lord”, the other titles significantly lose in favor of him. The Butcher also has four titles available, but there are more useful ones among them. At first, choose the “Blood Reaper” from Skrug, and after a couple of conquered regions and the construction of “meat” buildings in them, you can focus on the “Eternally Hungry”. As an alternative start, you can take the “Absorber of the World”. This will allow you to quickly conclude a trade agreement with the Bjornlings, who treat your faction somewhat worse than the Norse from the Skelings.

The uniqueness of the faction is in the ability to accept orders from other states. For gold, the player will need to destroy a specific target. Another feature of the ogres is the need to control the stocks of not only gold but also meat. Without food, the army will quickly disintegrate, so in each settlement (especially at the beginning of the campaign) it is recommended to build both the “Mountain of Gold” and the “Pantry”.

There are not so many units in the squads consisting of ogres, so be sure to upgrade the recovery of losses as one of the first technologies. After Camp Junkyard, explore Grinding Stones and Butcher's Spices. Then explore Bigger Spit, Safe Roof, and Ogre Crowd in order.


Ogre units are among the most diverse in the game, but among them, it is easy to isolate the most effective units. At the start of the campaign, the Gnoblars and Bull Ogres will be the basis, to which it is then worth attaching 4-6 squads of Gnoblars Trappers. After turning 30, it is worth getting 4-6 units of a flock of sabertooths, which will replace the gnoblars-trappers, as well as 4-5 iron bellies. The first will help to deal with the enemy's arrows, and the second - with armored infantry.