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Total War: Warhammer 3 The Realm of Chaos: How to win the campaign

 Total War: Warhammer 3's "The Realm of Chaos" campaign presents you with new challenges. Your goal is to take the souls of four demon princes to finally challenge Be'lakor to battle. In this guide, we'll give you a few tips about the Chaos Realms and tell you how you can reach and complete the Forge of Souls.

The final battle takes place in the forge of souls.

The Realm of Chaos

The bear god Ursun is imprisoned in the forge of souls and is near death. Its pained roar penetrates the physical world, creating rifts that lead to the Realm of Chaos. In order to free the bear god, mortal souls must be possessed. This is the only way to open the path to the forge of souls, where Ursun's tormentor Be'lakor is staying. Mortal souls are rare, but you can find them in the realms of the Chaos Gods Khorne, Nurgle, Slaneesh and Tzeentch .

When Ursun roars, it doesn't take long for the first cracks in the Chaos Empire to appear across the world map. The rifts remain open for 15 turns. After that, the roar of the bear god is necessary again to be able to advance into the chaos realm. Whichever faction you choose, your goal is always the same: advance into the four realms of chaos, defeat the demon princes in one battle, and eventually visit the Forge of Souls for the final battle to complete the campaign.

The right preparation

However, it's not quite that simple: the seven other selectable factions also want to get the souls and they are usually quite clever. So you must not waste any time and should visit the demon princes as quickly and well prepared as possible. If another faction manages to find all the souls before you, you must stop them. Travel across a rift towards the Forge of Souls and defeat the army before they complete their quest and the campaign is lost.

Since you can only enter a rift with your faction leader, your journey through the Chaos Realms is made even more difficult. Both Common and Legendary Lords are unable to visit the Realms of Chaos. So you should only venture into a rift if you already have an additional army protecting your provinces in the meantime.

On top of that, we don't recommend any major expansion projects. Of course, if you have a huge landmass, more cracks will appear in your empire. These chaos portals not only corrupt the surrounding terrain but also lure aggressive armies out of them. Heroes allow you to close rifts for a fee of 1,500 coins. Commanders don't have this option: instead, they must fight a battle if they want to close a rift.

Before venturing into the Realms of Chaos, your faction leader should lead a strong army. In each of the chaos realms, enemy armies want to attack you and in the end, there is always a demon prince waiting for you to defeat. If an NPC faction manages to get the soul of a chaos realm in front of you, that chaos realm is locked. You can't re-enter until the rifts close and Ursun roars to open the portals again.

Important: If you spend a little time in a chaos realm, you will receive a blemish that will negatively and permanently affect your army. You can remove this taint by garrisoning your army in a settlement that has a defense chain building. Said building has a different name for each faction but grants you a "chance to remove a trait obtained in the Realms of Chaos".

Realm of the Dark Prince

The realm of the dark prince awaits with temptations.

In our playthroughs, the domain of Slaneesh has always been the easiest, making it a good choice for your first journey. Similar to the nine circles of hell (based on the Divine Comedy "Dante's Inferno"), several circular floors await you in the realm of the Dark Prince, which become smaller and smaller as you go down. Your goal is to get to the center. If your faction leader has increased mobility, you should be able to reach the next floor each turn.

As you progress, the gifts that are offered to you when changing floors become larger. Admittedly, the offers are tempting, but if you're in a hurry, don't bother. Otherwise, you will be kicked out of the Slaanesh Realm and will have to revisit it later. Enemy armies are always waiting for you on different floors, but they don't move very much. If you move to the next floor every round, with luck you won't have to fight a single battle.

In the center, you have to enter the portal to go into battle against "The Courtesan Demon Prince of Slaanesh". Additional reinforcements give you a quick advantage and you can also let the fight take place automatically.

Realm of the Witcher

In the realm of the sorcerer, you must first find your way to your goal.

There are also different floors in the witcher's realm, but they are not connected to each other via gates, but via teleportation locuses . These always teleport you to one of the other islands. Therefore, remember all those portals that you have already used so as not to get lost.

If you are within range of an enemy army at the end of the round, they will also attack. If you win a battle, you can subsequently uncover teleportation connections that show you the way to your goal. Since already defeated enemy armies respawn every two turns, don't waste too much time exploring.

Apart from that, you will find magic paths (white, circular symbol on the campaign map) in this realm of chaos. This is the Blessing of Tzeentch . They allow you to recover your army, reveal teleportation links, receive a blessing from the Chaos God, or gain access to global recruitment. If you use the blessing of the Chaos God, you will receive some useful gifts, such as temporarily increased trade income.

Land of the Plague Lord

The Land of the Plaguelord is attrition to your army.

If you enter the land of the plague lord, you immediately suffer attrition. The entire island has no safe angle. You can fortify the position to avoid any damage per turn. Incidentally, you can also move in this position, but much more slowly. In the land of the plague lord, there are hardly any dangers awaiting you apart from the bubbling plagues.

The target area (green scroll icon) is in close proximity to an unusual tree. It is guarded by two armies, but they don't follow you very much. You still have to defeat one of them in battle if you want to get past them. After that, a new target area opens up. You have to go back past the defeated army and then you can face the gardener, demon prince of Nurgle in battle.

The domain of the Blood God

One battle after another is fought in the Blood God's domain.

The Blood God's domain is relatively small and guarded by the subjects of Khorne. If you're unlucky, you'll leave the rift in the realm of chaos right next to some hostile forces and you can expect multiple attacks when you transition to the next round.

If you want to survive the domain of the blood god, all you need is a strong and experienced army. As soon as you have survived the first round in the kingdom of chaos, you should distance yourself from your opponents and replenish your units through a fortified position. You might find some great gear for your commanders or heroes in the magic circles. If you have defeated a few armies, you still have to compete against the demon prince.

Forge of Souls

Be'lakor awaits you in the Forge of Souls.

Once you have the four souls in your possession, you have 40 rounds to prepare for the final battle in the Forge of Souls. Otherwise, the game is lost. The Shadow Lord Be'lakor brings large numbers of Soulcrusher into battle. So you should recruit units that specialize in fighting large units. A few strong cavalrymen can't hurt to fight missile infantry either. You can, however, refrain from artillery.

If you feel armed, you can enter another rift and travel towards the Forge of Souls. Incidentally, you do not have the option of having the battle carried out automatically.

At the start of the final battle, you'll already find a few smaller units that shouldn't be a big problem. You always get supply points for defeating enemy forces, which you can invest in barricades and towers. You can also arrange reinforcements at the bottom left of the screen. At the bottom right of the screen, however, you have the option of buying improvements for your units, healing them or refilling their ammunition. Always keep these options in mind. You cannot win this battle without using Supply Points.

You can build towers at the positions marked in red as soon as you have captured a supply node.
You can build towers at the positions marked in red as soon as you have captured a supply node.

Whenever you capture a resupply point, a timer starts, and when it expires, enemy units will advance in waves. A percentage display shows how many forces you still have to defeat before you can advance any further. The problem: Even after the waves have passed, more units will storm out of the portals and follow you into the dustiest corners of the forge. Therefore, the most expensive towers (2,000 supply points) pay off. They often put the demons to flight before they can advance to your army.

Once you've completed the first wave, you'll be granted entry into the Forge and will be able to capture another supply point, giving you access to four tower slots and two barricade slots. The difficulty of the battle now increases significantly. Plenty of Soulcrushers spawn, capable of dealing decent damage both in melee and ranged combat. Don't forget to heal weakened units with supply points before they are completely destroyed.

Once you have completed this section, you can advance further to the next supply node. It's the final stop on your journey through the Forge, where Be'lakor will stand in your way. Position your army with your back to the throne. Otherwise, all attackers will stab you in the back. Use cavalry or other nimble units to protect towers you have built on the sides and fight Be'lakor with the strongest soldiers at your disposal. When Winds of Magic are left, bombard Be'lakor with everything you have.

Important: The battle is only over when you have beaten the third wave - not with the death of the shadow lord.

If Be'lakor is defeated with his demon hordes, you have successfully completed the campaign around the realm of chaos. This unlocks the Shadow Lord in Total War: Warhammer 3 and can serve as your faction's commander if you wish to continue the campaign.