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Total War: Warhammer 3 Which faction is right for you?

 Before launching the Total War: Warhammer 3 Realm of Chaos campaign, you will be spoiled for choice. Which of the eight factions best suits your preferred playstyle? In this guide, we try to give you an answer to this question.

With the new "The Realm of Chaos" campaign in Total War: Warhammer 3 Campaign you have the opportunity to choose from seven different factions - pre-order or DLC owners even get access to an additional faction with the Ogre Kingdoms.

The Tzar Empire of Kislev, the exotic Grand Empire of Cathay, the ravenous Ogre Kingdoms, the multifaceted Chaos Demons, the War God Khorne, the Plague God Nurgle, the youngest Chaos God Slaanesh, or perhaps the God of Manipulation, Tzeentch?

With all the choices, the decision is not always easy. For this reason, we will briefly introduce you to all factions and tell you under what conditions you might find favor with one or the other kingdom.



Kislev is a great starting faction for the Realm of Chaos campaign if you want to fight the Realms of Chaos and can imagine an alliance with the Empire and the Dwarves. Because while you share the borders with potential allies in the south, the chaos gods in the north are waiting to finish you off.

Kislev's infantry consists largely of heavily armored hybrid units that, with the exception of the Tzar Guards, are capable of both long-range and close-range combat. Aside from that, their heavily armored cavalry, reminiscent of Polish Winged Hussars, is a distinctive feature of their military forces. In addition to terrifying polar bears on the battlefield, they are also known for their hurricane and ice magic.

The Kislevites are for you if you...

  • ... have never played the predecessors of Total War: Warhammer 3.
  • ... don't want to study overly complex new game mechanics.
  • ... can do without mythical creatures and heavy artillery.
  • ... can gain something from ice and wind magic.
  • ... stands on hybrid units (ranged and melee) and Polish Winged Hussars.

Great Empire of Cathay

The exotic Great Empire of Cathay has experimental war machines.

The great empire of Cathay, which until now had been thought to be almost lost, has finally arrived in Total War: Warhammer 3 and impresses with its reference to Far Eastern cultures. Above all, the jade cities, flying islands, and war machines powered by hot air leave a hitherto unknown, almost first-class impression in the Warhammer world. As the defender of the great bastion from the chaos, you will be supported by other provinces, which can hinder the rapid expansion of your empire.

While Cathay's infantry is mostly equipped with ordinary staff weapons, the missile infantry shines with a variety of armaments. Whether bow and arrow, crossbow, blunderbuss, or rifle: If you want to focus on long-range fighters on the battlefield, you've come to the right place. In addition to some experimental war machines, you can also send a huge terracotta guard into battle.

But there is also plenty to do on the campaign map. Your task is to maintain the harmony between yin and yang, with every unit and almost every building affecting the balance. It also becomes strategic when sending trade caravans, whose routes you can determine yourself.

The Great Kingdom of Cathay is for you if you...

  • ... are not averse to Chinese mythology.
  • ... can gain something from strategic components such as the formation of trade routes and the dispatch of caravans.
  • ... prefers to play the defender than the attacker.
  • ... can do without rapid expansion.
  • ... Ranged units preferred.
  • ... want to try out a previously unknown faction.

Ogre Kingdoms (DLC)

The ogre kingdoms need a lot of meat to keep up their spirits.

It doesn't get very appetizing when looking at the ogre kingdoms. If 80 percent of all units can be found under the heading "Monsters & Animals", you know which inglorious contemporaries you are dealing with here. Ogres are large, corpulent, and always in a bad mood.

In order for the wolverines to maintain their weight, you must (similar to the Skaven) pay attention to their food supply. Each turn, meat is consumed for unit maintenance, which you can replenish by winning battles, supply buildings, or ogre camps. When the meat runs out, the tall mountains of flesh turn to their own kind and indulge in cannibalism.

Thanks to the ogre camps that can be created, you remain mobile on the campaign map and can (similar to the Horde factions of the predecessors) raise them like a province. Through so-called contracts, they are also able to maintain and improve diplomatic relations. In terms of military forces, only the armament of the ogre is varied. So if you are looking for completely different unit types, the Ogre Kingdoms will be less interesting.

The Ogre Kingdoms is for you if you...

  • ... likes to stay mobile on the campaign map.
  • ... want to expand quickly.
  • ... likes large units with splash damage.
  • ... can do without a large selection of different unit types.

chaos demons

Try out units from other Chaos Realms with the Chaos Demons.

The Chaos Demons represent the best starting point among the Chaos factions. The reason for this is quickly found: With the Chaos Demons you get access to all demon units, which allows you to get to know the military forces of Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, and Tzeentch at your leisure. Maybe you'll soon find your personal favorite among the chaos gods.

On top of that, you can unlock body parts for the demon prince throughout the campaign. Combine limbs according to your ideas and experiment with armaments to assemble the Legendary Commander according to your wishes and ideas. When you raise your first province of your own, you still have a long way to go before you have unlocked all the units, which means that conquests add to the ambition.

The Chaos Demons are for you if you...

  • ... want to get to know the units of all Chaos factions.
  • ... get excited about putting together the demon prince creatively.
  • ... likes to experiment with different units and abilities in the army.
  • ... can do without other strategic game mechanics.


Servants of Khorne devote themselves to war.

If you have nothing but a war on your mind, Khorne could be your faction of choice. The blood god's subordinates are just as uninterested in diplomatic relations as they are in trade agreements or allies. If you meet another faction, it will automatically declare war on it. Khorne invariably indulges in brute force and destruction, turning blossoming landscapes into scorched earth and leaving nothing but death and despair in his wake.

If you tear down a settlement, you always have the choice to collect skulls for the skull throne or blood for the blood god. While you need skulls to research technologies, you can use blood to summon reinforcements to aid you in battle. Through the spread of Chaos Corruption, even demolished settlements can become your property.

The Khorne Faction is for you if you...

  • ...want to recruit Khorne Berserkers, Minotaurs, or Blood Demons.
  • ... can do without diplomacy and strategic game mechanics.
  • ... have no problem appointing all factions as your enemies.
  • ... can do without floor units.
  • ... fast expansion preferred.


Spread individual plagues under the Chaos God Nurgle.

Nurgle is the Chaos God of Disease, Decay, Death, and Decay. Under him serve all those demons who are slimy, foul-smelling, or just plain nauseous.

With the help of infections, you spread plagues in your own and foreign provinces, which influence the performance of armies or even decimate them through wear and tear. To do this, you choose a basic disease for your plague cauldron and mix it with symptoms such as cramps, fever, or limb rot. The result is a disease creation according to your ideas, which you can let loose on the world.

The Nurgle Faction is for you if you...

  • ... want to experiment with the effects of home-brewed diseases.
  • ... are interested in indirectly weakening enemy armies or provinces.
  • ... want to command the most hideous creatures of Chaos.
  • ... are looking for robust units.


Seduces enemy units led by the Chaos God Slaanesh.

Slaanesh stands for ecstasy, lust, pain, and happiness. His followers are ruled by passion and his power lies in seduction. As the demon N'kari, you can gather followers and summon entire armies in corrupted areas with his help. You get a bonus to diplomatic relations with all factions on the campaign map and are even able to rally enemy units to your side before the battle.

Not surprisingly, given their alignment, the armies of Slaanesh wear little armor on their bodies, preferring instead the display of the naked body. Armed with crab claws, whips, and crescent-like armies, they do credit to the youngest god of chaos. Not least because of their bluish and pink appearance, they look like an army of underwater succubuses, whose cavalrymen ride on two-legged seahorses.

The Slaanesh faction is for you if you...

  • ... want to be able to act diplomatically as a chaos faction.
  • ... want to seduce other factions and eventually turn them into vassals.
  • ... can largely do without robust units.
  • ... can do without missile infantry.


Manipulate other realms and influence the Winds of Magic with Tzeentch.

Tzeentch is the Chaos God of intrigue, magic, manipulation, and evolution. As Cairo's Destiny Weaver, you have a number of unique ways of influencing and directing your neighbors.

Unveil a faction to spy on it. Force a rebellion in a city of your choice. Break the alliance between two factions or transfer a foreign settlement to another realm. Let the war rage all around you, weaken a faction with indirect influence, and grab what's yours when no one is looking.

Tzeentch is certainly not the strongest Chaos faction when it comes to military forces, but he makes up for this disadvantage with his manipulation skills. On top of that, his armies are protected by magical barriers that recharge overtime after taking damage.

The Tzeentch Faction is for you if you...

  • ... prefers manipulation and intrigue to the fray of battle.
  • ... you can get more out of magic than pure muscle power.
  • ... is looking for a Chaos faction with many ranged units.
  • ... want to try out unique game mechanics.