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 Knowledge transfer allows you to quickly show a character at level 50 in Lost Ark!

Lost Art is a Korean MMORPG that arrived in Europe and America on February 11, 2022. The game is free to play and has very wide content for all players. Unfortunately, the European servers are currently victims of their success and it is difficult to connect to them at certain times of the day. 

Like other MMORPGs on the market, Lost Ark invites you to create a character and level it up by chaining quests and dungeons in Achesia. Once level 50, many activities are available to you. You can also decide to mount a new character, a reroll, and the game invites you to do so, in particular with the knowledge transfer mechanism. 

How to use knowledge transfer in Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark, you can get a level 50 character in 8 hours with the knowledge transfer mechanism. To obtain it, you must first meet the following conditions: 

  • Raise a character to level 50
  • Complete the Bern and Silensierra questline
Once these requirements are met, you need to go to your fortress with my level 50 character and talk to the NPC Adeline to get a quest that asks you to go to the west of your island to introduce you to knowledge transfer. Once this short series of quests have been completed, you can raise a character to level 50 for the sum of 600 gold coins.

Knowledge transfer machine
Knowledge transfer machine

To use it, you need to connect a new character and complete the first quests to get the songs menu which you can open with F2. Use the Song of Hearth to travel to your fortress with your new character and speak with the Knowledge Transfer Machine to ask it to level your character up to 50 in exchange for 600 gold. This operation takes 8 hours and you can use your new character during this period.

After the 8-hour period, your character can level up to 50 by talking to the Knowledge Transfer Machine again and you will receive a chest with level 302 equipment.