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Vampire Survivors Weapon Guide: Which Upgrades to Unlock First


Vampire Survivors Weapon Guide: Which Upgrades to Unlock First

Vampire Survivors is a top-down pixel shooter where you have to destroy hordes of zombies, werewolves, and other evil spirits. In this guide, we will talk about the most useful weapons and support items that you need to unlock first.

The game has many types of weapons. In the early stages of the passage, it will not be easy to figure out the effectiveness of weapons and skills, but at the same time, the game will almost immediately throw crowds of opponents at you.

The best weapons in Vampire Survivors

  • King Bible - especially effective when enemies surround you from all sides. The bible has a short range but attacks simultaneously in all directions.

Garlic works similarly but is only useful early on due to the small number of upgrades available. And the King's Bible can be upgraded with many more upgrades, making it an effective weapon until the very end of the game. At least against ordinary enemies.

  • Fire Wand - Shoots fireballs. They fly slowly and attack random enemies, but deal high damage, especially after leveling up.

Such a wand can be used not only against ordinary opponents but also during boss battles. You can increase the damage and speed of projectiles with the help of support items, which we will discuss below.

  • The Ax is a worthy alternative to the Fire Wand. If you couldn't find the Fire Wand, you can use the Axe. Once upgraded, it deals decent damage, making it effective against bosses even at high levels.
The best weapons in Vampire Survivors

Best support items in Vampire Survivors

  • Spinach is the best support item available in the game. It increases damage dealt by 10% each new level. This allows you to significantly increase the attack power, especially after upgrades.
At first, this feature does not seem useful, because all enemies already die from one hit. However, towards the middle of the game, you will encounter monsters with good defense, so the increase in attack will be a very useful improvement. Spinach is simply indispensable during boss battles.

  • An Empty Tome increases the speed of all projectiles by 8% per level. This is especially useful with slow but powerful weapons. For example, with the "Fire Wand".

How to upgrade weapons in Vampire Survivors

First, you need to make sure that the selected weapon can be upgraded at all. Upgrades are installed on the following types of weapons:

  • Ax (Axe);
  • Cross (Cross);
  • Fire Wand (Fire Wand);
  • Garlic (Garlic);
  • King Bible
  • Knife;
  • Magic wand (Magic Wand);
  • Whip (Whip);
  • Ebony wings (Ebony Wings);
  • Pichon (Peachone).

The first eight types of weapons are improved according to the same scheme, the last two have special mechanics, which we have described below.

How to upgrade weapons in Vampire Survivors

How to upgrade Axe, Cross, Fire Wand, Garlic, King Bible, Knife, Magic Wand, and Whip

To level up, you will need "Experience Gems". They drop from defeated enemies. As the level of the hero increases, you will have the opportunity to improve weapons. You need to reach the eighth level and find a certain item. Each weapon has its own.

Weapon and Support Item Combos:

  • Bloody Tear: Whip LVL 8 + Hollow Heart
  • Death Spiral: Level 8 Axe + Candelabrador
  • Heaven Sword: Level 8 Cross + Clover;
  • Hellfire (Hellfire): Fire wand (Fire Wand) Lvl 8 + Spinach (Spinach);
  • Holy wand (Holy Wand): Magic wand (Magic Wand) Lvl 8 + Empty book (Empty Tome);
  • Soul Eater: Garlic LVL 8 + Pummarola
  • Thousand Edge: Level 8 Knife + Bracer
  • Unholy Vespers: Level 8 King Bible + Spellbinder.
How to upgrade Axe, Cross, Fire Wand, Garlic, King Bible, Knife, Magic Wand, and Whip

When you upgrade your weapon to level 8 and find the right support item, take part in the challenge. You must survive for 10 minutes of continuous attacks from ordinary monsters. Then a boss will appear, which you need to kill with the weapon that you plan to upgrade. After his death, a chest with an improved version will appear.

How to upgrade Ebony Wings and Peachone

To get the weapon called Vandalier, you need both Ebony Wings and Peachone. The latter will open if you stay alive for 10 minutes of real-time. It is necessary to pump both weapons to level 8 and combine them. Then you will have a ten-minute fight with ordinary monsters and a boss fight. After that, a chest with a Vandalier will appear.