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Walkthrough Horizon Forbidden West - game guide


Walkthrough Horizon Forbidden West - game guide

All-Story Quests, Boss Strategies, and More for Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is a completely linear action game in terms of storytelling, containing only one decision that may slightly affect the last task, but otherwise, Aloy's path leads to one single possible ending. And we will walk this path together with you!

Reach for the stars

Before starting the game, you will be able to select the difficulty level. There are other, more flexible options in the settings, so be sure to check them out. After talking with Varl, the first thing to do is run to the plants and collect them. This medicinal high altitude is your primary healing tool. Pay attention to the lower-left corner of the screen. Right now there are only stones and "0/10" items marked with a red cross. These are high-altitude reserves. Gathering one high altitude gives you one healing charge. If you suddenly collect more than a high-altitude or any other resource and step over the capacity of the pouch, all the excess will go to Aloy's storage. There are such vaults in every large or medium-sized settlement.

Pick up a high altitude and heal by pressing "up" on the datapad. Follow the marker, jump up to the X button. You can examine the red corruption on the plant on the left. Don't forget to search all the chests you find. Inside they store important resources and components for crafting arrows, improving weapons and armor. Roll down the two stretched cables. Do not hesitate to linger and carefully search the location. Resources in Horizon Forbidden West play an important, if not fundamental, role.

Go down the stairs, resupply medicinal high-altitude and wood grass used to create arrows. Search the car's carcass, hold L1 and hold X while aiming the right stick at the hunting bow to spawn 10 arrows. You can craft 20 at once. Approach the marked ladder and shoot the red mount to lower it. Climb up and run to the left. Continue along the trodden path past the corruption until a cutscene starts.

Crouch down and hide in the grass. You will see the first opponents - Norocops. These are the most common cars in the game. Hold down the right stick and scan the Norocop. You can use the "left" and "right" buttons to switch between the details. The first thing you can learn about the monster.

Information about Norocops:

  • Vulnerable to fire (but you will not get fire soon).
  • The weak spot is the eye. Can be fired with any weapon to deal critical damage.
  • Cargo hold for resources - removed, contains resources, destroyed after death. If you see the inscription “destroyed after death”, this means that this part is the best shot before killing the car.
  • Norocop acoustic camera (on the head). Removed, allows you to deprive the monster of attack, destroyed after death. And there is also the inscription "Key resource for improvement." This means that this part can be used to improve weapons or armor!

You can mark with a "triangle" any desired detail. Destroy the first Norocop. You can shoot down the speaker system and the cargo compartment on the back, and then shoot at the eye. Deal with the second norokop, collect all the resources, and climb up the yellow stairs. First, you need to shoot at the red mount.

Having climbed up, run to the left, bend down on the "square" and crawl under the stones. Hold the left stick to sprint, and you can drop the stairs on the left, creating a shortcut. Go to the entrance to the ancient ruins to hear the administrator's voice. Interact with the green bar. Access denied. Gather resources and break down the marked door.

Pick up resources and go to the marker to find an area partially flooded with acid. First, go to the right and collect various items, and then return to the rubble and examine it up close. Examine the dead that Varl sits next to. Hold down the right stick to reveal a purple glow. It points to some objects for interaction. Search the camp to collect enough resources to craft the first, extremely useful tool. Go to the workbench, on which a marker will appear (Varl is standing near it), and interact with it. Create a new tool - hook grip.

Return to the rubble, hold L2 to aim, but instead of archery (on R2), press the "triangle". This will switch you to the grappling hook. This procedure must be done every time. After that aim so that the crosshair gets smaller and hold R2 to shoot. Also, Aloy will pull the object on which the grapple is hooked. Repeat the steps to clear the path further.

Interact with another green console on the left. Then climb up the big rock and double-click on the "cross" to jump up and grab the marked bar (Aloy will be pulled by the grappling hook). Go right and jump on the beams on the wall. Jump over another hole and lower the ladder for Varl. Go through the door and watch the cutscene.

Go through the gorge to the right and pull the debris to clear the path (L1 + "Triangle" + R2 hold). Run past the corruption until you see a serpentine machine. Climb over the beam and find the Norocops. You will learn about stealth attacks. Crouch down and hide in the grass. When the Norocop turns away, sneak up on it from behind and press R1 to instantly kill the car. In the case of the Norocop, this number “rolls”, but with more powerful machines you will only take off part of their total health, so consider this moment and pump the damage of silent attacks in which case. In addition, you are asked to throw a rock to distract the Norocop, but you can sneak up from behind without him.

Jump onto the ledge and take out another Norocop. In scanner mode, you can mark an unlimited number of targets, as well as highlight the path of one of them. Use this functionality! Deal with four cars and follow the marker. Follow through the dark corridor, duck down and disarm the explosive traps. To do this, you need to get close to them and hold down the "triangle". But this should be done in a semi-squatting position.

Hold the down button to open the crafting menu for traps and potions. Select the explosive trap (left-right) and hold the cross to craft it. If there are not enough components, continue to search the dark corridor. Climb up the wall to the marker to meet a new car - the Scavenger.

Information about Scavengers:

  • Vulnerable to frost and acid.
  • Fuel element. Located at the bottom of the trash can. When destroyed, it deprives the Scavenger of one of the attacks, is destroyed in case of death. Vulnerable to electricity. This is a key resource for improvement.
  • Cargo bay for resources. As with Norocops, it is found on the back of the Scavenger. Removed, contains valuable resources, and will be destroyed upon death.

Mark the nearest trash can and display its path. Pick up the moment, stand on the route of the car, and press (do not hold) the "down" button to set the trap. Runaway and hide in the grass. Wait for the trash can to blow up on the trap. Deal with the second enemy.

After killing all opponents, run up the mountain of debris and jump to the second floor. Climb to the right on the rungs on the wall and open the door. You will find yourself in some kind of control center with tables and monitors. Jump to the right, duck down and make your way through the broken wall. There is a data carrier on the table. To study such media, they need to be scanned. Follow through the door ahead, marked with a marker, try to climb the rungs, but one of them will collapse. In the passage on the right, there are ledges on the right column. You can climb up them. To the right, there is a ladder that you can throw down, but it leads to the area you previously explored. Climb up the ledges on the column and climb to the left along the rungs. Interact with the green console to view a cutscene. You will receive a data carrier

Speak with Varl to receive a Freeze Blast Sling. In the future, you will be able to create or buy a sling explosion with a different elemental element, but the principle of their operation is the same. These are a kind of slingshots that allow you to throw a projectile with a special effect along an arcuate trajectory.

Go through the door, go right and jump down. Soon you will see the serpentine machine again. Run down the slope on the right, switch to the freeze blast sling using the weapon wheel: hold L1 and use the right analog to select a new weapon. Fire a Freeze Bomb at a scavenger to increase his vulnerability to damage from hunting arrows. Search the location and continue following the marker. You can climb different ledges. Soon you will see a shuttle. Examine the corpse of Ozeram, next to it lies a scanned data carrier.

Destroy two Norocops and one Scavenger. To move forward, find the ladder on the side and shoot at its red mount. Enter the room on the right, exit through another opening, and up the next ladder on the outer wall of the building. Walk to the left and jump up the rungs on the wall to trigger a cutscene. Aloy decides to drop the shuttle on three cars.

Click on the "triangle" to go down on the rope. Stealthily destroy a few Norocops to make the path easier. Go to the end of the location and shoot the red mount on the stairs. Climb up and find a ledge on the beam, to which you can pull with the grappling hook. Do the same with the ledge above and gravitate towards the crossbar to be on the next floor. Jump and climb up the ladder and up the yellow pipes on the left until you reach the marker. Jump across the abyss with a running start and grab the grappling hook to the yellow pipe.

Jump over some pipes to get over another hole, then slide down the zip line. Climb up the ledges and clear another location of cars. Enter the ruined building and use the console to open the shuttle clamps. Unfortunately, the shuttle will get stuck due to the cables.

Go to the structure ahead, use the scanner and see a purple spot. This is a clamp. Pull it in with the grappling hook. Enter the building and jump up to climb through the hatch. Climb up the beams, go right and jump up the steps. Be sure to speed up! Climb even higher and jump on the beams on the right. When you get close to the marker, stand in the corner, turn around and fire your bow at the mount.

There is one more thing left. Climb up the steps and jump to the crossbar on the pillar ahead. Pull up with the grappling hook. Climb up the ledges, then follow the yellow pipes to the left and jump over three beams. Jump over to the other side, go up the ladder and shoot the second clutch. Watch the video. You have to destroy the Poisonlash, a dangerous machine.

Information about members of Yadokhlest:

  • Vulnerable to fire, frost, and corrosion.
  • Immune to acid, electricity, and water.
  • Cargo bay for resources. Located in the tail, contains valuable resources, is destroyed after death. It is important to shoot before you kill Poisonlash.
  • Crusher - located under the head, removed and destroyed after death. This is a key resource for improvement.
  • Explosive container. Located on the side of the head. Removed, contains valuable resources, destroyed after death.
  • Datastore. This is the weak point of Poisonlash, which cannot be destroyed.
  • Bag of iron eater. Vulnerable to hunting arrows, disables attack, remains after death, provides resources if saved.
Dodge the monster's attacks, and when it spits acid, hide behind rocks. Don't let the Poisonlash destroy the rocks or you'll have nowhere to hide from the acid. After destroying the acid container, run up and press R1 for a critical attack. But only when the appropriate hint appears on the screen!

After the video, run through the location and pick up heavy weapons to destroy the Poisonlash as soon as possible. Search the car for resources. You can open the skills menu and spend the received skill point. I recommend studying skills in all branches because there is something useful everywhere!

When you're ready (collect all the most valuable), run up to the ledge, jump up, and pull. Open the door ahead to enter the complex. Get down. On the way, on one of the cabinets, find the data carrier. Enter the back room and watch the cutscene that completes the first story quest.

spear point

Aloy will return to Meridian to the Spire. You can look around the area. A sphere and a statue were erected in honor of Aloy. Approach the marker, climb the column on the left and jump onto the wooden structure. To do this, turn in her direction and click on the "circle". Do the same on the structure to jump from one beam to another. Run up and stand at the end of the support. Use the grappling hook to deploy the same L-shaped support and run over it. Get close to the Spire, use the grappling hook to break the panel, and find a grappling point. Jump to it and climb up the pipes. Watch the video at the top.

You can chat with different characters, but this is not necessary: ​​Nassadi and Itamen, Avad, Vanasha, and Uthid. In a conversation with Avad, a choice of dialogue phrases will appear, but in fact, they do not give anything and do not affect the development of the plot in any way. When you're ready, interact with the workbench and upgrade Aloy's spear. Then search the location, collect resources and go to Marad the Sinless. Thus begins the journey to the Forbidden West.

On the verge

When you arrive in the Valley of Mountain Grinder, speak to Carn the Carrier, Vuadis the Earnest, and Joruf the Warrior. Then search the tent on the right. Gather resources and one storage medium. Spend your skill points and run to Grinding Mountain, your first decent settlement. You are in an area that predates the Forbidden West. Activate your first campfire. However, campfires are activated automatically when you get close to them. At the campfire, you can save, as well as move to a previously explored place without consuming a traveler's set.

Follow the marker and look into the Grinding Mountain. Here you will meet Petra, Ulvund, who has seized power over the settlement, and Javad the Diligent is trying to deal with him. Go to the workbench and upgrade your bow. You can also upgrade other weapons or armor if you have enough resources. Next, you need to find Erend, but first, you can explore the village and complete side quests (tasks, deeds). From now on, acid arrows will become available. You can select them through the weapon wheel by holding L1.

When you're ready, follow the marker to find two warriors surrounded by scavengers. Electric stretch marks are placed around the circle. Lure scavengers into them to make the fight easier. Chat with Turlis, who will jump off after you destroy all the machines. Collect resources, hold down the right analog, and find the human silhouette with the scanner. Hold R1 to display the path. You can disable the scanner. Follow the purple signs up the hill, search the cars and climb up to the ledge. Continue along the path that will lead to some object. You will meet Erend, but later he will be injured by a new machine - Cleaver.

Information about members of Sekach:

  • Acid Chopper. Vulnerable to electricity and protected from acid attack.
  • Above the tail is a container of acid. When fired with an acid arrow, it causes a chain reaction followed by an explosion. Deals a lot of damage. Removed, contains valuable resources and destroyed after death.
  • Tusks. Removed, deprived of attack, destroyed after death. Relate to key resources for improvement.
  • Crushing discs. Destroyed after death, removed, contain valuable resources. Lose ability. Located on the side of the neck.
Launch acid arrows into the cans at the back of the billhooks to destroy them as soon as possible. If that's not enough, shoot the tusks or crushing discs. Traps are also placed around the arena: logs held by boards. Shoot the mount to knock the logs down on the monsters. Deal with two billhooks, and then destroy the trash that appears. Talk to Erend.

Go towards the source of the explosions. Along the way, you will meet a few more billhooks. They will also be at the destination. Destroy the monsters using acid arrows and attack the container in the back, above the tail. Use any bonfire to return to the Grinding Mountain and speak with Ulvund. Talk to Vuadis to complete the mission.


Just behind the Mountain Grinder, lenterhorns are grazing in the field to the left. If you haven't already done so, sneak up on one of them and hold the "triangle" to tame it. You can now ride this lenthorn. In addition, you can summon a tamed Lenthorn. Use the left and right buttons to select the Lenthor icon (bottom left of the screen), and then press the down button to summon it. Ride the Lenthorn to the Wasteland Light. Once inside, talk to Erend sitting on the right.

Then talk to the guards, go up to Nozar and listen to him. He refuses to let Aloy go any further. Go downstairs and talk to the guards. Erend will intercede, as a result, Aloy will be able to open the gate. Run forward and chat with Sheriffs Tenakt and Fashav. Destroy enemies. Aim at the rebels sitting on the cars to shoot them down. They move on lanternhorns, but billhooks will appear later. You already know how to fight these monsters.

Grudda will then challenge Aloy to duel. Regalla will give good. Use charged attacks while holding R2 to pierce the shield. And then - any combos, including a resonant explosion. After defeating Grudda, search his body. You will receive a wing shield on which you can glide through the air. To open it, hold the “square” in the air.

Threshold of death

Get to the indicated marker, swim across the pond, and search the camp. When Aloy finishes reasoning, you will be able to interact with the green console. Also, scan the data carrier in the tent to the right of the fire. After reviewing the Sylens log, examine the tent to the left of the fire, examine the data carrier, and then follow the trail. There is a large moat on the ground, left from the orb into which Sylens imprisoned Hades. You won't confuse it with anything. Just move along the moat. Immediately on the lenteroge, because the path will be long.

Along the way, you will also meet a merchant. Enter the cave and interact with the orb to communicate with Hades. You need to create a special weapon, but this will require resources. Look for the plant at the depth of the reservoir, past which they walked into this area. As for the inductor, you will have to knock it out of the water spray - a new machine. It is located opposite the cave, near the reservoir.

Information about the football club Vodopryska:

  • Vulnerable to water.
  • Immune to electricity.
  • Fuel element. Located in the back. Destroyed upon death, deprives attack. Removed. Causes an explosion when fired with an electric projectile. This is a key resource for improvement and, attention, resources needed on a mission!
  • Acid container, in front. Causes an explosion when fired with an acid arrow. Removed, contains valuable resources, destroyed upon death.
  • Cargo claw. Can be removed, disables attacks, contains valuable resources, is destroyed upon death.
So, having collected all the necessary resources, you can make a fuse. Get inside and blow up the wall to be inside the complex.

When the door opens, go to the next room and open another door. You will enter a flooded area and you will need a platform to reach a trapdoor that will give you access to another door. Once you make your way through the hatch, pick up the energy battery to reactivate the door and enter the next area. In the new area, use the grappling hook to pull the box towards you, and then push it back into the hole. Drop down the same hole and then move the crate to the opposite wall to climb up. Activate the fuse and go through the hole formed in the wall.

You will be taken to the same area where you used the energy cell to open the door earlier. Pick up this energy cell and take it to the room where you came from. Place a power cell in the right slot (it opens a loot chest) and then activate the other slot to open a path further. After listening to the holographic recording, climb back up and enter the door on the left to enter a huge flooded workshop.

First, climb up the only available ladder, and then jump down to a new platform, from which you will see several inclined poles that you can grab onto with a grappler. Rip the plate off the wall, then jump and grab onto the grapple point. Climb up the pole and then jump to the nearest yellow beam that you can climb up. Soon you will stop at a point where you cannot jump any further. Instead, jump towards the platform and open the wing shield. Lower the ladder to create a shortcut in case you fall into the water. Jump towards the grapple point, glide from the pole to the next marker to see another fire flare. Use the fuse and enter the new laboratory. The recipe for vertical traps is hidden in the chest. The code for opening the door is 7482. To get it, you need to scan the data,

Enter a new corridor and open another door to reveal another area where you need to climb objects. Climb up the yellow ledges and enter the door to enter a new room with another door. Open it up and get ready for another segment with platforms. First, drop down the ladder, just in case you fall into the water. Now move towards the small yellow board protruding from the platform and aim at the pillar where there are some yellow dots to grab. Climb up this pole and then pan the camera to the right to see the grappling hook. Take advantage of her.

From here, look to the left for another grapple target. You will be able to bring down part of the ledge by pulling the metal, and then move on. Destroy another part with the grappling hook and then jump towards it to pull yourself up to the ledge. Just before landing, click on the "circle" to jump higher and glide to where the mission marker is pointing. Open the hatch, enter the room and inspect the console with a green screen.

To disconnect the cables, aim at the red object on the lever. Look around, move to the wheel, and examine it. You need to kill a mysterious enemy that will be immune to arrows or a spear. Instead of fighting, you have to run away. Shortly after the start of the duel, you will be asked to knock down some of the locks on the paws of the recluse spider. As with the ladders, shoot all the red pieces. When you destroy all the fasteners, you need to destroy the couplings. They are located in the neck of the robot, so use the scanner to mark them. Knockdown all clutches and watch the video.

Swim forward until you reach a room patrolled by several Ghost cars. Be sure to scan these cars as you may not see them again. After that, don't fight. Stay underwater by surfacing to replenish your oxygen supply. Swim across the room and then use the scanner to mark a door that can be opened.

Swim through the door and use the boost points to move against the strong current. As soon as you surface, find the platform, aim at the vent and pull the hatch with the grappling hook. Move through the ventilation, swim underwater again to get around the enemies. Keep moving until you can open a new door. Then swim further and find a ladder with several climbing points that will lead you to the next ventilation. Make your way inside, jump down and open another door. In the next room, use the fuse to get out.

dying lands

Aloy has recovered and is ready to continue her search for Minerva in the Singing Lands. On the way to the right place, you will most likely stumble upon Longneck. Take some time to take control of Longneck and remove the fog of war from the nearby region. Once you arrive at the camp, meet up with Varl and Zo who are waiting at the entrance. The choir is assembled, and it's time to go to him with friends. However, you can listen to Zo and linger to explore the settlement, stock up on parts and resources. When you're ready, join Varl and Zo, talk to them and tell them you're ready to meet Horus. Aloy will ask Horus for permission to visit the sacred cave, but the tribal leaders will refuse. Shortly thereafter, an alarm will sound. Follow Zo through hilly terrain. Along the way, you will encounter several opponents. You can fight with any machines, or you can simply ignore all opponents and continue to move for Zo. But keep in mind that all the machines you meet are new varieties, so it is advisable to scan them to complete your guide.

In the end, you will come to a new open area with a large number of trash cans and claws. Before moving on, you have to get rid of them. Deal with the machines in any convenient way. Remember that Clawwalkers are vulnerable to their tails and backs, while Scavengers are vulnerable to their backs, so aim for those parts of their torso to maximize damage. After reaching Cordon, enter the sacred cave.

Now you need to explore the cave. The door is locked, so you have to look for an alternative way. Luckily, there is a ledge here that you can climb up. Go back and jump over the gap to continue down and past the grate in the doorway. Eventually, you will find a red Cauldron door. Approach and interact with her to get inside.

Enter a new area and soon you will encounter several cars. You already know what to do against them - aim at the green canisters located on their backs. This is one of the weak spots. Approach the second door with the red light to open it. Now you need to clear the area from the damaged cables of Hephaestus. First, stand on the floor panel with white tiles. This will activate rotating platforms with several locks that you can click on. Shoot the castle the moment it glows gold. Repeat the same steps for the second and third turntables. Once they are fixed, you can climb up using the small yellow plank on the side of the floor panel. As you climb up the pillars, remember to rotate your camera to look for ledges and capture points. Use the scanner

Then you have to fix the second set of rotating platforms. However, you first need something to activate the floor panel. Standing on the floor panel will prevent you from hitting the locks on the rotating platforms. Near the panel on the second floor, there is a small grab point that will allow you to get to the dilapidated door. Break this door with your spear to find a hexagonal purple crate. Push him through the energy barrier until he falls down, and you yourself return the same way that you came here. Drag the crate onto the floor panel to set the platforms in motion. As before, shoot the castles when they shimmer with gold. When the rotating platforms stop moving, use the small yellow plank to continue moving forward using the lift points and other planks. Stand on the floor panel again, already on the third floor. Wait until the locks begin to shimmer with gold and shoot them for a full lock. Once you've secured all the locks, climb up the columns to get to a new platform. Go down below (to the left of the place where you jumped) and disable the network channel by interacting with the red console.

The cables will be cleaned of damage and the operation of the Boiler will resume. Move on to the next area where you need to redistribute the second network link. From the entrance to the area, move to the left and from the yellow board, jump to the mechanical arm located below. Wait for the hand to stop for a while, then jump towards one of the two yellow hook points. Jump forward to the next board, go to the opposite end of the platform, where you will find two other lifting points. Keep moving, climb up the next set of ledges. Finally, interact with the second console.

It's time to redistribute the third node. There is a panel next to where Varl and Zo are standing. Although you cannot interact with this panel, you can use it as a vantage point to glide down. Land on another glowing panel to see blobs of steam coming out of the mines. Here you need to act quickly, because the grate will soon close, and you will not be able to hold on to it. Climb the column and get over to the board. Now you need to calculate the time of the jump to grab onto one of the moving conveyors. Grab onto one of the cars and jump off it when you see a new platform underneath you. Then you need to glide to another board to get to the new yellow panel and redistribute the node from there.

Continue through the corridor that opens up to reach a new red-lit door that needs to be bypassed. Hephaestus has taken over the machine, so another console must be overridden to disable it. Climb down and turn off the nearest console. The battle against the new machine will begin. Don't forget to scan it. This machine is vulnerable to water and acid. Shoot acid arrows and don't forget to aim for weak spots. Immediately after the start of the battle, two other machines will appear - garbage trucks and long-legged robots. I propose to get rid of them first, and then focus on the main robot. The enemy has an installation with cluster bombs. If you damage it, you can pick up and simplify the battle. Deal with all the machines, redistribute the core of the Cauldron to be able to capture new robots.

earth eye

Enter the building and go up the stairs until you reach a door that can be opened. The next door cannot be opened. After a short conversation with Varl and Zo, open the second door to start climbing up the elevator shaft. The blinding red light makes it hard to know where to go next. Use your scanner regularly. Climbing up the elevator shaft, open a new door, go through the only hole in the server room to find two grappler hatches. The hatch on the left leads to a small cache, and the one in front of you is further down the story. Crouch and crawl through the vent, then climb up the wall to access the new vent. You can make your way through the ventilation on the right, but it leads to a door that can't be opened yet. So crawl along with the other one and get outside where you need to climb the wall. Climb up the log (use the scanner to see the grapple points), go back, and pull yourself up to the next yellow ledge. Use the scanner as the next hook points are barely visible and well camouflaged in the color of the stalactites. Keep climbing up the walls and don't forget about the scanner. When you run out of capture points, you will notice that Aloy extends her hand. This means she can jump to new ledges that are within the current camera angle. you will notice that Aloy holds out her hand. This means she can jump to new ledges that are within the current camera angle. you will notice that Aloy holds out her hand. This means she can jump to new ledges that are within the current camera angle.

Use the log and activate the scanner to highlight a wall with ledges that you can climb up. To get to it, jump off the log and activate the shield-wing right in the air. Climb up, keep using the scanner to figure out where to go next. Pull the rock wall to get inside another vent. Climb the stairs, follow below and interact with the console to install Gaia's core. Things don't go according to plan, and Minerva seems to refuse to cooperate. After attempts at persuasion, she will agree to go with Ela and reunite with Gaia. Head down the stairs and open the door that Varl and Zo came in from. Then go through the second door to enter the lab. Approach the terminal and start crafting.

The fabricator shows you which vehicles you can intercept. First, you must find and deal with the Cauldron hidden in the open world, and only after that, it will be possible to track the task associated with collecting the necessary machine parts. You can activate the desired task right now, but in our walkthrough, we will focus on the plot. Return to the control room and talk to Gaia.

Gaia will report that the initialization is complete, but other subfunctions are needed to restore the core - Ether, Demeter, Poseidon and Hephaestus. While you can grab the first three in any order, Hephaestus has evolved and is harder to deal with, so you'll need to get Aether, Demeter, and Poseidon first. It is impossible to cope without Hephaestus, since Gaia can only postpone the end of the world, but not save the Earth. After summarizing the results, Gaia will ask which auxiliary function you want to go for first. For Aether, the recommended level is 17, for Poseidon it is 22, and for Demeter it is 24. So it makes sense to focus on Aether, although you can go in any order, for more advanced features you will have to level up by doing side quests and other activities.

After selecting the desired option, start tracking the task through the game log. You can switch between functions at any time, but for the sake of linearity, we will continue to play through the game in a given level order. It's time to head further west. Go down the stairs and open the door to the west. There will be an exit behind the next doors. Let's move on to a new challenge!

broken skies

Get to the location of the Ether, where the coordinates indicated. Scan the cars, deal with them or bypass them. Approach the guard at the entrance to trigger a cutscene. Follow Decca to the throne room to speak with Chief Hekarro. If you wish, you can study various holograms to learn more about visions. When you reach the throne room, when prompted, select the option "I'm ready to meet the chief". During the cut-scene, Aloy finds out where Aether is, but Chief Hekarro will only agree to let the girl under the throne if she helps protect Kulrut, an event where all three Tenakt clans gather to select new sheriffs.

Aloy needs to head north to convince the local chieftain of the Celestials to join Kulruth. Leave the throne room and return to Decca at the fortress entrance to continue on. She will give a new weapon - a high-precision bow. Head to the indicated location, scan for any new vehicles along the way, fight or ignore them at will. On the spot, you can walk into the city. When two guards let you through, use the wooden scaffolding to climb up to the center of the settlement. Approach Cotallo sitting on the edge of the cliff. Follow the man. Kill the Regalla rebels along the way or avoid them carefully. The rebels are vulnerable to acid, so use acid arrows to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Especially against enemies with energy shields.

When you reach your destination, talk to Cotallo. Once you gain access to Val, continue to follow your partner. Once you get to the top, talk to the standing guard who will let you into Tekotte's throne room. The chieftain refuses to send his fighters to Kulrut to Hekarro, and states that he sees no point since the Val is well protected. However, Aloy comes up with a new plan: to destroy Val in order to convince Tekotte that the Celestials are not completely safe.

Go back where you came from, go down the lift you used to get to Val. Run away from the Val for a few meters, turn around towards the elevator and activate the scanner. Use it to find the weak spot to the left and above the lift. After examining it, run along the wall and climb up the ledges. Open the stone wall using the grappling hook, continue moving through the tunnel until you find the debris. Scan them, then return to Cotallo to share your findings.

Return to the vantage point where Cotallo is waiting for you and speak with him. You need to get a cannon to destroy the stones on the rubble. The rebels located in the north may have machine weapons. Go there. Soon you will realize that not everything is so simple: the gun is part of a huge robotic mammoth. This machine is weak to frost. For starters, stick to the grass and discreetly deal with the usual rebels. Ideally, you need to make sure that the car does not notice you. As soon as you get rid of all the enemies, you will have to deal with the mammoth. Since his main weakness is frost, you can use Freeze Blast Sling. Get as close to the enemy as possible and use the Freeze Blast Sling to detonate your target. As soon as you weaken the car by pumping it with cold, attack with arrows at the weak spots highlighted in yellow.

When you're done, approach the robot and pick up the weapon. Cotallo will report that he will deliver weapons to Val. Go back to Val, take the cannon, and shoot at the mountain's weak spot until a cutscene plays. Tekotte will surrender and send the Celestials to Kulrut.


It's time to return to Hekarro to begin Kulruth. Use the Fast Traveler Pack or the nearby bonfire to return to the bonfire next to the story marker. Once you get to the arena, approach Hecarro and Cotallo to chat with them. For the competition to be successful, you need to fight off any rebels and Regalla's cars. Run right through the arena to get to the opposite end and join Decca. Climb the stairs to her on the left to trigger a cut-scene in which Aloy will discuss a number of defense issues with Decca. Regalla's vehicles will appear shortly, so grab the cannon you got from Decca. Avoid damage and shoot different cars. Especially dangerous are the villains who can shoot back at you. Don't forget to scan for new vehicles and, if possible, aim for their vulnerable spots.

It is vulnerable to fire, ice and plasma damage, so choose any of the three listed elemental elements. The enemy moves a lot, so you can use various traps. Don't forget to loot the monster after defeating it, and then climb up the collapsed rubble to find Hekarro. After a short fight between Hekarro and Regalla, you will win, and the leader Tenakt will allow Aloy to go down and take Ether. Go down the stairs to access his cell.

Get close and interact with the console to pick up the Ether and take it to Gaia. When you extract the Aether, return to the base to talk to Gaia. But, before you do this, talk to Decca outside, who will report that all visions are working correctly. You can examine the holographic exhibits, and then return to the base to meet with Zo, Varl and Erend. After that, deliver Ether to Gaia, for which you need to return to the control room at the base. Approach the console to insert the core and force Ether to merge with Gaia. Gaia will talk about Ilethia, another auxiliary function, the signal of which was recently discovered. Might be a trap, but worth a try!

Echo cradle

From the Gaea control room, go downstairs and talk to Varl and Erend, and then go outside. Approach the Zenith corpse to understand what she was doing here. First check out the "Ghost" lying nearby, then climb the rock and examine the corpse of Ozeram and the charred weapon. From the charred weapon, turn around in the opposite direction and inspect the camping equipment under the mountain, between the bushes. Return to Erend and report everything you have found. Reunite with Varl to report the finds. It is time to go to the site to find out more about what Zenith was doing here.

Go down through the tunnel and over the debris, continue to follow the linear path to go deeper into the room, and then go through the door. Go down and use the green screen control console. Open the door to enter another area with stairs ahead. Climb this ladder, go through the door and open the door on the right. Go through the broken glass and drop it down into the large open storage room. At the opposite end is a console that can be explored. Aloy must enter the number of the container, and it is described in the SOS signal received by Gaia (you can study it in the journal). Enter code 237.

After the cut-scene turns blue, Zenith has registered Aloy's signal and sent his Ghosts here. You will have some time to prepare for the fight with the Ghost. Use it to set up acid traps and prepare acid arrows, as this element is the main weakness of the Illusive Man. Dodge his attacks as often as possible, attack only with acid, and then return to the surface to help Erend eliminate another Ghost. As before, you need to dodge attacks and use acid arrows to attack vulnerable points. If you manage to pick up a gun, it will be much easier. In general, it is advisable to sneak up on the Ghost from behind in order to attack him straight into a weak spot. And on the way there you will find a cannon!

Now that the weapon has cooled down, inspect the rebel cannon with which they killed the Zenith. After studying it, you will automatically return to the base. Go downstairs and talk to Varl standing at the door to get into the server room and talk to Beta. Talk to her about Zenith and Aloy's progress. Go to Gaia, talk to her and report your findings. We can return to the search for Poseidon and Demeter.