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Walkthrough Horizon Forbidden West - a guide to bosses and all the main tasks in the game


Walkthrough Horizon Forbidden West - a guide to bosses and all the main tasks in the game

Horizon Forbidden West is an incredibly big game that can keep you hooked for dozens of hours. In order for you to get the most out of the process, we have prepared a detailed walkthrough of the main storyline with a description of the bosses and difficult moments.

Reach for the stars. How to get to the ruins

Check out the splash screen. You will be told the events of the first part, as well as brought up to date. Aloy is looking for a copy of Gaia. Unexpectedly, Varl finds her. The girl gives him a visor and is going to teach him how to use it.

Collect medicinal herbs and move towards the objective marker - the path leads to the ruins.

Climb onto the ledge and inspect the damage. Then go down the mountain and turn right. There is a rope for the descent, and there is also a box with supplies.

Get down and find yourself on the river bank. Examine the remains of the car.

Now we need to collect wood for arrows. Make them right away by following the prompts.

The next path is not available. Look around and see a yellow staircase with a red lock. Shoot him to make the ladder go down.

Continuing the movement, you will encounter an unknown car. Scan it with your visor to find weak spots. Details are highlighted in color - so it's easier to aim at them. Aloy deals massive damage when they hit them, so it's always a good idea to scan vehicles before a fight.

Immediately after the battle, another robot will appear. Deal with him in a similar way and collect resources from the remains.

Lower another ladder and get to the log - you have to crouch to get under it.

An artificial intelligence hologram will appear ahead. Try registering as a guest.

Reach for the stars. How to get the grappling hook

Move to the marker and open the broken door with a spear. In the next room, Aloy will find climbing equipment.

Examine the camp area with the visor. Pay attention to the wreckage. Aloy will offer to pull them out.

Varl calls the heroine to him and gives the broken grappling hook.

In the same camp, collect the necessary spare parts for repairs. You need two backpacks with supplies. The visor will mark them in pink.

Now use the workbench nearby and make a grappling hook. Hook it to the rusty pieces of iron in the wreckage, Aloy herself will clear the way.

Reach for the stars. How to get to the copy of Gaia

Move to the terminal with the green button. Click on it and watch the cut-scene. You need to go up. Climb the rock and jump to the ledge. Continue climbing using the grappling hook and then crawl up the wall.

Follow the clues to get to the ladder and throw it to Varl. You through the blue door, but do not rush and pay attention to the box. Use the hook and drop it off the platform to collect the contents.

Watch the cut-scene, use the hook again to destroy the barrier. From above there will be valuable materials and a chest. Reuse the hook to get to them.

Moving towards the goal, you will again encounter cars. Using the thickets, you need to get close and cut them down with a spear. You will also be taught to throw stones to divert attention.

Then again there will be robots. Deal with them. Move towards the goal until you find a broken car and traces of the battle. Collect a healing potion and resources from the robot.

Pick up two traps in the tunnel. To do this, you need to carefully neutralize them. Climb up again with the hook and defeat a few machines. Also, inspect the room and collect all the resources.

Continue moving towards the goal and climb higher. After the automatic door, scan the record with a visor and go into the room.

Climb up. The beam will collapse, so turn around and climb on the other side. Watch the cut-scene after which Varl gives Aloy the sling.

After descending through the gap, do not miss the supply crate. Exit the building and inspect the car. Defeat her with your sling and reach the yellow rope across the river.

Once at the waterfall, inspect the corpses of Ozeram. There will be a box a little higher. There are two cars waiting for you. Deal with them in any convenient way. At the exit from the zone, do not miss the container.

Find the stairs, after climbing there will be a crate on the right. Near the doorway, go through it to find another ladder. In the small room, climb up the beams and watch the cut-scene.

Reach for the stars. How to reset the shuttle

The way to the data warehouse is blocked by three machine snakes (venom whips). Aloy decides to drop an old space shuttle on them.

Climb down the rope and look around. Cars roam nearby, so move quietly and eliminate them silently.

After the victory, collect medicinal herbs and some crates. Approaching the objective marker, you will see a ladder that must be lowered.

Collect two chests on the upper platform, then climb up the beams even higher. You have to cross the destroyed bridge. Focus on the yellow objects - you can jump on them.

Using the cable, Aloy will land on the iron structure, which will begin to collapse. Quickly jump over the beams to a stable surface. You will find yourself in a spacious location with several weak cars. After the fight, go to the marker - this is the control panel for the shuttle clamps.

Unfortunately, the shuttle will not fall. You will have to climb the tower and disconnect the clamps manually. Scan the beam with the visor to see where to pull the hook. Upon success, the lift will lower.

Next, you have a difficult climb. As a result, you will reach the first clutch. Shoot it and move to the next clutch on the ledges.

Watch the cut-scene. Aloy will land spectacularly, however, one machine is still functional. This is the first boss.

Reach for the stars. How to defeat a snake (poison whip)

Scan the car and find weak spots. Attack the stomach acid tank and dodge return shots. Also, use stones to hide from the enemy.

After several hits in the stomach, the tank will break, and the car will be left without the main weapon.

Flasks highlighted in purple will pop out on the body. The visor can also highlight other weak points. Shoot only at them, otherwise, the fight will be very long. Don't forget to use concentration to slow down time - this will help to make aiming easier.

Reach for the stars. How to find the data center

After the victory, get out of the arena with the help of a hook and go to the marker - you have finally reached the base. You need to find a server room. Go down the blue corridor, inspect the crate along the way and examine the text entry with the visor.

Watch the cutscene as Aloy and Varl return to the city.

Spearpoint. How to get a new spear

Marad will meet you at the entrance to the capital. He will tell you about the problems with the Spire.

When you can control the heroine, look around to find a yellow rope. Climb up it and jump onto the scaffolding. Keep moving until you get to the crane. Hook another crane to create a safe path to the Spire.

Scan the plug on the wall of the Spire and pull it with the hook. Climb up and keep climbing until you reach a hole in the hull. Watch a long cut-scene after which you will receive a spear. Talk to all the characters and connect the blocker to the workbench.

Return to Marad, ask him for details about the Carja Embassy, and watch the cut-scene. This completes the prologue.

On the edge. How to get acid arrows

Talk to the lift attendant and go down. You will receive the first experience points, so you can level up. Meet the priest and watch the cut-scene.

Aloy needs to find Erend and clear a path of aggressive machines. The guard advises you to make acid arrows, so head to Grind of the Mountain first and upgrade your bow. Do not forget to inspect the area and collect resources near the lift.

Heading into the city, you will find the first bonfire - a quick save and free movement point. If you want to move at any time, you will have to buy a special set from the merchant.

Along the way, you will also encounter a few cars in an abandoned camp. You can destroy them or bypass them. Follow the marker. After the bridge, on the left, you will find a valuable green mineral - Zelenets. It is needed to sell and upgrade some weapons.

In the Grinding of the Mountain, you will meet an old friend - Petra. After the conversation, go to the workbench to finish upgrading the equipment. Pump everything you can, but be sure to open acid arrows. Activate the fire next to the workbench.

On the edge. How to get a thread gun

You can look around the city. Green exclamation marks are-sided quests. Cleavers interfere with work in the city. Because of this, the local chief merchant and entrepreneur have a conflict with a representative of the House of the Sun. You can get involved in this story and try to resolve the situation. To find all additional tasks, use the global map.

Heading towards Erend, you will come to a large platform with stretch marks. The soldier on the tower will ask you to drive the scavengers (cars) to the stretch marks. Deal with enemies and collect spare parts.

Talk to the soldier and he will give you a thread gun - a device for installing stretch marks.

Aloy decides to track her friend with a visor. Move along the purple reflections until you reach the blockage.

Watch the cut-scene in which Erend famously cracks down on the machines. As a result, he is attacked by a billhook - a machine that looks like a wild boar.

Examine the enemy with the visor to highlight the containers on the back. Also, vulnerabilities will be tusks and saws instead of teeth.

There are two billhooks and one scavenger in the arena. If you manage to hit weak points, the machines will quickly fail.

Talk to Erend, now you need to destroy the billhooks.

On the edge. How to defeat billhooks

Upon reaching the marker, Aloy will fall into the midst of a battle between billhooks and hunters. Destroy about four cars. Aim at the acid tanks to take them down.

On the edge. How to get a horse

Return to the city and talk to Ulvund. Now people are ready to get back to work. Shops are also open, you can visit merchants.

Talk to the priest again and head to Wasteland Light. Please note that this location has rideable vehicles - lanterns. Hack one to get a horse.

Big boom. How to get a stud shooter

Before we go further in the story, we advise you to complete the additional task "Big Boom". It can be obtained at the exit of Gnash Mountain. The master and her assistant are developing a new weapon. Help them out by collecting a few ingredients and spare parts. Move along the marker to deer-like machines - comb-horns, and also find lanterns. The desired grass grows in the local forest.

As a reward, you will receive a free stud shooter - an extremely useful and powerful weapon that can easily penetrate armor.

Embassy. How to get through the gate

Once in the Wasteland Light, move towards the target marker. Here, too, there are additional tasks that can be completed. Erend sits next to the gate, talk to him.

Approaching the gate, you will meet the assistant commander. Watch a long cut-scene in which the heroine and Varl still fall behind the wall. After a few cutscenes, the rebels led by Regalla will appear.

Embassy. How to defeat the best warrior of Regalla

You will have a long fight, first, you will have to knock out 4-5 archers on riding vehicles, then defeat several billhooks.

One of the rebels decides to deal with Aloy in hand-to-hand combat. The enemy has an unusual energy shield. Scan it with a visor and find out that the shield is vulnerable to electricity. Use your electric threader. After several hits on tripwires, the shield will turn off - this is a chance to deal damage.

After the battle, there is a lot of useful stuff left, don't forget to collect all the supplies. With the embassy gone, Aloy travels west alone. The girl decides to use the trophy shield as a glider.

Death threshold. How to find Sylens

First, you need to find a long neck to open the nearest part of the map.

Move towards Silence's signal. You will find a destroyed titan and an abandoned base. Scan all messages with your visor to learn more about Silence.

We need to trace it on the trail from the core. The visor is not required here - follow the rut on the road. On the way, you can meet several cars, run away from them or destroy them.

Get to the cave and go inside, there will be Hades. Talk to him, after which a hologram of Sylens will appear. He will tell you that a copy of Gaia is right here outside the door. Try to open the genetic lock, but the gate will jam.

Death threshold. How to get a fuse

Silence will tell you that it is necessary to find resources for the bomb: algae and a spare part of the water sprayer, which must be shot before the machine is destroyed. The marker will indicate the necessary robots - they are very close and look like a kangaroo. There is also a reservoir in which you can collect herbs.

At the workbench, attach a fuse to the spear, after which you can blow up the fire sparkle - red crystals on the door. They are also found in the open world, hiding secrets and valuable chests.

Death threshold. How to find Gaia

Go to the new hall by opening the door with a spear. Everything is flooded, so you will have to climb until the next genetic castle on the other side. There are resources to the left of the entrance. Jump over to the platform further, if you climb to the right along the piles sticking out of the water, you will reach the chest.

You need to go to the left, overcome all the obstacles using the hook. Near the closed door, jump to get into the room through the top hole. Aloy will notice that there is no power in the room. Go around the corner to find a battery and open a passage.

In the next room, you need to pull yourself up with a hook, but do not rush. First, go around the corner on the right - there is a box. At the top, a cube blocks the road pushes it into the hole.

Follow along and find yourself in a spacious room with two locks without power. Look around with the visor - you can climb only in one place. Pull the box up there.

There will be a fire gleam on the wall, which now explodes easily. So you get to the power battery. One panel opens the chest, and the second activates the recording of the hologram.

The door on the second floor can be opened. Go back to the flooded room - there is a staircase on the left. Climb up and use the visor to find out which panel to break with the cat.

Cross the area with the pillars. You need to go down, but the platform is too far away, so plan on it.

Grab the hook again. Aloy will say that there is some kind of office ahead. Plan for the next platform. The already familiar firelight blocks the road - blow it up.

There are two boxes with resources and two files in the office. Scan them for interesting information.

The next door is locked. Use the visor to find the code bar. If you carefully read one of the entries in the office, you already know the code - 7482.

Move to the objective marker and climb up the old elevator shaft. You will again be taken to the office, where there is an audio file and a box.

Go through the door to the flooded hall. You have to jump around a bit. As soon as you find yourself opposite the main door - plan to it.

Following the markers will lead you to a huge metal spider. Activate it. The mechanism holding Gaia's vault will be broken, you need to shoot the claw of the machine.

Aloy will find only Gaia, no additional programs. Unexpectedly, unknown people will come to the vault. Watch the cut-scene.

Death threshold. How to beat Eric

You have to fight with Eric - one of the guests who arrived. His suit has an impenetrable shield, so Aloy will not be able to cause any harm. Shoot him with a bow, after which the girl will confirm that it is useless to fight.

Run to the green console. Eric must be far enough away to be successful. Aloy will lower the spider down. Shoot at the red joints of his paws, dodging Eric's blows.

The man attacks with a sharp blade, abruptly jumping at the heroine from a long distance. These attacks are easy to dodge. In addition, Eric shoots electric charges and rockets.

After all the legs are broken, you need to shoot at the main node - use the visor to determine the desired direction. Eric will start attacking more intensely, so you will have to dodge much faster. After several successful hits, a cut-scene will start.

Death threshold. How to get rid of "ghosts"

You will find yourself in the water, you will have to swim past new cars - "ghosts".

Try to move underwater, otherwise, the enemies will immediately open fire. There is only one way, so you won't get lost. As a result, you will find yourself in a room where you need to break the grate with a hook. Climb into the hole, then Aloy will say that you need to swim faster - you will be shot at from several sides at once. Jump into the water and swim deep to the opposite edge.

There will be a door. Open it and climb up the stairs. Once in a spacious room, you will immediately notice a sparkle on one of the walls - blow it up.

Watch a lengthy cut-scene in which Varl finds an injured Aloy. Now you need to talk with your savior - Zo.

Dying lands. How to get into the first cauldron

Examine the village and take an additional task. Head to Valley Song. Once in town, talk to Zo and Varl. Aloy wants to get into the sacred cave, but this requires the permission of Horus. You have time to visit merchants and upgrade equipment. Now you can talk to Zo again.

Watch the cutscene where Aloy is talking to Horus. At the most crucial moment, an alarm sounds - the cars have broken through the barriers of the city. You, Zo, and Varl need to get to the front line.

You have to go through the field, where the hunters are fighting with the machines. You can bypass them or deal with each monster.

We recommend not to miss the battle and help the hunters defeat the enemies. This will allow you to collect a lot of materials and spare parts.

The passage in the cave closes the energy shield. Turn right and go around. Keep moving until you reach the boiler door.

Dying lands. How to pass the cauldron

Inside, you will immediately encounter three cars. They are acidic, so you can try to shoot them with the same arrows for a chain reaction.

In the next room, you will have to solve a small puzzle. You can’t climb up, but Aloy will notice that if you stand on a luminous panel, the columns begin to rotate. At a certain moment, the button on them lights up - that's when you need to shoot in order to fix the position of the columns.

There will be a glowing platform at the top again. Aloy will say that you need something heavy. Look to the right and find a yellow triangular window. Break it and climb inside. Here lies the cube. Drop it onto the platform and keep stabilizing the pillars until you reach the node. Hack it to open the way for your allies.

Go into the opened room and turn left. Jump over the yellow beams and ledges to get across to the opposite side. Don't miss the yellow box.

Climb up to the node that will allow you to remove the infection of Hephaestus.

Proceed further to the abyss and glide to the platform below. In the wall, there will be yellow stops on which you can climb. You will see another infected node. Jump on the loader flying by and fly on it until the moment when the car begins to hide behind the shield. Walk across the beam again and glide onto the platform.

Finally, you will reach the core. Hephaestus alters one of the Zo Tribe's vehicles into a weapon.

Dying lands. How to beat the modified car in the first cauldron (Hyblorog)

The machine releases jets of fire from its horns and fires a mortar on its back. Varl and Zo will hold back the smaller robots, but you should focus on the main one. There are pillars in the arena that you can cling to. Climb there to buy yourself some time and use your visor to highlight the weak points of the boss - the horns and the cannon. By firing off the weapon of the machine, it can be used and cause massive damage to the enemy.

After the victory, Aloy will gain knowledge about taming some machines, then it's time to return.

Eye of the Earth. How to find Minerva

Move towards the objective marker until you reach a closed door. Once in a room with nodes in the center, go left and break the bars.

After passing through the ventilation, you will find yourself in a more spacious room, from where you need to jump up. On the right, there is also ventilation, where you can find Zelenets.

After getting to the surface, go up the slope and hook on the ledge in the rock. Keep moving to the right until Aloy gets to the outer part of the mountain. Use the glider again and go up the mountain.

Notice the pipes in the wall. Jump to the other side and you will see loose rocks that you can break. Go through the shaft and get into the hall with a dome. Climb down the rope inside and watch the cutscene.

Following the markers, inspect the base. Learn the fabricator, which will tell you how to subordinate machines. After getting acquainted with all the premises, listen to information from Gaia. Get a task from her to find functional programs: Ether, Demeter, and Poseidon. Talk to Gaia again to update the quest.

Broken skies. How to find Aether

It's best to start by looking for the Aether, as this is the lowest level quest out of the three.

Following the marker, leave the base and go down the mountain along the cable. Aloy will spot a car race downstairs. You can follow the participants by fixing the footprints with a visor. So you can open an optional activity - races.

Keep moving towards the goal, you will reach the old Forerunner building. Aloy will meet a woman - Dekka. Talk to her, after which you need to proceed to the leader. Do not rush to immediately go to him, inspect the building and the Forerunner holograms.

Broken skies. How to find the Celestial clan

Return to Decca, who will give you a new weapon - a precision bow. Having reached a small village, find the one-armed sheriff Cotallo.

Follow him down the mountain. Along the way, you will meet several groups of rebels, you can kill them or pass by. As a result, you will reach the fortress of Nebosnikov - Vala. It's time to talk to the leader of their clan. After unsuccessful communication, Aloy decides to inspect the Val wall through the visor. Take the elevator down and follow the marker. To the left of the lift, there will be a metal piece on the wall that the visor will highlight with color.

After scanning, you need to get closer. Climb up the rocks and don't miss the purple crate. In the same place, break the fragile wall and go inside. Scan the tank and follow the markers back to Cotallo.

Aloy has a plan, but it is necessary to get a sufficiently powerful weapon from the rebels.

Broken skies. How to defeat a mammoth (giant)

You have a serious boss - a mammoth. He is vulnerable to cold, so use whatever you have with the desired effect.

Don't rush to get close. While in the thicket, scan the car. She has quite a few vulnerabilities and the biggest one is her belly. To the left of where you are, you can find a cannon. Take it and shoot it in the stomach. So the giant will lose almost half of his health.

Rebel soldiers are running around the arena. Cotallo has to hold them back, but it's easier to neutralize the enemies yourself. This can be done both during the battle and before it.

Also in the arena there are the remains of machines with freeze tanks and traps with logs. Tanks can be blown up, and traps can be activated by shooting in the right place.

The mammoth is slow but fires missiles and energy pulses from a distance. If you get close enough, the machine will start swinging its tusks, which can instantly kill Aloy, so keep a safe distance.

If there is nothing freezing in the arsenal, hit with something that deals maximum damage or explodes.

Broken skies. How to persuade Heavenly

After the victory, return to Val. Shoot several times at the wall, aiming at the right place, and watch the cut-scene. The leader's consent has been received, so return to Hekarro. To save time on the way back - use the fire.

Kulrut. How to protect yourself from cars

The chief and the one-armed sheriff are waiting for Aloy in the arena. Examine the chest and chat with them. Kulrut begins, and you need to keep the defense from Regalla.

Head towards Dekka moving along the arena to the right, you need to go to the outer wall. When you get to the marker, look to the left - there is a ladder to climb up.

A small cut-scene will begin, after which you will have to immediately fight off the cars. There are several heavy cannons on the wall - use each of them. Shoot at the larger vehicles first - they are more dangerous. As soon as you deal with the last enemy, watch the cut-scene.

Kulrut. How to defeat a snake (poison whip)

You have already fought with such a machine at the beginning of the game, but now it has become much more mobile and aggressive. Due to the high speed, hitting weak spots will be extremely difficult. Although the visor is still better to use - regular hits to the body will cause very little damage.

The easiest way is to shoot at the parts under the mouth. There is also an acid tank. Sometimes the snake will curl up into a ball - this is a sign that there will be electro-attacks with the tail. They hit a large area, so the only thing that is effective is well-timed dodges.

If you have a stud shooter, use it. The device deals significant damage in an area, so it is convenient for them to attack an acid tank.

The snake can also deal normal physical damage by jumping on Aloy. Try to avoid such situations. There are a lot of boxes in the arena that will help you replenish your stocks of medicinal herbs.

Kulrut. How to get Ether

Follow the objective marker to find the leader, watch the cut-scene. Now you can get to Ether. You don’t need to do anything special with the program - go down and pick it up. Immediately after that, Decca will call you. Climb back to the throne room and watch the cut-scene. Return to the base to give the functional program to Gaia.

Echo cradle. How to get to the signal source

Talk to Gaia, who will tell you that she has detected a strange signal for the help of another subroutine. Aloy, along with Erend and Varl, decides to find out what's wrong.

Watch the cut-scene and look around the battlefield:

  • Zenith's corpse;
  • The corpses of soldiers on the mountain;
  • Sleeping bags;
  • Exploded weapons;
  • A car.
Talk to Erend, then Varl. Move into the tunnel, following the markers, there will be a box on the right in front of the automatic door.

Activate the console and go through the open door. You will find two paths. Both can be safely explored and collected resources.

To you to the console on the opposite side of the big hall, on the way open all accessible boxes. Enter 237 on the console and watch the cut-scene.

Echo cradle. How to defeat the "ghosts"

Immediately after that, a "ghost" will attack you. It is vulnerable to acid and plasma, plus it has some pretty big weak points. The robot attacks with machine guns from a distance, and also jumps hard at Aloy, dealing physical damage with its tentacles. Try acid projectiles or something with plasma. You can also shoot a machine gun, but it is extremely difficult to do this.

After the victory, run to the aid of Erend, who was pinned down by the fire. The robot does not move, so use the thicket to go around it on the right. Pay attention to the remains of the car nearby - you can shoot weapons from it. Take it and hit the "ghost" in the back.

The attacks of the second robot are exactly the same as those of the first. There is another cannon closer to the cliff of the mountain. Her charges are enough to finish off the car. Watch the cut-scene and examine the exploding weapons of the soldiers, then return to Gaia.

Sea of ​​sands. How to find Poseidon

At the base, talk to the team, Beta and Gaia. Now your task is to find Poseidon. Travel to the ruins of Las Vegas. There will be quite a few buildings, so it can be difficult to find the right one. Pay attention to one in the Chinese style, there will be a fire next to it, and water flows from the walls and roof - go inside. Talk to each trophyist. To get into the flooded casino, you will need to assemble an analogue of portable scuba gear.

Sea of ​​sands. How to get scuba gear

Dive down the shaft for the air tank. You also need to track down a herd of cars to get spare parts. This will not work right away - there will be no robots in the indicated place. Follow the target markers and follow the tracks.

A sandstorm will begin, so visibility will be seriously reduced. Before catching up with the herd, you will have to fight with two "frost kites". Hit them in the chest with fire arrows and you won't have any problems. Also deal with two "norocops".

The herd will have one "frost waterskin", "acid waterspray" similar to a kangaroo, and a pair of striders. The waterskin is easy to take apart - shoot the armor of its tank while dodging frosty projectiles. Kangaroos are more difficult - the car will jump at you, dealing electricity and acid damage. Break the liquid bottles with the appropriate arrows.

Striders are good to shoot with electricity. Their main vulnerability is chest details. As always, use a visor to mark any weak points in advance.

Return to the gatherers and make scuba gear.

Sea of ​​sands. How to drain a flooded casino

Dive deep and swim towards the target markers. You will encounter a huge dinosaur-like machine. She will not attack, however, too strong a stream of water is formed from her paws, which will blow Aloy to the side. Fighting underwater is useless, you have to slip past.

After a few attempts, Aloy will remember the red alert light that one of the trophies was talking about. From the entrance to the hall, swim to the right to the red glow. It is best seen at a height, so do not cling to the bottom. As a result, you will find the control panel. The city can be drained, but you need to find two pump modules. In the next room, there will be new cars that look like large crocodiles. Hide from them in the algae, otherwise, you won't pass by.

After surfacing, you won't find where to hook, so swim under the water to the left and rise to the surface again - you will see a ladder. To the left of the lever, there will be a fire gleam - blow it up.

Return and swim to another passage to activate the second module. Beware of cars - now they swim more intensively. After reaching the goal, also find the stairs.

It remains to activate the pumping of water. After successful completion, return to the main hall with a huge machine. Along the way, destroy the robots that were hunting you underwater.

Sea of ​​sands. How to beat the casino boss (wavebiter)

Now comes the boss fight. The huge machine spits out jets of water and also deals significant damage. Despite the susceptibility to cold and electricity, it is more effective to shoot weapons and important parts from her, so be sure to use a visor.

On the back of the robot is a rotating disk that shoots water over the area. Arrows that tear off parts are perfect. The car also spits water, so aim for the tubes on the neck - this will help prevent its attacks.

After the victory, go to Poseidon and return to the surface. Watch the cut-scene and use the bonfire to move to the base.

Give the subroutine to Gaia and talk to Beta.

Seeds of the past. How to find Demeter

When you reach the coordinates of Demeter, you will find many corpses of Tenakt. Unknown people will immediately open fire on you. They will be ordinary people, so enemies can be killed in hand-to-hand combat.

Follow the goal. The further path is blocked by a strange metal flower. Now you will not open it, so you will have to look for a workaround.

Turn left and break the wall with the hook, and then the grate. Climb up, activate the console, and watch the cut-scene.

Now we need to deal with the enemies in the courtyard. Eliminate opponents quietly, because among them there will be one with a powerful cannon. After defeating the enemies, collect available boxes in the camp and go to the marker. Watch the cut-scene and talk to Alva.

Open the tunnel with the panel and go down. Explode the firelight, and in the next room break the wall. Come to the turn to the right. If you go straight, you will find valuable resources. Once you get out, you will run into cars. All but the central one can be knocked out quietly - do not neglect this.

Then go to the wall and pull out the grate. There you will also see beams that you can climb on. This is more difficult than it looks - Aloy will not cling. Pay attention to the hill, only from it the girl will be able to climb.

Once inside, lower the ladder with a shot and go up - there is a box. Go down to the first floor and move the shelves. Find the resources and the coded key. Look for the console there, for which the key will come in handy.

Pull out the platform that appears so that Alva jumps on it, and drag it along the rails to the very end.

Move the rack marked with a marker, there is an energy cell there. Now there is nowhere to apply it, so look around with the visor and find a grill that can be broken. Once in a new room, blow up the wall. Now the energy cell can be connected to a suitable place.

Rise to the second floor to Alva - the door is open. Make a few jumps to the console on the other side to activate the hatch. Watch the cut-scene.

Go down the tunnel and immediately turn right to find resources. At the next fork, turn right again.

Seeds of the past. How to defeat a bat (deathwing)

After getting out of the tunnel, you will face the boss - a huge bat. She spits acid, throws mine in an area, and becomes invisible. Watch out for her sharp dive attacks and try to shoot off the acid tank - this will greatly weaken the monster.

There are few resources in the arena that will help in combat. Also, don't forget to use the visor and concentration - it will be very difficult to hit the robot without it.

Seeds of the past. How to get the program for iron flowers

To the right of the exit from the arena, take the resources. Continuing to follow the markers, watch the hologram about the events that took place, and get the program for the iron flowers. On Alva's advice, return to the Quen camp and use the workbench to upgrade the spear.

Follow the markers to the iron flower and open the door. Take Demeter and watch the cut-scene.

Tomb of Faro. How to find Thebes

Go to Gaia and watch the cut-scene. Now you need to go to the Quen camp to find the Faro bunker. Drop by on the way to Water's Cut - a large settlement where you can buy everything you need. Arriving at the right place, you will find nothing but a boat. Use it to swim across to the other side.

Now we need to get to Legacy Quay. First, you can open the map by going to the long neck. It will be broken. Look for spare parts in the nests of kites that are nearby. Also, you will not have a horse, but you can tame the lenterhorn again.

After reaching the settlement, watch the cut-scene and talk to the Director. The leader of the Quen tribe knows about Thebes, but the entrance is guarded by a Thunderstorm, which you have to fight.

Tomb of Faro. How to defeat a thunderstorm

Gromozev is a powerful opponent. It attacks with four different types of weapons - mines, which fall accurately from a cannon from the side, missiles from a launcher from the back, a machine gun from the side of the mouth, and lasers from the head. In addition, it periodically accelerates, dealing significant damage with a run-up, and hits with its tail.

Your task is to shoot the weapon. This will make it much easier to win. When attacking from a running start, most often, you will not have time to jump back - the car is too big. Therefore, use sliding towards the robot to slip under its paws.

Tomb of Faro. How to get to Thebes

Talk to Alva and watch the cut-scene. The doors to Thebes won't open, so Aloy needs to find a workaround. Dive into the water nearby.

Swim in a straight line. You will see a hole in the wall - follow it. Move along the markers until the path is blocked by a huge turbine. Wait - the mechanism stops for a while. Swim through the blades, move on.

The next turbine does not turn off. Swim into the passage after the first mechanism. Find the control panel and stop the blades. Continue following the markers and you will be inside the bunker.

From the gym where you get, go to the living rooms. Look around and collect resources. Lots of audio recordings everywhere. listen to them for interesting information.

Get to the control panel and open the door to the Director. Then watch the cut-scene.

Tomb of Faro. How to get Omega clearance

As soon as you go down to the base of the Faro monument, a fight with two cars will begin. Dealing with them is not difficult - you are supported by the Director's archers, so just shoot the cannons to disable the robots.

There will be a chest in the next room, then you will be taken to a lab with a large chair that needs to be scanned. Take your time - walk around the entire room and collect resources. After the cut-scene, move further along the markers. You will find yourself in another room with a closed door. There will be a grate at the top - break it. After going down the ventilation, collect resources and download the Omega clearance.

Tomb of Faro. How to get out of the bunker

After the cut-scene, two heavily armed soldiers will appear in front of you. Shoot them with something lethal and exploding. Now you need to quickly go back, dealing with enemies along the way. Please note that lava, although slowly, fills the premises, so you will have to act aggressively. After getting to the surface, watch the cut-scene and return to the base.

Twins. How to catch Hephaestus

Once in the cauldron, get ready for a fight with two cars. One looks like a tiger - she dangerously jumps on Aloy and fires a machine gun on her back. The second robot is much more powerful. The machine spits rocks and also releases an energy field, dealing damage in an area. We advise you to use the most lethal shells or arrows that tear off spare parts in order to quickly disable at least a tiger since there will be practically no time to target weak points.

After the victory, run after Hephaestus deep into the cauldron. The cunning program will remove the bridges, so you have to plan over the abyss.

Go through a large hall with a shield in the center. Don't forget to collect medicinal mushrooms as well - you'll need them. Further, there will be a fork, both passages are closed by shields. Climb higher to jump onto the transporter.

Fly by car to the next room - you need to reach the node in the center. There are also three robots in the room. As soon as you deal with them, activate the node, however, Hephaestus will block Aloy and call three more cars. We advise you not to go down from the platform - it will be easier to win this way.

Hephaestus will send electricity across the floor, so jump over the poles using the grappling hook. Don't miss the triangular luminous windows - there are crates behind them.

Then the situation will repeat itself - again you will have to deal with several batches of machines in order to gain access to the node.

Twins. How to defeat the boss (torzach)

Hephaestus has nowhere else to run, and you need to return to a large hall with a shield in the center. A new robot will be waiting there.

The monster shoots plasma and attacks with its tail. He has quite a few vulnerable points, but it is not easy to hit them. Try to shoot off the tail - this will make the fight much easier.

As with other big opponents, if the tormentor runs at you - slip between your legs. Dodging at such moments will not work - the car is too big and will definitely hit the heroine. After the victory, take control of the last node, return to the core and watch the cut-scene.

All that survived

After waking up, follow the markers to Tilda. You will find yourself in a room with paintings. Examine each work - this is an additional condition for the assignment. Talk to the woman and return to base.

Wings of the Tenth. How to get a flying car (light wing)

Chat with the team, then visit Zo for the farewell ceremony. Now you need to make a blocker for the "light wing" and climb the mountain to the nest of machines.

You will see three robots, crouch and move through the thickets to the nearest one to hack it. Now you have a flying animal.

Wings of the Tenth. How to beat Regalla

Fly west to the longneck. If you purposefully opened the map, this is the only long-necked one with a lock on the icon. Land directly on his head to open the last piece of the map and release an energy pulse. Then fly to the old titan and take the energy cell on its back. Follow the goal and watch the cut-scene.

The fight with Regalla is divided into several stages. At first, you will be in a small arena very close to each other. It is not necessary to hit her with a spear at all - you can shoot armor-destroying arrows or bombs.

After taking some damage, Regalla will reset you to a lower level and start shooting with a bow. She herself hides behind a wooden fence. You can also hide, you will only have to attack in ranged combat. You can destroy Regalla's hideout to make things easier.

The third stage will take place in the arena itself. The area is quite open, so use any effective tactics. An excellent option would be to use acid arrows - they will destroy the rebel armor. There are also many resources in the arena that will help you survive to the end. If you have slow projectiles, use them to slow down Regalla.

After the victory, you must make a choice on how to deal with the traitor. Regalla can be killed or spared. If you save her life, she will help in the last battle.

Singularity. How to get to the zenith base

After all the cut-scenes, return to the base. Go to the hall where Gaia used to be to listen to Tilda's plan, then talk to your friends for the last time. Move to the indicated collection point. Once at the desired fire, complete all the cases and watch the cut-scene.

Together with Erend, go to the launch complex. You can search the car wreckage along the way. You will meet two "ghosts". As before, they are good to hit with acid and plasma. Do not immediately leave the battlefield - there are a lot of resources and medicinal herbs. Next, you have to climb a low wall, then go down into the tunnel.

Glide across the chasm and once again climb the wall. After getting out of the tunnel, you will again find yourself in an open area, where there will be a "ghost".

There are heavy cannons from other machines in the arena - use them if you don't want to waste your projectiles. Also, do not miss the remains of cars - you can collect a lot of spare parts from them.

The further path is blocked by a metal flower, destroy it and continue moving. Cross the abyss on the wings of a dead petrel, after which you will have to fight with three "ghosts". If you are noticed by all three at once, the battle will be difficult. Therefore, try to inflict maximum damage on the closest one, and then shoot at the remaining two. Don't forget that acid projectiles deal significant damage regardless of where they hit.

Ghosts attack with tentacles and machine guns, so you need a weapon that doesn't require long reloads. After dealing with the enemies, climb the mountain and climb along the wall to the objective marker.

You will enter a small area guarded by cars. You can not hide, do not pass by. Deal with the robots, climb higher and watch the cut-scene.

Move towards the marker until you get into a large basin with two "ghosts". Jump over the destroyed bridge to the tower. Turning left, you will encounter another robot. Climb up the tower until you hit the wall. Climb onto it to get inside.

Watch the cutscene if Regalla is at your party. Continue moving through the ruins - there is only one way. After a short time, watch the cut-scene again. Aloy needs to catch up with Gerard, who is at the very top. Run to the lift and activate it.

Singularity. How to beat Eric at the Zenith base

You have to re-fight with Eric. He has two phases - when he is in the air and on the ground. While on foot, the villain makes a sharp lunge, which is quite easy to dodge. Hit him with a spear using combo attacks to set off a resonator blast.

In the air, Eric shoots plasma or electric charges. Fortunately, there are quite a few places in the arena where you can hide and wait out. Use acid or fire to deal maximum damage.

Singularity. How to beat Tilda

After dealing with Eric, re-activate the lift. He won't make it to the end, he'll have to climb on his own. Use the visor to determine the best place to climb. After passing a small stage, you will find yourself on a beam, note that to continue the path, you need to break out part of the wall opposite with a hook.

After climbing onto the platform, inspect the chests and climb the stairs to the top. Once in the tower, watch the cut-scene, find out the truth about what is happening. Now you have to fight with Tilda in the armor of the main "ghost".

The boss will be especially difficult also because before him you just fought with Eric, and there may not be any healing herbs. However, there are chests with resources around the edges of the arena - they will help replenish supplies.

"Ghost" attacks with several completely different attacks. It can jump around for massive physical damage, launch rockets in an area, fire electric blasts, or attack with directed laser beams.

The car has very strong armor. You don't need any special arrows, but acid arrows, repelling parts, and a stud shooter is the most effective. Everything else will not give the desired effect. If the fight drags on, the robot will destroy all available shelters, and you will spend potions and medicinal herbs, so you should not sit back.

Please note that with heavy damage to armor, the “ghost” restores it, but does not replenish health. After the victory, watch the final cut-scene. The game is over, you can continue to explore the world and complete the remaining side tasks.