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Walkthrough of side quests in Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Walkthrough of side quests in Dying Light 2: Stay Human

 Dying Light 2: Stay Human walkthrough of normal and nightside missions

As you explore the world of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, you will discover new locations and meet survivors. Many of them can offer you jobs that will reward you with experience, money, and other valuable items.

fish monk

We examine the territory of the survivors "Shop" in the north of Trinity and speak with a guy named Stavros. We listen to the story about his fish and complete the task. As a reward, we will receive a unique valuable item "Stavros' Old Bait".

History lesson

In the southern part of Trinity, we find a school on the roof and talk to the history teacher. One of the students wants to light a candle on the memorial square in memory of the victims of the March tragedy. We get to the memorial square, use our flair and interact with three places:

  • A plaque with the names of the dead.
  • Tablet describing the tragedy.
  • Bullet holes in a distant tree to the right of the memorial.
We talk with Henkel on the radio and get a rare resource "Survivors' Bauble" as a reward.

spark of discovery

We get to the bazaar in the center of Trinity and communicate with a guy named Carlos. He asks us to get some electrical parts that appear in the open world. If we first fully explore the settlement of survivors, we can immediately give the necessary materials to Carlos.

We leave the market and activate the device on the wall. We follow Carlos and talk to him. After the dialogue, we get a reward: 500 combat and parkour points, 10 scrap metal, 5 windings, electrical components, the Iskra modification.

Let's raise our glasses

This task is optional, but it must be completed in order to continue the story quest "The Only Way Out".

At the Trinity Bazaar, we find a black merchant named Julian. During the conversation, two strangers will come up to us and accuse the merchant of selling contaminated water. Julian asks to go to the water supplier and find out why the last batch is contaminated. On the way, you should drop by a friend of the merchant, to whom he sold one bottle.

We leave for the distant marker, which is located on the territory of Houndfield. This area is inhabited by zombies and enemies from 2 to 4 levels, so it makes sense to level up your character and his skills before completing the quest.

We get to the building where the merchant lives. We make our way into the building through the window on the roof, find the door to the ventilation shaft, go down to the second floor. The water supplier asks to deal with the zombies on the first floor. Do this and interact with the door to trigger a cutscene.

Marco will tell the story of the poisoned water and ask you not to give him away. If we agree, we will get flour, and the innocent Julian will be hanged. If we refuse to cover Marco, he will attack us. After the battle, we will be able to pick up flour from the body of the water supplier.

We can return to the bazaar or save a merchant friend from death. To do this, we go to the second marker and knock on the door. No one will open it, you have to pick the lock. We talk with the wife of Hans, we find out that he went hunting in the military tower. We find Hans, we take water from him, For this, he will give five pieces of skin.

We return to the market, tell Julian the truth. We get a reward: 1250 combat points, 250 parkour points, the Stinky Pipe weapon, and an army first-aid kit.

First biomarker

We go to the shop in the west of Trinity, which is next to the hospital, and communicate with McGregor. The man talks about the original biomarker that makes people faster and stronger. The device is in a safe in the office of the head of the VGM. The office is in the hospital. He will also give you three riddles, with which you need to pick up the cipher and open the safe.

  1. What number becomes smaller when it is turned upside down - 9.
  2. An odd number equals the number of "I" in the word "family" - 7.
  3. The girl bought a dozen eggs and on the way home she broke all but three, how many eggs remained whole - 3.
We open the safe, find the biomarker and return to McGregor. He will be dissatisfied that we used him, but he will still give us the collectible item "Personal message to the personnel of the VGM" and "Inhibitor" as a reward.

rose garden

We can take the task from the florist Peter in the central part of the territory of the peacekeepers. The guy will tell you that his regular client has stopped coming and will ask you to give her a rose. Helen's house is located in the southern part of the location. It consists of two parts: the main house and the glass greenhouse.

In the house, we kill one zombie and find several notes next to the corpse of a woman. We return the notes to Peter and complete the quest. As a reward, we will receive a valuable item for sale "Helen's Rose Necklace".


After the first meeting with Sophie, you should visit the bazaar. Here we will meet a guy named Damien. He will offer to earn extra money and send us to his friends, who sat on the roof nearby.

Before that, I recommend stocking up on weapons and first-aid kits, because if you answer that you are not local, then the bandits will attack you. We kill enemies, we talk with Damien. We find out that his brother was kidnapped and held hostage. We leave for the house marked on the map and go down to the first floor.

Here we find the twin brother Damien and find out that he is the leader of the bandits. We kill him with friends and return to the market. If we examine the room on the second floor where Cliff was hiding, we will find valuable items.

We return to the bazaar, find out that Damien has locked himself on top of the tower. We go outside and in front of the central gate, we find a place where you can climb the tower.


During the dialogue with Damien, we have to choose one of three options that will directly affect the guy's life.

  • About life? Let's save the guy.
  • About your brother - this option will lead to the death of Damien.
  • About not jumping - save the guy.
If the guy died, we get a reward: 850 combat and parkour points, 5 scrap metal, 250 coins.

True Friends

At the bazaar, we examine the left side of the altar with tents and find a woman named Neris. She cannot find her two children, we volunteer to help her. We leave the building, at the fence we find a boy in a red hat. We ask him about Scott and Mo, we get the necessary information.

We go to the marker on the map, we find the entrance to the building. Here we meet the first brother, the second remained in the building. We kill several dozen dead, climb the destroyed ceiling to the third floor.

On the third floor, we find a hole in the wall, open the only door, and communicate with the boy. He refuses to leave while there is a strong infection in the building. If there are Molotov cocktails or other throwing weapons in the inventory, use them while on the upper floors. This will simplify the task, because if we go down, then other infected will attack us.

We return to the boy, choose what to do with the dog:

  • Leave the dog alone - the dog will die in agony.
  • Save the dog from suffering.
We return to Neris, we meet here a boy in a red hat. He will ask what happened to the dog. If we tell him the truth (Druzhok died saving Scott and Mo), then Neris will give us the best reward possible: 750 combat and parkour points, 250 coins, a torch, and medicine.

It's up to you

We follow the bazaar and find a man with scars sitting next to the bar. Trickster asks us to find one of his suppliers who has stopped communicating. We need to find Hubie in his hideout. When we arrive at the place marked with a marker, we kill all the zombies and open the only door. There is a gap in the wall to the right, use it to get into the ventilation shaft and climb up the pipe.

Hubie broke his leg and can't complete Trickster's errand. He asks to do it for him. We wait for the night and go to the marketplace on the map. When we arrive at the military base, we kill all the zombies and interact with the door. We communicate with two bandits, we go down to the parking lot. We follow forward, killing the dead until we get to the military base.

We open the containers with the VGM key, inspect them and find useful items. We pick up a few filters and a bottle of Risen Glory cognac.

We return to the surface, where several bandits will already be waiting for us. The leader of the gang, Klaus, wants to take all the supplies and you need to quickly choose one of two options:

  • Let's split the loot - Klaus works for Trickster, so he'll know that you tried to scam him.
  • Let's fight - kill the bandits and return to Hubie

Hubie will ask you not to tell Trickster that he wanted to keep the supplies for himself. In a conversation with the Trickster, you will also have to choose one of two options, but they will not affect the plot if, when you met with Klaus, you did not offer him to share the booty. We get 2250 combat experience, 750 parkour experience, and 550 coins.

Loop around the neck

On the roof of the building, we find a woman named Lola and ask her about the problem. We need to go to the scaffolding in the neighboring area of ​​​​the city and find Lola's mink stolen.

We climb through the scaffolding to the roof. The tippet flies out of our hands several times, we get to it only the third time. We return the stole to Lola. If we agree to listen to Lola's song and say that we liked it, then Lola will give the maximum reward: 750 parkour points and 250 coins.

Thing dear to my heart

We find a girl named Maya, who could be met when performing a plot task to search for brass knuckles. She complains that the bandits took her music box away from her. We deal with several bandits right on the roof, we get the coordinates of the bandits' lair. Maya advises visiting the lair at night.

We wait for the night, go to the lair and go into the building. In the elevator, we climb into the hatch and go up to the second floor. We find here a strong infection. If there are Molotov cocktails or other throwing weapons in the inventory, we use them so as not to waste time on the battle. We search the dead man's corpse and take the box.

Before leaving the lair, we can search the locked room. To do this, you need to open a complex lock with a master key. If we do this, then in addition to the standard rewards, we will get a few more useful things.

stolen goods

The task will become available if, upon the liberation of the water tower, we transfer water to the Survivors. On the territory of the tower, we overhear the conversation of two women, we communicate with the man and find Teresa. She is on the right side of the wall. The girl accuses her friend of stealing flour. We follow the tower to Anna, but she refuses to open it. We go around the building, climb onto the barn and penetrate the tower along the wooden bridge.

We talk with Anna, then we examine the barn. We find out that the flour was stolen by the one who had the keys. Again we communicate with Anna and follow the bazaar to the Trickster. The man will tell you that Teresa's son owes him this flour and we should check two warehouses on the roofs. There are two ways to get into the warehouses - pick the lock and jump over the electric grate on the floor or break the boards on the window in the opposite part of the building.

In the northern warehouse, we find Benny, who pushes us down to the infected. We get out, follow to the second warehouse. We find Benny again, now with Teresa. We accuse the girl of rigging the theft so as not to repay the trickster. They will ask you to speak with Trickster so that he forgives them for their debt.

We communicate with the Trickster, we agree to fulfill his order. We need to climb onto the roof of the cathedral in five minutes and take down the "flag". If you previously completed the Missing person quest, then we know how to go upstairs.

We return the "flag" to the Trickster and communicate with Teresa. If we demand from the girl to pay us off, we will get the best reward. If we forgive the debt and ask to pay off Anna, we will receive a standard reward: 1500 combat and parkour points, 4 flour, and the old instruction.


Not far from the VGM anomaly, we examine the bakery and communicate with Rakhim. The guy will talk about his own dating service and create profiles for single people. Some of the imitators began to forge the profiles of people and hang them on poles throughout the city. This copycat is rumored to have already passed away, but two false profiles continue to mislead the survivors.

We examine the map on the wall behind Rahim and go to the desired markers. In the dark area we find a leaflet on the nightstand, and in the hideout of bandits - on a round dining table.

For completing the task, we will receive a unique collectible item "Aiden's Dating Card".

The battle for water

We look at the pumpkin farm and eavesdrop on a conversation between two girls. They cannot decide what to do with their supply of freshwater.

To get Maria's alkaline soap, select the "What if it doesn't rain?" option. After the dialogue, the task will end.

Ultimate Weapon

We meet the monk on the Willow windmill and take the quest. He instructs us to climb onto the destroyed overpass and visit the roof of the bandit camp. You will have to pay 200 coins for this.

To get to the flyover, first, you need to climb onto the scaffolding on the left, use the stretched cable between the columns, then hook on the ropes twice and climb the iron beam. We jump from the beam to the wall and cling to the ledges. Open the box - empty. Here we activate the shelter of the night runner, inspect the neighboring ruins and find the army cargo (optional).

In Jack and Joe's camp, we climb onto the office building, then jump along the parapets and air conditioners until we are on the roof. We examine the box - also empty. We can also inspect military cargo (optional).

We return to the monk, make a claim. He will say that we have received the most powerful weapon - perseverance. If we leave the money, then we will receive 750 parkour points as a reward.

Miner (night mission)

We examine the roof of the building in Houndfield and find a boy who is looking for food for his family. We agree to help him and follow the store in the west of the region.

There are six sleeping infected in the store. We easily deal with them, we find three backpacks. We take food to the boy and ask about his parents. As a reward, we will receive 1500 points of strength and a rare weapon "Cleaver".


According to the plot task "Orders", we will visit the island between the Muddy Grounds and St. Paul's Island. The peacekeepers will abandon him and leave the survivors alone with the renegades. Naturally, the latter will try to attack defenseless farmers and take them into slavery.

When we complete the story quest and talk to Lieutenant Rowe, we will receive a message for the first time about the attack of renegades on the island. We go there, kill all the enemies, and communicate with the only survivor. He will tell you that the rest were taken to the renegade base.

We examine three places and get to the base. Here we kill a large number of opponents and free the captives. When we try to open the door for the first time, another group of renegades will arrive. If we save the survivors and return them to the island, we can save Aitor and Frank in the quests of the same name.


We will receive this additional task on Jack Matt's ship if we help the survivors blow up the peacekeepers' windmill. We learn that Aitor did not die in the tunnel and we go to visit him in the infirmary. We talk with the doctor, we understand that the peacemaker can die. We agree to help him.

To complete this quest, you will need to complete the Renegades side quest, as the island where the herbalist lives are under attack. When we do this, we communicate with the herbalist and collect 3 herbs "Hermit". We return to the ward, choose:

  • I have never met witches - we divert accusations from the herbalist if we want to kill Aitor.
  • I took healing herbs from her - we substitute the herbalist (if we want to kill Aitor) or whitewash her name (if we want to save).

We decide what to do with the peacekeeper:

  • Give Aitor small petals - save the peacemaker.
  • Give Aitor large petals - kill the man.
  • Call Loan on the radio - we consult with the girl and make a decision.
  • Refuse to give herbs to Aitor - the man will die himself.

If we save the peacekeeper, we will get 1500 parkour and combat points, the drawing "Rage Amplifier" and 1000 coins.

Book Club I

We take the task on the ship of peacekeepers from the librarian. You need to find three books. The quest can be completed both before the first bombardment of Waltz, and after. Three markers will appear on the map. We run into the first apartment and find the bible on the shelf.

In the second apartment, we pick up Andersen's fairy tales on the cabinet. We will take the books to Albert and get an army first-aid kit, as well as open access to the second part of the quest.

Book Club II

We get to know Thalia, answer the question about the Bible and Andersen's fairy tales. After that, marks with the location of two more books will appear on the map. In the office, we find the complete works of William Shakespeare and the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

We kill zombies in the apartment, select the Epic of Gilgamesh and the story "A Thousand and One Nights". We return books to Albert, again we get an army first-aid kit.

last will

We will start this task if, during the execution of the “Broadcasting” story quest, we promise the dying peacemaker Leon to deliver a letter to his wife. The girl is on the ship of the peacekeepers.

We find the girl and we have time to choose "Give the letter." For completion, we will get 100 combat and parkour points.


When we first find ourselves at the base of peacekeepers in Old Vellidor, we will meet a courier. If we talk with him, then later, behind Jack Matt's ship, we will notice a girl in the same form.

During the conversation, the girl will direct us to the headquarters of the Guild of Couriers, which is located in the very center of Downtown. The office is located on the fourth floor of the building. You can get here with the help of a crane and metal sheets suspended above the ground.

The head of the Guild will instruct us to climb onto the roof of the skyscraper and find the lost package. We do this, activate the night runner's shelter, and contact the employer. Driscoll instructs to enter the building nearby and collect five letters in one of the offices. There are about ten infected in the room, we can kill them with stealth or Molotov cocktails.

We return to the main courier and get another task. This time we will meet with customers. The first is located in the Fisheye bar, the second and third are on the ship of the peacekeepers.

We use the subway and move to the base of couriers. We take the oath, complete the quest and get 250 parkour points. We will also open the next related task.

Couriers I

In this task, we will meet two other couriers and deliver a letter to the midwife. The girl will tell the story of her patient and ask you to keep your mouth shut. We return to Driscoll, get 250 parkour points, and complete the task.

Couriers II

This assignment will not be original. Let's go to the marked place, hand over the package, and get a reward.

Couriers III

We go to two addresses and send envelopes with messages. The last recipient will give 50 coins for a tip. When we return to Driscoll, he will give us a key that can be used to open the caches of the Guild of Couriers. Such caches are scattered throughout the city and are marked on the map with an envelope sign.

redder than red

We get to the art workshop and talk to Andy. The master is trying to finish the painting, but he does not have enough colors. As a paint, he suggests using the blood of the infected.

We find zombies on the streets of the city and kill him. We can use a bow because the infected cannot climb the upper floors of buildings.

We return to the artist, give him the paint. As a reward, we will receive a level 3 ax “Opener”.

white crystals

On the roof of the building, we find a man who is looking for poppies in the grass. Plants are needed for renegades. If Pierre does not collect the required amount, then his son will be killed. You need to go to the territory of the renegades and free the guy.

We make our way into the dark zone, on the first floor we immediately kill the enemy with a siren. If we do not do this, we will fight with a crowd of renegades. On the third floor we finish off the remaining enemies, we find the Hand. We learn that the guy was deceiving his father. Tell Pierre the truth and get a reward: 1500 combat and parkour points, regeneration booster, 500 coins.

foster family

One of the man's sons had gone to the water tower in renegade territory a few hours ago and hadn't returned. If you have not yet explored this area, then we can capture the tower and give control to one of the factions (peacekeepers or survivors).

We kill the renegades, go into the tower and go down to the basement. The boy is sitting at the generator. The child will say that Hugh is using him as a slave, so he does not want to return home. If we go down under the water and break open the box, we will find level 5 sneakers.

Let's go back to Hugh, listen to him, and get a reward: 2250 combat points, 750 parkour points.

bird watching

We chat with the survivor. He talks about a bird of prey he is trying to lure. We can help him and install a loudspeaker on a historic communications tower. At the same time, we activate it and get an additional bonus.

We run after the marker, climb onto the roof of the skyscraper. This can be done with a paraglider as the winds are strong in this area. To begin with, we climb onto the roof of the building with army cargo, then we jump and fly to the roof of the skyscraper. On one of the towers, we will find a nest. We get a reward: 1250 combat points, 3750 parkour points.

By the way, if the Nut windmill has not been activated before, then you can jump off the tower and get to it by paragliding. This will save time on solving the windmill puzzle.


We examine the roof in this area and find an old man who claims that "Miya" is being held by renegades in a house nearby. We get to the marker and enter the apartment. There are a lot of enemies here, so we can go around them and secretly open the grate. The girl will run away, and we will only have to leave the building.

Meet the old man at the mill and listen to your new friend. In fact, the grandfather thought that you were his grandson and should save your sister. If we play along, we get several UV torches.

Eternal love

We get acquainted with Charlotte and agree to help her. She wants us to break into the top floor of the office building and take some letters from the safe. You can only get to the top floor by paragliding, jumping off the roof of a neighboring building and flying under the ventilation.

In the offices, we kill all the zombies and find a safe on the top floor to the left of the entrance. We use Charlotte's combination: "twice to the right, once to the left, once to the right" and take the contents of the safe.

When we return to the girl, she will ask Aiden to give her only letters, and you can keep everything else. In addition, we will receive 3000 parkour points.