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Walkthrough Sifu - game guide


Walkthrough Sifu - game guide

A detailed walkthrough of all story levels, boss battles, search for all clues

Sifu is a story-driven kung fu fighting game in which the main character is trying to take revenge on the offenders for the death of his father. Before proceeding directly through the levels, let's look at the basic mechanics.

The game consists of 5 different locations (not counting the prologue), and at the end of each of them, the si-fu fights with the boss. On the way to him, the player will have to break through the army of his comrades-in-arms, find various clues, items, try to upgrade the character, and, of course, not die.

Instead of simply respawning from a checkpoint or having to restart a level, the game uses a different mechanic. The protagonist survived thanks to a magical amulet that continues to resurrect him, but each such action has its price. When a hero dies, he grows old. How many years the character will age depends on the current value of the level of death. And it cannot be less than 1. That is, in the event of death, you are guaranteed to age by 1 year.

At the beginning of the game, the character is 20 years old. This means that in the event of the first death, he will age by a year and he will be 21. If you continue to die in the same battle, the death counter will increase by 1. Thus, each subsequent death will age the character by 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on years. The counter resets when you kill some elite enemies. For example, opponents with a "green haze", are rare. There is almost always one such character among the crowd, which you will try to finish off by destroying its structure, but you will not be able to. He will dodge and continue the fight with his health bar fully restored. But for that opponent, they will give not 25, 50, or 60 experience points, but as many as 250! Other elite enemies include big guys who constantly try to grab the main character with both hands and other characters with unusual mechanics. For instance, two bald men from the room where you find the key. They are mobile, and they also know how to catch objects flying at them, that is, they should not be stunned by throwing a bottle. You can also reset the death counter by paying 1000 skill points when using a Jade Figurine. Such an option.

Got it sorted out. Go ahead. Every 10 years, one coin on the amulet will be destroyed. And every 10 years you will age significantly: change in appearance, and also receive an increase in the strength of blows (damage), but a debuff to health. This will continue after 30, 40, 50, and 60 years. But after 70 years, all the coins on the amulet will be destroyed. This means that your next death will be final.

In the event of final death, or if you give up or start the level again, the main character loses absolutely everything, except for the items and clues collected on the mission. These items can be useful in their own way. For example, the key from the slums will allow you to open the door on the first floor of a multi-story building and significantly shorten the path to the boss. On the other hand, I did not find the point in this, since in order to unlock all skill points, you need to gain as many experience points as possible.

And in the event of death, you cannot lose the skills bought on a permanent basis. For example, the cheapest skills cost 500 experience points. For these 500 points, you will unlock the skill for the current playthrough. If you want to fix it on a permanent basis, for all subsequent races, you will have to spend 5 more times for 500 experience points. You can buy skills either in case of death, before the resurrection, or with the help of crypts. That's what they are called in the game, but in reality, we are talking about jade figurines scattered in different parts of the locations.

Jade Figurines also grant you one temporary upgrade that will only help you on your current run. It can be:

  • Improvements for age: increase the structure, health, and durability of weapons. You can choose these enhancements up to 60, 40, and 25 years respectively. If your character is 26 years old, then he will no longer be able to choose a weapon durability upgrade.
  • Next, come the improvements for the rating. Rating points are the same points that you get for kills, successful combos, and so on. By choosing such upgrades, you do not spend rating points. It's just that what improvements will be available depends on your current rating. If an improvement requires 4000 rating points, and you have 3999, then it cannot be selected. If you have 4001 rating points, then when you choose this upgrade, you will have ... 4001 rating points. Did you get the point? As for the improvements for rating points themselves, these are an increase in the restored structure for successful dodges (1000), an increase in the concentration when parrying (2000), and an increase in the effect that the parry has on the structure of the opponent (4000).
  • Finally, there are upgrades for skill points. That is, when choosing them, you will spend precious XP. You can buy 1/2 Focus Bar (used for many active skills) for 250 XP, increase damage and weapon effect (500 XP), or reset the death counter (1000).

As for the structure, this is an analogue of endurance. The structure collapses when you miss-hits. Or when blocking unblockable hits. As soon as the entire yellow bar at the bottom of the screen accumulates, the structure will be completely destroyed, and your character will be left defenseless for subsequent strikes. And sometimes deafened. A similar situation with your opponents.

Concentration is the blue bar on the left side of the screen. Allows you to use active skills. By default, you will have one refillable focus bar, but some skills require 2 or even three. Therefore, the strip will have to be unlocked for skill points.


There is nothing special about the prologue of the game. You are introduced to the controls, you fight the first opponents, while your character - the main villain of the game Yan - is capable of much. Then the credits will go, during which you need to perform a few simple tricks. At any time during the game, you can press ESC to view the available combos.


Before going to the Slums, you can pick up a new clue from the table that is connected with this place. Two hooks are available by default. As a result, you will have 3/17 leads before starting the task. You will get some when you meet the first enemies, and in our walkthrough, we will tell you how to find the rest.

Let's start at the level. To get started, look around by pressing "2" when the corresponding prompt appears on the screen. The direct path to the warehouse is blocked. Approach the fence on the right and jump over by pressing the Q key. Kill the first two enemies while trying to learn various simple combos. After killing the enemies, go through the door on the left side to enter a multi-story building. You can climb up the wall ahead, or go inside through the main door on the left. The choice is yours. There is a door on the first floor. Read the note on the door to get the "Skull Note" clue. If you have the key, and we find it a little later in this chapter, then when you re-pass, you can open this door and significantly cut off the path to the boss. Behind the door will be a street with four enemies, and after - a warehouse located directly in front of the boss! We will indicate in our walkthrough where to find the key and where the warehouse is located.

There is a metal pipe in the next room on the first floor. Excluding the knife, which is not in the level, the metal pipe is one of the most powerful melee weapons in Sifu. Sticks and mops, frankly speaking, did not impress me.

Climbing up, kill several enemies. You can use the bottles placed on the floors, which allow you to stun enemies. And if you throw a bottle at an unsuspecting enemy, he will lose all his stamina, and you can get close and instantly finish off your opponent. You will receive the Gangsters lead when you first encounter enemies in the Slums. The drug addict's lead can be obtained by examining the sleeping guy on the couch in the second-floor apartment. You can go there both from the landing and climb the wall in the courtyard where you came from.

Climb to the top floor, kill the enemies and run along the boards in the broken window. The main character will automatically jump and you will find yourself in a room with three opponents. Two of them will try to throw bottles at you. Dodge them to the side with Shift or attack first. Near the refrigerator in this room, you can find the "Purple Mist" clue.

Grab a weapon or a bottle and go to the next corridor. The camera will rotate so that you get a side view. Kill all opponents in the corridor. I recommend picking up a metal pipe that will drop from one of the enemies. I also recommend studying the bandwagon: W, S, RMB. A very effective thing. And don't forget to hold down the E key to finish off fallen opponents.

Go through the door at the other end of the corridor and go upstairs. Before going outside, I recommend clearing two rooms - on the left and on the right. Both rooms have two opponents. In the room on the right, the enemy is standing with his back. Run up and hit him with RMB to immediately destroy the structure and finish him off. Then go outside and fight the opponents. The first elite enemy with a "green haze" may spawn here. Such opponents awaken after you try to finish them off with X . If you do not do this, then the enemy will be eliminated. Otherwise, he will counterattack you, restore the health bar and fight more aggressively.

After destroying the enemy, move on, go through the door and find your first jade figurine on the right. Use it to unlock skills and get some bonuses. This was discussed in more detail at the beginning of the article.

Then climb the wall, kill three enemies and run jump into the building with a glass roof. You can first pick up a brick. Here you will encounter the first fat man. Hold Spacebar and press S to avoid his capture. Keep doing this by attacking the enemy until you destroy his structure. Finish off and pick up a clue from the table - "Banknotes". You will also receive a clue about the enemy himself.

Go through the door and find the open doors to the elevator shaft in the corridor. Jump down and kill the enemy in the toilet on the right. In the next room, there will be a huge number of opponents. I recommend that you immediately run into the room on the left, where there is a metal pipe on the table. You can find another pipe outside the window of the same room, in the corner near the door. There is also one green haze enemy here. There is also a flyer from the nightclub in the room where there is or was a metal pipe on the table. This is another clue.

Go to the next corridor. Take a whole pipe with you. There will be two elite enemies in the room on the left. They are not only mobile but also catch objects flying at them. That is, throwing bottles, in this case, is useless. After defeating two opponents, you will receive a bunch of keys. This is a hook and at the same time, an item that allows you to open the door found at the beginning of the game. And now these keys must be used to open the grate in the adjacent corridor. In the future, even if you move this way, it is no longer necessary to enter the room with the bald brothers. However, in their room (office) there is also a second jade figurine. After opening the grate in the corridor, you will receive a Steel Gate clue.

Go to the warehouse area ahead. Fight enemies. There will be a lot of them here. I recommend that you first jump over the boards on the left and kill the lone enemy standing on top. Also, among all these warehouse riffraff, you can encounter one enhanced enemy. After winning, search the tables. On one of them lies a purple flower (this is a clue). After that, grab any weapon, go through the door and attack the big man on the RMB with a run. Without any conversation. So you instantly destroy its structure and simplify the battle.

Then exit through the door, run down the street, and use the third jade figurine. Having done this, go ahead and search the room. There are two clues here - keycard 206 and a locked door to someone's private quarters. Follow on to get into the greenhouse with plants and face the first boss - Fahar.

How to beat Fahar

At the first stage, hold the Spacebar and dodge to the sides on A and D. This is usually enough, but a little later Fakhar will start tripping. To avoid them, press Space + W, and the hero will jump up. Overhead kicks follow right after the footpegs, so squat to Space+S. After successful dodges, time will slow down and Fakhar will be vulnerable. Attack four times on RMB. The main character will knock the enemy down, and you can finish him off by holding E. Repeat the steps until the second stage of the battle begins.

Run around the jungle, destroy the sticks and pick up one of them. It will be easier with a stick. You will be able to deal with more damage. Dodge his attacks. You need to visit periodically. Don't forget that Fakhar will continue to use the footboards.


There will be civilians in the alley. Go forward and deal with the guard at the entrance on the right. Behind the door, there will be a receptionist with another guy. If you talk to him and wait for an answer, the two guards on the left will immediately join. Therefore, I recommend immediately jumping over the counter and attacking the enemy. Exit through the door. There is a bat on the shelf. It is best to leave it in the main hall of the club, which is located behind the next door. Deal with two opponents and go there with the bat. Kill a huge number of enemies. You can throw away the bat and use multiple bottles. There is also a bar on the left. You can jump over it. You will be followed by a maximum of one opponent. This is a great place to take a break. After killing everyone, you will see the Flash Kick girl (hook). Common enemies are clubbers (hook). This is a dangerous fighter. You need to dodge hits in time and don't forget to bounce, because the enemy often uses sweep. After the victory, you can use the jade figurine.

There are three doors here. Two of them are locked. One requires a key card (“service door” clue), the other requires a code combination (“door with a combination lock” clue). There is another one next to the door with a combination lock. You go there. As you approach the door, two opponents will pass through it. After defeating them, clear the next room. From below and from above (on steps).

After the victory, go through the door and fight the enemies. At the end are two big guys that you have to deal with. Use Space and S to dodge most of their attacks. Walk forward through the two doors and defeat the two girls at the front desk. Without killing them, you will not be able to open the grate on the right. After the victory, go to the next room. Carefully kill two enemies so that they do not fall down, which will complicate the future battle. Jump down and finish off the opponents. Don't forget to use concentration. Very useful reception "Powerful hooking."

Go further, outside, and you will encounter a new enemy. It is important here to dodge and attack in time when time slows down slightly. There are no other options. Or use concentration mode. As a result, you will receive a “Student Pass” (hook). This pass allows you to open the very door with the terminal at the beginning of the game, in the far right corner. Behind the door is the path to the DJ's control room. There are no clues or items. This route is used more as a means to accumulate additional exp.

After killing the student, enter the building and see two doors. The door ahead leads again to the control room (additional experience), and the door on the left allows you to continue the passage. Clear the dark rooms behind the door on the left and use the jade figurine. Keep moving and kill the enemies in other rooms. The enemy standing on top does not need to be touched. He will say that next you need to pass tests of agility and endurance. Go through the door, pick up a long staff and fight the enemy. You can start with a powerful sweep (concentration) to knock the staff out of the warrior's hands. In the next room, there will be two opponents at once. On the way there, you will be able to inspect the box of fire (hook), which cannot be opened yet.

After defeating the enemies, go forward and use the jade figurine. Behind the next door, the boss of the location, Sean, is waiting for you, using a staff.


As soon as the level starts, they run up to the first guard and kick him. With any luck, he will drop the weapon. In total, you will be attacked by two opponents. The second enemy is using a machete, the first melee weapon you will encounter in Sifu. Do not forget that blocking attacks with melee weapons does not make sense. If this is done, then only as a last resort, when there are no other options. It is best to parry attacks with melee weapons, but this moment has another minus - if you make a mistake, miss the "clean" damage. The damage from the machete will be big.

Once you've eliminated the first two enemies, pick up the machete (if you'd like to test it), then head to the right set of steps at the back of the lobby. On a small table near the stairs, you can find a collectible - a map of the gallery. Climb the stairs and examine the doors of the locked elevator to get the next clue. Also examine the door a little further, blocking access to the stairs. This is another clue. Both the elevator and the door to the stairs will later create a shortcut. On the elevator, you can even get through the entire level to the Kuroki boss. The door to the stairs is opened with a key card, which you will receive in a few minutes (drops out of the bodyguard), but with the key to the elevator, you will have to wait until the very end of the level, until you get to the boss at least once.

On the first pass, there is only one path. Climb the stairs, turn right and pick up a pass to the exhibition "Personalities". The item lies on a ledge on the right. Then go through the door at the end of the hall and follow the first exhibits. There are no enemies here, so you can linger a bit and examine the artwork. Then there will be a darkened doorway. Immediately behind him, on the right hand, the enemy is hiding, so be prepared for his attack.

Deal with the enemy using the baseball bat, then defeat the Giant, who acts like all the previous bigies. As soon as you knock him down, pick up a bat from the first opponent to replace your current weapon (which, if any, is about to break). Continue down the gallery, about halfway to the next exhibit room, three enemies will come out of the doors at the far end of the room. Save the man in the suit for later. He is the strongest of them all. When you've dealt with everyone, go through the opened doors and up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, go through the double doors and turn right. Approach the enemies. First, deal with the guy on the right. A couple of hits with your current weapon (bat) are enough for him. Then deal with the enemy who wields the sword. Proceed carefully, take your time and be careful, because with their blows the enemy can cause irreparable damage to your health bar. Once you defeat the two enemies, continue past where they originally stood, turn right towards the next exhibition hall. Don't forget to pick up the "Exhibition: Cycle" item at the entrance. Go through the doors to face two of Sean's students. It would be a difficult fight if it wasn't for the fact that in the middle of the room there are several light bulbs filled with paint that you can grab and throw at opponents. They are literally everywhere so just run away from enemies and throw light bulbs. If the light bulbs run out, look for them in another part of the room.


Deal with opponents. When both fall to the floor, take one light bulb with you and proceed to the next exhibition hall, where a large ink pendulum hangs. Stand so that the pendulum is between you and the enemies. Try to split the enemy group, fight only one or two enemies at most. Pick up a weapon as soon as possible. It will drop from enemies you kick or push into a wall. After finishing with the enemies, go past the two glass screens and turn left to find the jade figurine. After that, exit through the door behind you. Enemies will rush at you, going down the stairs. Run towards them to finish off the first one before the others arrive. Stay on the stairs. This is the best way to deal with all the enemies one by one. Keep going up the stairs go through the doorway and turn right. You will see a cleaner's set with a broom. Take the item and go to the third exhibition. When you enter, don't forget to pick up the "Exhibition: Gemini" item.

The next room can be quite tricky as there are a lot of enemies in it and there are two Giants who have learned to run by this point! When you enter, fight the enemies next to the exhibit, where green and orange items are placed. As soon as the enemies begin to surround you, run to the left and then follow through the room and fight the first enemies that follow you. As soon as you are surrounded again, run back to the first slab exhibit to separate the enemy group again. Repeat the steps until you knock out all opponents.

Exit the room through the white double doors to enter the next room. The way ahead is blocked by a strong enemy, who has a number of standard combos and a Giant grab that you need to dodge. All combos of this opponent consist of one to three hits and often end with a defense break. These attacks are quite slow, so dodge them and counterattack in time (when the opponent finishes the combo). After defeating the enemy, you will receive a key card from the gallery, which will open the first shortcut in the level. You will now be able to open the path to the stairs we talked about earlier to get past the first exhibition.

Go through the door that the big man was guarding using the recently obtained Gallery Key Card. Examine the exhibits and continue up the stairs, then go through the doorway. Turn right and go through the first metal gate. Note the locked door on the right. It leads to the door to the artist's residence, which cannot be opened now. You will receive the Artists Key in the Tower. Go through another metal gate, open the glass doors on the right and go down the stairs. Then go through the door below to return to the third floor. Turn right to see a woman examining a green mask. This is another student of Sean. Depending on how you feel about fighting enemies using a staff (she acts the same as the girl from the "Club" level), You can use the appropriate moves to disarm the enemy or fight her by letting her use the staff. This is a dangerous opponent, but she is needed to get two hooks at once. One of them is especially important. Even if you spend a lot of health, you can restart the level, because now you have a shortcut to the top, using the key card from the gallery. This way you will bypass most of the enemies.

As soon as you defeat the enemy, you will receive an item called "Club Code". This is another clue, and now, knowing the password, you can open the door with a combination lock to the left of the dance floor in the Club. There are two enemies behind this door that will drop a Fire Key. In turn, this key will allow you to open the box of Fire at the end of the Club and get a photo of Sean's father (hook). Examine the mask the girl was looking at to get the Strange Mask clue. Return the same way you came here. Go through the doors and run up the stairs to get to the fourth floor. Go through the double metal gates again, move along the yellow line on the floor and use the jade figurine located on the right. A little further on, you can find the Temporary Exhibition clue. Pick up the booklet, jump over the railing

You will find yourself in a corridor. Parry the attacks of opponents and throw them into the walls. This is the most effective way to defeat enemies. To your right is a sword that you can pick up. Walk to the left after defeating several opponents. None of them are strong, so you can easily cut through each enemy with your newly found sword. Keep moving left until you enter a room with a burly, smaller version of the Giant. He uses the same moves as the bodyguard who dropped the gallery key card. You can act in the same way as with the previous enemy of this type: dodge or parry attacks, dodge grabs, and counterattack when his combo ends and/or time slows down. After defeating the enemy, you will open the next doorway. Go through it and keep moving towards the stairs. A hatch will open and you will find yourself in a room filled with figures. One of them is a disguised dancer. You can recognize an opponent masquerading as puppets because their posture is different from theirs.

Like all dancing enemies, this enemy has low health but is capable of dealing high damage. The dancer also has a number of attacks that are difficult to dodge. Each time, dodge or block the first move of her combo (since it's often a kick), then try to dodge and counterattack. After defeating the enemy, you will open another doorway with white light directly behind the enemy. Pass by the statues. If you run up to them, they will be destroyed. But be careful: you will be attacked twice by opponents hiding in the shadows. At first, it will be one enemy, and then two at once. Fortunately, a few sword strikes and the opponents will be defeated.

Keep walking until you find that the statue with the staff is blocking the way further. You will have to destroy it and you can exchange your sword for this staff (if you wish). Go through the hatch behind the statue and you will see a small cut-scene. A fight will then begin with two dancer enemies using blades on the end of their boots. Position yourself to fight only one girl and make sure to direct all the damage to one target to get rid of her as soon as possible and lead to a 1v1 battle.

After destroying both targets, you will receive the key to the elevator. You can now take the elevator from the lobby directly to the boss! The last doorway will open. Go through it. Near the stream on the left, look for a jade figurine. Select the desired improvement. When you're ready, move on to start the battle against the artist Kuroki.


At the beginning of the level, you will find yourself in the lobby, where there are a couple of guards. Surprisingly, unlike other levels, these guards are not hostile. You don't need to attack them, although if you're trying to accumulate as many experience points as possible, do it anyway. Anyway, a little further than the guards turn into the office on the left to find the reception area. Near the wall, there is a clue "Auction of works of art." Then return to the table, turn left and enter the open elevator. You can examine the elevator on the right, but it doesn't work and you need a special key. This is another shortcut.

Fight the enemy in the elevator, which sooner or later will attack you. By the way, if you decide to fight the enemies in the lobby who are friendly to you, you will have to kill everyone, and only after that, the left elevator will become available again. The right elevator is a shortcut to the Rift located under the Tower, but it requires a special keycard. If you enter the left elevator without starting a fight, you will be attacked by an enemy standing inside. Not immediately, but a few seconds after closing the doors. Do not attack first, otherwise, you can "catch a bug"! Then move forward to the table where CEO Jinfeng is sitting. Move towards her, listen to the monologue, and then the woman will ring a small bell and disappear. Go around her desk and examine the computer to get a new clue. This is also important so you can convince the techie from the Club to help you hack Jinfeng's computer. Return to the club, go through the service door to the right of the dance floor, go upstairs, and through the dark corridors, you will find a room with equipment and a techie. Talk to him, ask for help and point out that you are hacking a corporation's computer. He will give the hacker's flash drive. When you return to the Jinfeng office next time, you can hack into the computer. This will open the safe built into the wall (which is a clue in itself). Inside it are two more clues - the oath of the Guardian and the key of the artists, which opens the door to the artist's residence in the Museum, on the fourth floor. Talk to him, ask for help and point out that you are hacking a corporation's computer. He will give the hacker's flash drive. When you return to the Jinfeng office next time, you can hack into the computer. This will open the safe built into the wall (which is a clue in itself). Inside it are two more clues - the oath of the Guardian and the key of the artists, which opens the door to the artist's residence in the Museum, on the fourth floor. Talk to him, ask for help and point out that you are hacking a corporation's computer. He will give the hacker's flash drive. When you return to the Jinfeng office next time, you can hack into the computer. This will open the safe built into the wall (which is a clue in itself). Inside it are two more clues - the oath of the Guardian and the key of the artists, which opens the door to the artist's residence in the Museum, on the fourth floor.

As you inspect the computer, an enemy group will gradually approach you. Move away from the table and fight them. If you stay on the white marble floor, at first you will be attacked by only one strong bodyguard. Take advantage of this and try to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Once you've dealt with the three objectives, go through the double glass doors that are on the left if you're facing the elevator. In the next room, you will need to jump over the fence on the right to be downstairs, into the room with the enemies. Before you jump, pick up the moment so that you are close to an isolated, distant enemy. Use the bottles placed on the tables as well as the tables themselves. Throw bottles at enemies and jump over tables to get away from targets. Walk forward from where you jumped. Keep to the right side of the room, turn right into the open doorway to see more enemies. Defeat them all while staying at the door to split up the enemy group. Go to the corridor so they can't surround you.

Once all opponents have been defeated, move to the elevators on the right side of the room where the enemies were and open the left elevator doors. Jump down the shaft, open the hatch in the floor. You need to stand on the side of the handle on the hatch. Then jump into the elevator. When its doors open, you will find yourself in a kind of control room. For a moment, the room will darken, and when the light turns on again, enemies will come to you. Meet them at the top of the stairs. Try to grab one of the enemies with a weapon to take the item and make the fight easier. Keep moving and use the elevation changes to avoid the entire enemy group and fight one or two opponents at the same time. Please note that you can jump from the balcony.

Go through the glass doors on the first floor in the far right corner (relative to where you came from in the elevator). Go through another corridor, look into the new room to hear the conversation of the enemies, discussing how best to deal with the Sifu. Hurry up and attack the talking woman to get a free finishing move. Use the objects in this area to separate the enemies, kill everyone. As soon as you complete the task, take the Hideout clue lying on the bench under the projector screen. From the found object, turn around and go through the door in the left corner of the room (a “white circle” of interaction should appear on it).

Go down the stairs and go through the next doors to get into a long corridor. At the far end is a jade figurine. The second door to your right leads further. Use the figurine and skill tree, then turn around and go through the glass door. When you enter it, look to the right to see the elevators. Open the left elevator doors to go down. A little further than these elevators, you can find a broom, which should be taken before opening the doorway of the elevator shaft. Then run up and jump down to the elevator car. After a short delay, the Giant will appear. Finish him off and deal with two more opponents. Despite the fact that there are only three enemies, you fight on the roof of a small elevator, so it will be quite crowded here. Parry enemies' attacks and then push them at each other.

As soon as you defeat all the enemies, the elevator will continue to fall, and you will find yourself in the Breach, on the edge of the bottomless pit. Turn left and move forward, go down the stairs and go through the doorway on the left. You can also go straight ahead and jump off the high ledge. You will die, but you can bypass the battle in the next room. In addition, this way you will get another achievement. This is not recommended to be done or repeated in the future, but if you find yourself dying in the fight in the room on the left, it's best to sacrifice one life and jump down. If you don't want to fall, turn left and continue through the doorways. Go straight ahead and jump off the ledge, then turn right and jump down again. On the left, two opponents will jump down on you, two more will attack from behind. After the level distorts and smoke appears, you will see new opponents, including one enemy with a sword. Deal with him first to pick up this weapon. Use dodges and parries to stay alive. Once you finish off the last enemy, you can leave the room through the elevator door.

Keep walking forward until you jump off the ledge again. Go further to meet a woman looking at the wall with notes. Jump down and fight her. This is another dancer. Block her attacks, dodge or parry the first move in each combo. She most often ends her attacks with a leg swipe, and combos usually consist of three hits. Therefore, it is best to dodge her third attack with Space rather than bouncing with Shift. After defeating Jinfeng's bodyguard, make sure to use the jade figurine in the middle of the wall she was examining, then turn right and go through the elevator door.

So you will return to the middle of the Rift. Turn left and continue down the small ledges (the path to the right leads to another place where you can jump down, avoid the fight but lose a life). Go down the left path to enter a new battle. The second stage will be very difficult, as Flash Kick, a bodyguard and a regular opponent with a machete will appear. First, kill the enemy with a machete to pick up his weapon, and then move away from the other two and attack one of them only if they are separated and far from each other. Use different objects in the room to move away from enemies and force them to separate.

Once you have eliminated the last opponents, go through the elevator door and continue forward. Here you will find another mini-boss, this time using a staff. There are several types of weapons in the room, including a sword on the wall on the right. This opponent is much weaker without a weapon in his hands, so use a throw, push or sweep to make him drop his weapon. Once you defeat the girl, get the elevator key card. This item will allow you to open the right elevator door in the lobby at the start of the game and immediately go down into the Rift without having to explore and fight in the Tower offices. Take the desired weapon and go through the elevator door.

You will need to jump several times from the ledges until you find another cut - a high ledge that allows you to sacrifice your life, but shorten the path and avoid another battle. It definitely doesn't need to be done this time, as there's another mediocre opponent ahead of you, and if you sacrifice your life and jump off the ledge, you'll only get past him. At what point, while you are going down the normal ledges, you will be attacked by a couple of normal enemies. Deal with them, go forward, and jump even lower. Eventually, you will end up in a dead-end. In the niche on the right is a jade figurine. A hint will appear on the screen. By pressing the "2" key, you will find out the opinion of the hero, who will report that he sees no other way out but to jump into this hole. Make sure you spend your skill points before jumping. Ahead of you is a battle with CEO Jinfeng,


On the last leg of your long journey to revenge, you will find yourself at the top of a mist-shrouded hill. Go through the double doors ahead and approach the man guarding the main entrance to the Vault. You can listen to his short speech, and when you are ready, attack. You can throw him into the nearest walls if you manage to parry his attack. Enter the Vault and turn left to find a seated woman. There is a newspaper on the left table in the room (not where she is sitting). This is another clue. Leave this place and go left to the glass door. There are three paths in the next room at once. The door ahead to the inner garden is blocked, but in the future, when you get the appropriate key card, you can shorten your path to the final boss of the game as much as possible. The door to your right leads further in the story, while the left door separates you from the restaurant with the kitchen. It is not necessary to visit the kitchen with a restaurant, although in addition to enemies and kitchen knives, you can find a jade figurine in this place. This can be a difficult fight, so in the next paragraph, I will give tips on how to deal with all the enemies in the kitchen. If you are not interested, skip the paragraph and go through the door on the right to enter the residential apartments.

As for the battle in the kitchen, upon entering this place, you will see two waiters ahead of you, clearing the tables. Attack them first, otherwise, they will. If you attack first, you can easily destroy both opponents. Use long tables by jumping over them to avoid enemies. If you feel that you are about to be surrounded, run to the kitchen and grab the knife lying on the counter. One knife is on the left, the other is on the right. Note that you can jump over the large object in the middle even though the stove is on. This is a great place to protect yourself and not let the opponents surround the hero. Keep jumping from one side to the other, over tables, throwing bottles, and so on. You can leave the thug for last, but for now, take the rest of the enemies away from him and deal with them. Make sure before you leave

Return to the lobby and go through the door on the right. You will find yourself in a small garden. Go through it and enter the building with the double door. Turn right and go up the stairs to face the dangerous Brute. If you have the appropriate skill, you can throw a stool at the enemy: run up and hit it with the R key. Once you finish the Giant, go along the corridor to the left of the place where you went up the stairs. The last room on the right is number 206. You can open this apartment with keycard 206 found in the Slums. Inside this room, there are two hooks for your detective scheme - a key with a flower, which can be used to open a back room in the Slums, before the fight with Fakhar. There is also Fakhar's medical report.

Exit the room, turn left and continue down the second-floor corridor. At the end of it, fight with two masseurs. Don't skip fighting them, otherwise, they will ambush you in the next fight. After this fight with the masseurs, you can jump out the window into the courtyard to see the Vault patients. They won't attack you, so ignore the patients and fight the woman standing over them. This is a bodyguard, so beware of the grappling attack and try to parry its relatively slow combos. As soon as she jumps down to you, go up the stairs and go through the door on your left. Ignore the reception and go down the corridor. To your left is another optional fight with two enemies. One of them is Flash Kik. You can go through the door ahead, or still enter the door on the left, to get more experience. Upon entering the optional room, you can immediately kill the nearest enemy. Then throw bottles from the nearby counters at the second target to weaken it as much as possible and melee attack. Go through the door that was ignored before, choosing to visit the room on the left. Keep moving forward and use the next door.

Walkthrough Sifu - game guide

You will find yourself in another garden. On the left, there is a locked door leading to an aromatic garden, and on the right, a jade figurine. If you're at or near full health, it's actually best not to approach the figurine as there will be a tough fight ahead. Go through the double doors into the garden to face the two Giants. On the right side of the room, there are objects that can be used to separate the enemies and fight them one by one. There are also bottles on the shelves. If you have the appropriate skill, look for a few stools on the left side of the room that you can throw at opponents.

After defeating both objectives, you will receive the Aromatic Garden Key, which must be used to open the locked door in the previous area. Leave the location the same way you came here, then use the jade figurine if you haven't already done so. Turn around from it and go forward through the locked door. Go down the stairs and turn right, then go forward a little to face another Giant and his two assistants. As always, run back to separate the enemies and eliminate two weak opponents first. Leave the giant "for a snack". There are some bricks near the ladder that the Giant came down, as well as a stick, so you can use them. Before heading up the stairs, turn left while facing the stairs and head towards the statue. Examine it to get a clue of the same name.

Climb up the stairs to the next enemy group. You can pick up a brick first. Flash Kick is waiting for you, which you need to kill first. Having done this, deal with the bodyguard. You can use the nearby bricks, but it's best to save them for the last enemy blocking the passage to Yan. After you deal with the bodyguard, it remains to defeat another enemy standing between you and the boss.

Climb up the stairs to provoke the attack of the guy with the staff. Run from him down the stairs and throw all the available bricks. For the bricks to hit the target accurately, force the enemy to start your combo or attack. Try to get him to drop his weapon as soon as possible. At this point, his combos will become much slower, making it easier for you to navigate. When you finish off the target, get a key card that opens the door to the lobby. This is a shortcut to the boss of the Sanctuary level.

Climb the stairs and go through the double doors. Use the jade figurine on the right. Unfortunately, concentration will not be available in this fight, so you should not improve anything related to it. When you're ready, head down the corridor and go through the door to face the final opponent, leader Yan.