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What are inhibitors in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Why are they needed and how to find them


What are inhibitors in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Why are they needed and how to find them

In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, there are many resources needed for crafting and leveling. However, inhibitors are the most important. In this guide, we will tell you what inhibitors are, why you need them, and where to find them.

What are inhibitors

Traveling around the city, the hero constantly receives points in parkour or combat. You can use them to buy skills in two branches of development. However, it will not work to acquire any ability - you will have to increase the level of health or stamina. The better you have pumped these indicators, the more skills will be available for purchase.

It is not worth concentrating on one thing. Pumped parkour will not help in combat, and vice versa - a large amount of health will not allow you to develop many useful skills for comfortable movement around the city.

To get the necessary development, you will have to find three ampoules with a solution. That is, one or two inhibitors cannot be used. They also cannot be sold or thrown away, as they do not take up space in the backpack.

At night, Aiden gradually turns into a zombie. To prevent the process, you will have to look for ultraviolet lamps, tablets, or special mushrooms that increase resistance to infection. At first, this can be a problem, since you have not had time to open enough night shelters yet.

There will be only a few minutes left, but the timer can be increased thanks to inhibitors. Magic ampoules are able to influence the resistance of the main character's body to mutation. With each inhibitor used, the total amount of time you can spend in the dark increases.

How to look for inhibitors

In one of the first story missions, Aiden will receive a special VGM key, with which he can open all electronic locks. The device also has another useful feature - when an inhibitor is nearby, the key emits a signal and shows the approximate distance to the ampoule. Thanks to this compass, it will not be difficult to determine the location of the inhibitor.

Sometimes the drug box will be hidden. Even knowing its exact location, you will have to be smart to find a passage, bypass a closed door, or defeat a monster.

Where to look for inhibitors

All inhibitors are in the big blue boxes of the VGM. Sometimes they can be found in the city by chance, but more often ampoules are found in locations where Aiden gets in the story or special places marked on the map.

Pay attention to the skull icon - these are VGM anomalies. There you will find a mini-boss and 1-2 inhibitors waiting for you.

Also, blue boxes can be found in the virus research centers - the biothreat icon on the map. Large buildings are entire labyrinths that are filled to capacity with zombies.

You can get into such places only at night, when the bulk of the zombies leave their shelters. Along with this, the remaining ghouls become more aggressive. Therefore, the hunt for pumping can be a real test. Do not forget about the recommended level: if the level of the anomaly or laboratory is much higher, it is pointless to go there.