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Where can I get the Book of Time in Lost Ark?

 If you're looking to get that infamous Time Book to complete your Rohendel Continent Adventure Book, well, you're going to have to go to the Shadow of Elzowin and go to the circle circled on the map below. below. To reach it more easily, remember to take the Forgotten Beach teleporter which is near the Palace of Specters.

The Book of Time can be found at the location circled in red

On-site, you will be able to find a broken wooden bridge. Approach the barrels to see a sort of chest with which you can interact to retrieve the Book of Time. As we explained to you previously, this object is necessary for you to complete the adventure book of the continent of Rohendel.

In case you are going to have some trouble finding Elzowin's Shadow Time Book, you can check out the video below in English which was made by Game Guides Channel.