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Where to find all windmills, shelters, anomalies, VGM insulators, power plants, subways and other objects in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Guide and maps of the location of all points of interest


Where to find all windmills, shelters, anomalies, VGM insulators, power plants, subways and other objects in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Guide and maps of the location of all points of interest

According to the developers, it will take you about 500 hours to complete Dying Light 2 Stay Human. This is due not only to the amount of content but also to many controversial game design decisions that slow down the adventure. In this guide, we will tell you how to quickly open points of interest on the map, as well as show all the shelters, windmills, anomalies, power plants, and other places.

How to use the map. How to open all points of interest

Once in the open world, you will quickly find that the huge map of the city is not only empty but also covered in "fog". Moving towards the objectives of tasks, you will reduce the boundaries of uncharted territory, but instead of points of interest on the map there will be "question marks". If you get close enough to such designations, you can open a point of interest. But there is also an easier way.

After you first find yourself in the open world, one of the characters will hand the protagonist binoculars. With this device, discovering interesting places will be much easier. When hovering over them, narrowing white frames will appear on the lens screen, which will indicate the approximate direction. The smaller the frame on the binocular screen, the closer the object.

Having found the desired point, you will have to hold the binoculars stationary for a few seconds so that the map is updated. Of course, such a process cannot be called fast and even more comfortable. Moreover, there are no special towers where you can immediately open the entire area. You can easily miss a hideout or shop just by not finding a suitable rooftop to look at.

There is still a way to make your life easier. Along with "night runners' shelters", you can also equip "windmills" - tall structures that look like mills. To activate such "bases", it is enough to solve a small puzzle and find a way to climb to the very top of the transformer. However, do not rush to jump. Windmills are the very towers on which it will be easiest to inspect the territory. So you will save a lot of time and do not miss anything.

Conventionally, all points of interest can be divided into several groups:

  • Safe places;
  • Places for collecting loot;
  • Buildings that improve the infrastructure of the city.

How to Find All Windmills and Night Runner Hideouts

Safe places include the already named "windmills" (windmill icon) and "night runner's shelters" (house icon). Such shelters can be found in every area in large numbers.

Activating them is very simple - just get to the right place and start the generator that feeds the ultraviolet lamps. The more safe places, the easier night outings will become. The light of the lamps prevents nighttime pursuits from the Infected, who can become a deadly hazard at too long distances. The hideouts also have a bed to wait out the night and reset the infection timer.

Sometimes the base will have to be recaptured from the bandits, but in the end, it will still become a place of rest and trade.

It is important that not all windmills and bandit bases can be captured immediately. If the object of interest is marked on the map with a red icon, then Aiden does not have enough health or stamina points. It is worth collecting more inhibitors and returning later.

How to find all abandoned shops, convoys, dark spaces, anomalies, VGM isolation rooms, dropped cargo

Places for collecting loot are much more diverse. First of all, these are abandoned shops, convoys, and dark spaces - purple and orange squares. During the day, only convoys will be available. You will have to go to all other places at night - the zombies become more active and go outside, which means there will be time to calmly inspect the premises. As a result, you can get a lot of trophies for sale, crystals, equipment, and sometimes inhibitors.

Also, do not ignore the "VGM-anomalies" - the sign of the skull on the map. In such places, Aiden is waiting for a fight with a mini-boss and all the same invaluable inhibitors for pumping.

In pursuit of magical ampoules, you can visit the "VGM isolation rooms" - a sign of a biothreat. Abandoned hospitals are large buildings where you will meet dangerous enemies.

Anomalies and isolation rooms must be visited at night. Just like in stores, there will be too many undead waiting for you in the sun.

Looking around the area, you can stumble upon parachute icons. These are "dumped army cargo" left in the city to support the life of the local population. As a rule, such containers are located on tall buildings, so you will have to actively use all your parkour skills to get to them. Inside you will find good equipment and expensive items for sale.

How to find all power stations, water towers, subway stations, and radio towers

Infrastructure buildings stand apart. Since there is a struggle for territory in the city, Aiden will have to participate in the capture of important buildings - power plants, water towers and radio towers. On the map, they are displayed with characteristic icons, and after being captured, one of the groups will slightly change the environment in the city.

After certain story events, Aiden will be able to fast travel through the subway tunnels. The wagon icons represent the stations. You will first have to clear the area and turn on the light to ensure safety.