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Where to find feathers in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. How to Create Fire, Shock, Poison, Explosive, Slashing, and Blighted Arrows


Where to find feathers in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. How to Create Fire, Shock, Poison, Explosive, Slashing, and Blighted Arrows

Dying Light 2 Stay Human takes place in a fictional post-apocalyptic world where the player constantly has to fight hordes of zombies. A lot of useful items are scattered throughout the city, and as you progress through the story, you will definitely find a unique weapon — a bow. Therefore, feathers are required to make combat-ready arrows. In this guide, we will tell you where to find feathers in the open world and how to craft all kinds of arrows available.

Where to find feathers in Dying Light 2

This crafting item can be found on the roofs of many buildings in almost all regions of the city. First of all, pay attention to the birdhouses that hang on the trees. Inside, the player will be able to find some feathers. Most often, all birdhouses are located in groves on roofs and in bird nests. Here you will find various plants and honey.

Do not forget to first deal with all the enemies that may interfere with the study of the territory. On rare occasions, the player can purchase feathers and other arrow crafting components from regular merchants. For example, for one pen you have to lay out nine gold coins. To create an ordinary arrow, you need to use ten pieces of scrap metal and one feather.

What are feathers for? How to improve Aiden's shooting

Feathers and other components can be used to craft bow arrows. The player will receive this long-range weapon according to the plot. Do not forget that all resources in the game are limited. That is why it is necessary to take into account each shot and stock up in advance with a large number of items for crafting. As an additional help in using the bow, the player can unlock several useful skills and improve the quality of shooting.

To do this, you will need to earn battle points and increase the hero’s health level from 160 to 240 units, depending on the skill. For the accumulated points, the player will be able to open the abilities "Precise Shot", "Powerful Shot", "Multiple Shot" and "Shot in Motion". Each of them significantly increases the combat potential of the hero at a long distance.

How to create fire, shock, explosive, cutting, poison, and infected arrows

First of all, in order to use unique arrows, the player needs to purchase the appropriate blueprints. After receiving the bow, we go to the safe zones of the survivors and peacekeepers. We find an artisan merchant and buy arrow plans. Note that in the absence of suitable modifications in the first region of Villedora, it is recommended to get to the Fisheye Bar and Jack Matt's floating fortress.

The purchase price of each upgrade is listed below:

  1. Infected (1500 coins) - turn people into carriers of the disease.
  2. Poisonous (1000 coins) - impose a poisoning effect, due to which enemies will begin to vomit.
  3. Fiery (700 coins) - apply a burning effect, due to which enemies are ignited.
  4. A cutting (800 coins) - apply the effect of bleeding.
  5. Explosive (800 coins) - produce an explosion in a small radius of action and instantly deal additional damage.
  6. Shock (700 coins) - applies a shock effect, due to which electrical discharges are transmitted through enemies.
The first three blueprints from the list are bought from the peacekeepers and the remaining items from the survivors. Each arrow applies a unique debuff to the enemy and reduces their health over time. The exception is explosive ammunition. After purchasing each modification, go to the "Craft" section (on PC, press the "O" button). Find the required item in the list and hold down the key to create it (LMB on PC). From now on, the hero will be able to use the constructed ammunition in battle.

Necessary resources for crafting each arrow:
  1. Infected - scrap metal (10), feathers (1), unusual trophy from the infected (3).
  2. Poisonous - scrap metal (10), feathers (1), cleaning products (1).
  3. Fiery - scrap metal (10), feathers (1), resin (9).
  4. Cutting - scrap metal (10), feathers (1), blades (3).
  5. Explosives - scrap metal (10), feathers (1), alcohol (3).
  6. Shock - scrap metal (10), feathers (1), winding (9).
For one set of components, the player will receive ten arrows. The exception is infected arrows. When they are produced, only three copies of ammunition are obtained.

How to use a bow and switch arrows

At the moment, there are no hints for using the bow in the game. To fire a ranged weapon, hold down the attack button (LMB on PC), aim at an enemy, and release the button to fire an arrow. A hint will appear at the bottom of the screen to undo the action (press "V" on PC).

To switch projectiles for a bow, you need to open the menu for quickly switching weapons (key "3" on PC) and in the window that opens, use the indicated buttons to change the current arrow ("Q" and "E" on PC). After closing the Hotbar, the player will immediately be able to use the selected projectile.

Please note that some bows are equipped with a separate sight. To use it, you need to press a special key (left "Ctrl" on PC).