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7 keys about Legends of Runeterra that you need to know


7 keys about Legends of Runeterra that you need to know

Yes, all of us who love Magic: The Gathering are delighted to know that there are more possibilities to develop our tactical strategies with cards and heroes than we have ever been offered since Wizards of the Coast. After the success of Hearthstone, veteran companies such as Riot Games (creators of League of Legends), have decided to take references from the collectible role-playing card genre to offer their own vision on the matter and try to allow players to experiment and specialize without some can buy their rise in the dynamics of the game.

In this way, Riot Games want to make sure that Legends of Runeterra offers as much action and fun as its competitors, but trying to reduce the possibility that someone with possible economic crushes us in a game, more for having brutal cards than for their ability strategic with them. Below you will see 7 essential keys to what this new collectible card game from Riot Games entails. Test it!

You won't buy your victory in the game

Somewhat contrary to what is allowed in Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone, Legends of the Runeterra has a limit on the cards you can buy, this way they make sure that no one has supremacy over the others and helps that you can be on equal terms within what is possible. Thus, it is possible to complete each deck according to your needs and without anyone having "too many" cards without having worked it out a bit.

Obviously, another way to get cards on your own merits using Crystals, the game's internal currency, which cannot be obtained with a typical transaction, but it is necessary to complete the regions and in the vault that takes place weekly (next point). As you can see, the guys at Riot Games have devised a balanced system that allows collecting cards to be synonymous with skill instead of everything being based on throwing a card and that's it.

Vault Day: a very special day

The weekly Vault increases in benefits the more you play and is unlocked on the same day for each player. They depend on your level as a Legends of Runeterra player and each of the chests you receive improves with each level, increasing the number of cards you receive each time. If you manage to get to level 10, you will also ensure that you receive a champion, so everything is going to depend on your effort. Don't tell us this isn't a very fair way to get a good deck just by playing more and more.

A region to specialize

It is clear that receiving cards and more cards by themselves do not make any sense, at least it does not make sense if they do not allow us to improve our style of play with the class we want. This is one of the novelties of Runeterra that we love, as they allow you to customize your earnings to invest them in regions and unleash the full power of that deck or region in question. For example, if you are one of those who have forged a special bond with the Shadow Isles, you will be able to choose them on the Rewards screen and concentrate all the experience you receive on it. That you want to give your best with another region? Change it and voila!

Bi-regional decks, the magic of Magic!

Runeterra doesn't have all the original ideas in the world and has also been able to adapt mechanics from other card games like Magic: The Gathering. In Runeterra you'll be able to build decks that have two regions under their belt, though they won't work like the two-color decks in Magic. In this case, you have a specific hero and each region is independent, with its own rules and abilities, there is none that belongs to two realities at the same time. You will have to look for the synergies of each of the regions to achieve combinations that cover deficiencies or increase even more the power of the deck you are using.

Champions united, they will never be defeated

In addition to having the ability to combine regions, you can also combine the arts of champions in your favor, making both combine their powers to help you in your quest. You will first need to complete a champion-specific mini-quest which will give you access to the same champion, but at a higher level, with improved ability. Thus, you can combine its possibilities to create more complex strategies that can get you out of trouble and lead you to victory.

Trio of spells

Like other games of this type, Runeterra has spells divided into categories, in this case, 3 different ones: Slow, Fast, and Burst. The Slow ones spend a turn and your rival will be able to counter them if he has the necessary means. Fasts are the same, except they allow you to respond to a Slow or Fast spell to counter them. Finally, Bursts are instant, they don't allow the opponent to respond and they don't take a turn, so you can do something else if you want.

dubbing with stories

Another thing that fascinates the vast majority of Legends of Runeterra is the dubbing of the characters with more than 3,800 lines of recorded dialogue. If two characters have any kind of relationship with each other, be it good or bad, they will exchange views indiscriminately, making the game more dynamic and entertaining.