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All Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok Side Quests


All Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok Side Quests

How to complete each side quest and additional missions in the game

In this guide, we are going through several optional tasks and small missions that can be found on the map.

hunting and gathering

The task will begin automatically, according to the plot of the game, when you get to the Erdbir ​​hideout and talk to the blacksmith Grungir. You need to raid and collect oligoclase and other resources to upgrade the Harvester Hug. Talk to the blacksmith to see Muspelheim's strength upgrade menu. As you can see from the picture, there are 5 different powers in total, the descriptions of which are hidden from you. There are two upgrades for each of the five powers. Powers are unlocked exclusively in the course of the storyline, at certain points in the story, but improvements are available as soon as the power is unlocked. In addition to oligoclase, parts of various enemies will be required. Just go through the game until the task is updated. Return to the blacksmith and purchase any upgrade for the bracer. The task will end.

Heroic Scribe

The task is activated after you find at least one heroic saga. Go to the indicated location on the map. Climb the mountain from the southwest side, where there is an ascent to Kara. She is not at the very top. Talk to Kara. You can perform in the arena to earn runes and spend them on various items. Kara sells the legendary Allfather armor, the Eye of the Ace bow, and the Allfather Guardian shield. You can also buy runes and hairstyles. As for Kara, she has 17 awards for you. Choose more bragging rights so that the reward for the story is higher. At the same time, the more "skulls" on the story, the higher its complexity, but also the more rewards. In addition, to complete the quest itself, you need to find all 12 heroic sagas. In our walkthrough, we pointed out some heroic sagas,


Secrets are small tasks that are marked with blue markers on the map. Usually, they take a minimum of time and require the same amount of effort. As you approach the blue markers, you may find that they will turn into the corresponding sign. There are two such mysteries in Gullnamar. It's worth noting that I won't be covering Dverg in Trouble mysteries in this guide. They are all the same: you save a dverg around which turs and/or etuns have gathered. You get a reward for this. Then don't forget to talk to the rescued dwarves in the region's hideout. Among other things, the dwarves will indicate the location of Suttung's Bloodhounds.

Hyurrokin's Gift

South of Uldar is the first quest marker. Go there and kill the bear that attacked Frodri. Talk to the man who will tell you about the cursed ring. A clear reference to Frodo and The Lord of the Rings. Go after him, then eat the mushrooms, near which he will stop. Wait a bit and speak. If you have provisions, give them to Frodri. Follow him up the hill and kill the snake. Get to the top of the mountain and wait for the task to complete.

Carpe Diem

Go to the blue marker southwest of Skidgard (sync point). Talk to Liv, who claims she never got to say goodbye to her husband. You need the Power of Ascension with the Summon Horde upgrade. Tours with such strength roam nearby (icon of the "axe"). After taking the power and improving it, go to Liv and activate the power. Bo will live. Repeat steps three times. Nearby there is an altar that allows you to restore Hug. In the end, you will realize that Liv is a fraud. Talk to her to get the key and complete the quest. Enter the house and take the platinum ingot from the chest.

There are four more side quests in this category in Svaladal.

Ballad of Krak and Skavi

From the sync point in the lower right corner of Svaladal, travel southwest, past Fidsthorp, to the blue marker indicating this quest. Talk to Skavi, who will say that he has lost his raven Krak. You need the power of the Raven. You can use your raven to spot others nearby. Kill and absorb power. From the cliff where Skavi stands, fly to the nearest stone floating in the sky. This is Muspel's fortress. It will definitely require an upgrade to Raven Power to make the transformation last 55 seconds. Once you reach the top, kill all the enemies and collect Muspelheim Coal. Then free the etun and talk to him. Return to Skavi and tell the truth. He will tell you how to use the coal of Muspelheim. Return to Erdeig and talk to the blacksmith. For coal, you can activate one of the four Divine Heights, which provide passive benefits. In total, there are four coals in the game, which means you can unlock all the heights. However, only one can be used.

Love conquers all

Talk to Jotun Vaskr, who is located near Erdeig's hideout in Svaladal. She will say that she is in love with Swass. She will turn into a wolf. Follow together to the shelter of Erdeig. She will lead you to Swass. Then move outside with Vaskr, killing the wolves along the way. When you deal with everyone, the task will end.

The smartest of fish

From the east sync point near Gnawandi Fortress in Svaladal, head north towards the blue and gold color markers. Listen to Bat and Meiri. You will learn that a big fish has taken the key. Fish in the pond. You can catch a fish with a rod or shoot and grab its carcass from the water. You need to catch the biggest fish, bream. Under than any bream. It is best to use the boat and move around the lake using Odin's vision until you see a large fish. Shoot her and pick her up. Talk to the etun and open the chest with the platinum ingot. The task will end.

About monsters big and small

Head southeast from the westernmost sync point in Svaladal. Find the etun here on Gullinbursti, the giant boar. After killing the etun, you will complete the mission and be able to tame the boar!

Shards of the past

There is another side quest in Eitri. Talk to Bolri, follow him and listen to his stories. Get inside the house, pick up a toy hammer in the far right corner, and then decide what to say to Bolri. In any case, the task will end, and if you say that everyone is dead, he will drive you away.

Chest behind the waterfall

There are three more side quests in Wangrinn. From the northernmost point of the region, move to the blue marker to the west. Talk to Erdtree. Grab the load and move across the channel along the log. Climb up and follow two more logs above. Pass behind the waterfall and enter the cave with white flowers. Leave the cargo, pick the flowers, and return to Erdtree for your reward.

Travi's legacy

There is another quest marker east of Elthorp in Wangrinn. Move there and talk to the dwarf Linko. He will say that he has lost his weapon. Use the power of Muspelheim and pick up the hammer lying on the island in the middle of the lava. You will find yourself in the captivity of Feygard. Talk to Mikke. While he is distracting Brann, stand by the window and steal his key. Open the door and kill Brann. Let Mikke out of the cell. Take your things from the drawer opposite and talk to Mikke. Grab it on your back if there is Hug and turn into a fiery turs. Open the door and get out of the cave. However, you can get out yourself, it will not affect anything.

Not this time, dude!

Look for the last side quest in the south of Wangrinn. As you approach the marker, you will see a door running away. This location is called Fornama. Jump into the hole for Banksy. If there is no power of Jotunheim, be sure to absorb it on one of the corpses. Crouch down and make your way into the adit with rats. If you go down, the rats will run after you. In different parts of the cave there are targets to which you can be attracted. Stand in the far edge, and when the rats get close, teleport to the opposite one and move the stone block forward. Behind him will be a room with a chest in which a platinum ingot is hidden. There is also a mechanism that will allow you to climb up. But don't rush. The equipment is hidden in the cave. Again run to the far part, lure the rats and teleport to the middle target. Move the stone block forward so that you can jump over to the block between the ice floes on the right. There will be a chest with a Dwarven blacksmith's helmet. Return to the lift and ride up. Kill the snake, move the blocks and climb up. Don't delay as Banksy will drop a jug of fire.