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All types of Legends of Runeterra keywords and what effects they have


All types of Legends of Runeterra keywords and what effects they have

To succeed in Legends of Runeterra it is important to know everything about the cards since they are the items with which we make up the decks that define our way of playing. The interesting thing about this is that they all have different characteristics, effects, attacks, and keywords that determine some of the advantages they have.

There are many of these keywords, they all influence when the cards are activated, so you have to try to know how they work to learn to block them or use them at the most appropriate moments in the games. Next, we leave you our complete Legends of Runeterra guide so that you have the information on all these advantages.

What do the Legends of Runeterra keywords mean?

The keywords are located in the central part of the cards:

  • Quick Attack: Hits before the blocker.
  • Fearsome: Only allows enemies with 3 or more hit points to attack her.
  • Overwhelm: The extra damage taken by the attacking card is taken by the enemy's nexus.
  • Elusion: Can only be blocked by another card that has Elusion.
  • Fury: killing an enemy gets +1|+1
  • Spell Shield: Nullifies the enemy's next spell or ability.
  • Barrier: Prevents taking damage for one round.
  • Stamina: Take 1 pointless damage.
  • Contender: You can choose who to attack.
  • Regeneration: Recover health at the end of each round.
  • Life Steal: The amount of hit points it inflicts on the enemy is added to the allied nexus.
  • Harmony: Recover +1 mana when summoned.
  • Can't Block:
  • Vulnerable: the enemy can select it to attack it with one of its cards when it has the Attack Token.
  • In Distress: Get +3|+3 when the deck has fewer than 15 cards.
  • Watcher: Prepare the attack when it is the first time that only units with Watcher are attacking.
  • Concentration: Cast immediately, but not in combat, or with other activated spell cards.
  • Flimsy: Removed after attacking or finishing a round.
  • Fleeting: Removed from hand when a round ends.

Spell keywords in Legends of Runeterra

In the spell cards, there are also several types of keywords, they are the following:

  • Slow: When it can be activated only when there is nothing on the battlefield, it also allows the opponent to react when cast.
  • Fast: when they can be cast at any time in the game. The only problem is that your enemy can also react using another fast spell.
  • Burst: They are activated instantly and the enemy cannot react.
These would be all the keywords that are in LoR, when you learn how each one of them works, you will surely have more chances of winning since this is something that will help you think better about your movements.