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Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok - Gullnamar's fortune, secrets and artifacts

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok - Gullnamar's fortune, secrets and artifacts

All treasures, equipment, armor, weapons, armor, and other activities in the region

In this guide, we talk about all the secrets, artifacts, and chests with platinum bars and equipment hidden in the Gullnamar region. Please note that some items in this guide are not described for the reason that we talked about them in the main walkthrough of the game.

Note. Some treasures and so on are described either in the main walkthrough of the game or in the side quest guide. This usually refers to resources hidden in the places you visit during the game's story.

At the excavations in Fornam (you will get in the story), a tattoo and a platinum ingot are hidden. Follow the dungeon entrance marker. Look up and shoot at the cargo anchor to break through the rocks from below. Go downstairs, put the jug near the other stones and blow it up. Take the platinum bar and the tattoo.

Before heading to Einar, head north from Onarthorp to activate a sync point at a place called Skidgard. There are a few useful things hidden here. First, go down the hill, but not all the way. Several lava flows from two rhombuses - large and small. There are corpses in the middle, and the first key to the chest is also there. Second, go down. If you don't have Raven Power, kill any raven and consume it. Use Odin's raven to see regular ravens. On the left side of the camp, at the bottom, there is a tree with a platform on which stands a chest. Otherwise, except to turn into a raven and land on it, picking up a platinum ingot from the chest will not work. Take the platinum ingot, break the boxes next to it, and pick up the second key. In the middle of the location, at the beginning of the ascent up the slope, there is an entrance to a small adit.

The side quest (dash secret) "Dverg in Trouble" can be found at the blue marker north of the "Skidgard" sync point. Go there, deal with the turs and free the dverg. Chat with him. Task completed.

Head northwest to the marker. Along the way, you can take part in your first raid in Svartalfheim. This will be an area called "Hvergelmir-mulne". Arriving at the location, hold down (do not press, but hold) the J key to start the raid. Together with your comrades, kill all enemies. Bring down three obelisks to get oligoclase. When you do this, the raid will end. You can open the map, mark the dull gold dots and collect loot from the chests. 

Two Skill Books can now be found in Uldar. One is closer. Climb up and use the light source to direct it to the cell above the door. The door will open and you can pick up the orb from the fire to the right of the source and place it on the plinth inside the room. Having done this, direct the first source to the second sphere in the pedestal. The door will close, but it has a grate, so the light will continue to flow to the second sphere. There is a window above the door. Climb inside and use the plinth to direct the orb to different cells above the doors. Behind one of the doors, there will be a note, behind the other - a skill book with the ranged skill "Kickback Arrow". A special electric arrow on impact stuns enemies around the target and strikes them with chain lightning.

A gem can be found in Uldar's Smelter. It will appear on the map after activating the synchronization point. Enter the smelter, go up the stairs and run to the left. At a dead-end, squeeze between the walls to find a stone.

Go outside and all in the same Old City, open the map and mark the scroll. Climb up the wall, follow the building in which the scroll is located, to find an open window next to it. Climb inside and take the heroic saga. If you enter this building from below and climb the stairs, you can find a chest with loot.

There is another Skill Book in the southern part of Uldar. Climb up the ledges at the indicated location until the book icon is flush. Enter inside the cave with the light source. There are reflectors on two walls. Use Muspelheim's power to stand in the lava and aim a beam of light at the first reflector. Search several rooms. If you activated the reflector in the south, then in one of the rooms there will be a skill book with the Ax of Fury melee skill. Unleash a series of powerful ax blows that stun the enemy. Press SHIFT+LMB at the right moment to deliver the finishing blow from bottom to top. This technique additionally consumes adrenaline. In the nearby cave, don't forget to pick up the tattoo. The same cave goes down, and around the turn on the right you can find an anvil with golden curls of Siv, Thor's wife. This is a mythical memory. Interact with the curls to listen to the story. The challenge will be completed and you will receive 1 skill point. And to pick up a platinum ingot, go to the indicated building and climb onto the visor outside to climb inside through the window. Walk along the rope and open the chest.

There is another bright spot of gold in the north of Uldar. It points to an item of equipment. Go to him, marking on the map. Climb to the upper part of the city, but not to the rock above it. 2369 Enter the cave. The direct path along the stairs to the desired item is blocked by a stone block. From here it cannot be moved. Stock up on energy and move to the right using Muspelheim's Force. Overcome the lava, go further along the corridors and shoot the red jug. After the explosion, enter the room, read the note and take the legendary fire turs bracers from the chest.

Also grab all the mules to collect oligoclases. In Stylln-müln there is not only an oligoclase, but also a tower with a heroic saga. Climb the outer wall to the pole with the open window, climb inside and take the scroll.

From Skidgard, move south, where there is a yellow dot on top of the flying shard. Upgrade your Raven Power to increase the duration. You will have to kill at least 10 ravens and collect 2 feathers from them. However, you have probably already killed some or searched the corpse of ravens, so the task will be simplified. Now fly to this shard, kill the enemies near the yellow dot and take the coal of Muspelheim.