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Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok - Eitri's Fortune, Secrets and Artifacts


Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok - Eitri's Fortune, Secrets and Artifacts

All treasures, equipment, armor, weapons, armor, and other activities in the region

In this guide, we talk about all the secrets, artifacts, and chests with platinum bars and equipment hidden in the Eitri region. Please note that some items in this guide are not described for the reason that we talked about them in the main walkthrough of the game.

Note. Some treasures and so on are described either in the main walkthrough of the game or in the side quest guide. This usually refers to resources hidden in the places you visit during the game's story.

There is a blue marker to the south indicating a side quest. There is a synchronization point nearby. Activate it. Now move clockwise from the synchronization point, collecting different items. There is a white dot to the west of it. Go to it (it is best to turn into a crow and fly), kill the enemies, climb onto the visor of the building and break the boards to get to the second floor through the window. There you will find a tattoo (you need to move a stone block to the side). Go further west, go around the high tower and shoot the red jar to blow up part of the floor. Climb down through the holes and get the ingot of platinum from the chest. A little to the left and higher on the map there is another white dot. To the side of the Mykinn tower. If possible, turn into a crow and fly to the indicated place. In the ruins, break the wooden box and take the gem.

There is another white dot further north from the gem. Fly there, move the crate out of the way and move the stone block in the ruins. In the niche, you will find a heroic saga. Mark the golden dot and move to the mansion on the mountain nearby. The door at the bottom of the mansion is locked. Climb the slope to the left, go around the mansion and see a lattice window with lava. Around the corner on the left, there is an altar that allows you to sacrifice health and restore hug. Fill the gauge, use Muspelheim's Power, and stand in the lava by the window. Shoot the bolt. Climb down, open the door and quickly go upstairs to open a chest with a platinum ingot. Run outside before you die from the effects of the poison.

Mark another gold point at Gul-Herad in the south, move there, and kill the Mistress of Fire, from which a platinum ingot will fall. To the east, towards Byarg-herad, a white spot can be found. Go there to find a building sunk into the ground. The entrance is blocked by stones. On the left, there is another building, near which lies a corpse. Go around the wall, slide the stone block towards you and take the red jug. Take it to the rocks and blow them up to find the heroic saga in the room.

There is a golden marker in the northern part of Byarg-herad. Go there and kill Brann, a dangerous thurs who will drop a platinum ingot. To the south there is a white marker. Go there, enter the ruins and move the stone block towards you. Climb it and rip off the tattoo sketch from the wooden support. Finally, go to the last golden marker. Kill the enemies outside. The entrance to the building is closed. One door is bolted and the other is locked. The key is in the nest on the tree to the left of the building, by the barn. Transform into a raven and land in this nest. Then take the key and open the merchant's house. Shoot the mount on the stairs and go up to the chest with the platinum ingot.