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Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok - Svaladal Fortune, Secrets and Artifacts

 All treasures, equipment, armor, weapons, armor, and other activities in the region

In this guide, we talk about all the secrets, artifacts, and chests with platinum bars and equipment hidden in the Svaladal region. Please note that some items in this guide are not described for the reason that we talked about them in the main walkthrough of the game.

Note. Some treasures and so on are described either in the main walkthrough of the game or in the side quest guide. This usually refers to resources hidden in the places you visit during the game's story.

It's time to head to the northeastern region of Svartalfaheim, Svaladal. From Erdbir's hideout, go north and activate the first sync point. Move east and clear Store Mull. You need to move from below, from the river. You can find four oligoclase altars. Now go west, follow through Gungnir-Smida, where there is another mythical memory. Just interact with the anvil marked with the appropriate marker. Climb the mountain and collect the tattoo from the small camp by the fire.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok - Svaladal Fortune, Secrets and Artifacts

To the south of the dwarven hideout is Dimmmulna. You can only get inside from the side of the river since the mule is located inside the cave. To the west of the shelter is Irkyandi-myulna. There you can find only one altar with oligoclase. You can clean it right away. It is noteworthy that there will be both ice and fire enemies.

Move to Gufatorp, which you will visit according to the plot of the game. A platinum ingot is hidden in a nearby building. To get inside, turn into a Thurs and look on the side for lava and a grate that can be opened. Get inside and go up the stairs. Move the stone block out of the way, shoot at the mount with a suspended load, and jump down after it. Take the ingot from the chest, break the boxes, slide the block and go outside. Optionally, you can collect loot from two small chests (dim gold dots on the map). And north of Gufathorp, there's another dverg in trouble. Just kill all the turds.

Enter the same building at the top, through the grate on the lava side. Climb up and break the jugs and boxes under the rack on the right with the bow. Get in there and pick up the gem. There is a white dot to the west of Gufathorp. Go there and pick up the heroic saga. She lies on a stump on a separate island with a tent.

Follow the Cache of Sol-ok Mani, where you will get into the story. One light source works during the day (the sun is depicted on the wall), and the other works at night (the moon is depicted on the wall). The source that works during the day is needed on assignments. Another source will be needed in order to open the large door, behind which is the Explosive Retreat Skill Book. If you have already found such a book, then the skill will be improved: for 10 seconds, the electric shield will reduce ongoing damage by half.

Go north to Tyarnar-mulne. Clear the area by raiding. You will find four oligoclase altars. From jotuns, in addition to the previous strength, you can knock out the Power of Winter (the “snowflake” icon). This is the last, fifth power for Reaper Hug. You deal 30% more damage to fire giants. Your attacks gradually freeze enemies. When the enemy is completely frozen, your next attack will break it into pieces. The fourth altar is inside the cave. Kill all enemies and break it. Climb the stairs to the left and look for a passage in the far corner. There is a light source in the room. Point it at the divider in the corner of the room. The beam will go through the shelves. Exit the room and run along the wall to the right. At the end, break a small layer of ice to go behind the wall and enter the room with the Book of Skills, which unlocks the new ranged skill, Split Shot. Fire ten electric arrows in a cone in front of you. Enemies hit will be knocked down and hit by chain lightning.

Before heading to Eitri, activate the remaining synchronization points in the region. Notice the top left. The path north leads to a tattoo and another mythical memory of the hammer Mjolnir. To the west of the sync point, there is another mythic memory and a tattoo. To the east of the synchronization, the point is the Aesir Gate. To the right, there is a white dot. This is a gem. You can also knock out an ingot of platinum from the enemy. Farther south, you'll find a dwarf in distress and a tattoo.

Further east, on the eastern coast of this area, Gapichus can be found. This is a flooded community. Dive under the water and swim inside the almost completely flooded house. Follow below through the hole and look for a chest with a platinum ingot. There are also two tall buildings. One of them contains a chest with a legendary weapon, and the other contains a key. Swim into this building where the key is located. To get inside, dive underwater and look for an open doorway. Swim-up and up the stairs. Search the room, destroy the bolt on the door and take the key from the small table. Follow the second high building and make your way inside through the open window on the side, along a small visor sticking out above the water. Open the grate with the key and shoot at the mount holding the load. Jump down and look underwater for a chest with a new weapon, the legendary atgeir Thorgrim's Last Breath. Powerful critical hits knock down enemies. To the east across the river, there is a riverside house. Swim inside it underwater and take the tattoo.

We are transferred to the northern part of Svaladal. South of the synchronization point (the northernmost in the region) is Gullthorp. Go there and kill the enemies. One of them is wearing a platinum bar. In one of the buildings, there is a chest with equipment. This is a Dwarven blacksmith's cloak. To get to it, activate the Muspelheim Force and enter the lava building. Move the stone block first to the right, and then towards you, to the stairs in the middle of the building. Climb up and take out the equipment. On the other side, you need to move a stone block to get out.

Below and to the left, if you move along the coast from this synchronization point, you can find a pier (an "anchor" marker will appear). There are white and gold dots to the northwest of it. Go there. From any corpse, take the Power of Jotunheim. If there is no Hug, look for flowers nearby. Then activate the power of Jotunheim and shoot at the red target on the other side. This will teleport you inside the room. Take the heroic saga and the platinum ingot from the chest. Return the same way outside.

Head north to the Eistreveda bridge to find another heroic saga. She will be surrounded by etuns, but they are easy to kill.

From Erdeig's hideout, head to the white dot to the west. There will be a tattoo (on an island with a tree in the middle of the lake).

Move to the synchronization point west of Store Mull, which is in the lower right corner of the region. Move due west to the Horfinn-nama settlement. First, climb inside the building through the visor and open window to find a tattoo sketch. There is a hole inside the building, on the first floor, but there will be a locked door. Go to the other side of the building, to the mountain to go inside the mine. There will be a poisonous cloud in the cave. Quickly move to the far right corner, through the cloud of poison, to get into another adit. Use Odin's vision and jump into the water. Look for the key at the bottom. After picking up the key, swim forward to another part of the cave. After doing this, you will find the door. Break the bolt. You have opened a door that allows you to get to the surface through the same house. Do this if you don't have Hug to go upstairs and exchange HP for Hug. Go back down and activate Muspelheim's Power to walk across the lava to the grate, which should be opened with the key. Behind the bars, you will find a chest with the legendary pants of the fire turs. Do not rush to leave here, but instead break the boards nearby and look for a chest with a platinum ingot. This place is fully explored!

Travel south from Horfinn-nam to Fidsthorp. It's a pretty tricky place. First, inspect the central building. Find the balcony on the east side of the third floor, on which there is a reflector. Climb up there and enter the building. There is a light source inside. Aim it at the golden dot above the door inside the building. In the closet, there will be a chest with loot and a sphere. Grab the orb and jump to the second floor through the hole. Place the sphere on the pedestal. Climb back up and this time turn the light source towards the balcony, onto the reflector. See where the light falls. Shoot your bow at the reflector blades in the ruins. Further light will hit the second floor. Aim the reflector clearly at the other sphere outside. Adjust the last reflector to the golden dot above the door. Go inside and take the Knockback Arrow Skill Book. If this is the second such book, you will receive a skill upgrade: when falling to the ground, the knocked-back enemy stuns nearby enemies. Head back outside and shoot the spinning reflector so the light hits the other sphere. You will be able to open the door on the other side of the tower and pick up the trousers of the Dverga blacksmith from the chest.

Go south and climb the mountain on the south side to find a turse camp. There will be a chest with a platinum ingot.

To the right and below Eitri (on the map) there are two white and one blue dots. The south one leads to a tattoo on a tree branch. Another white dot leads to a place with a curse, and a third leads to a dverg in distress.

Another Bloodhound of Suttunga is located east of Store Muln. It will be Lieth. Killing him will give you 2 skill points and a jotun helmet.

From the east sync point in the area, head west to Gnawandi Keep. At the very top of the tower, look for a tattoo. Then kill the enemies and find the Power of Jotunheim. Absorb it and climb the same tower, but to the level in front of the roof. Can break an ice wall, but it won't do anything. There is a window to the left of the wall. Activate the power of Jotunheim and move to the target outside the window. Take the ingot of platinum from the chest.

Look in the middle of the second region for another volcano shard floating above. Fly there as a raven, but on the condition that you have improved the duration of this Power. You will probably have to complete a side task in this region, in the center, from the blacksmith. He will return to the hideout, and you can spend Muspelheim Coal to upgrade the Reaper and gain a power that allows you to extend the duration of any Power for 15 seconds. This is important in order to fly to a high stone.