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 In Lost Ark, you can explore a large number of islands to get rewards! Discover Astella!

Lost Ark is finally available in Europe since this Friday, February 11, 2022, and within the game, you will be able to discover a huge world with many places to explore using your boat. The game is a real success, so much so that it is a victim of it as evidenced by the queues and the current matchmaking problems on the game.

Among the game's notable explorable areas is one called Astella Island. On this island, you have the opportunity to win a large number of rewards.

Astella Island in Lost Ark

Astella Island is an optional island on Lost Ark that you don't need to complete if you don't want to complete the game 100%. However, if you're looking to get all the mokoko seeds and all the island symbols, you'll have to drop by. 

To get the island symbol of Astella Island, you will notice shooting stars falling from the sky that you can pick up. With any luck, you'll find the island symbol of Astella there.

On this island, you will be able to perform an Una task that is important to perform and repeat until tier 3 to receive a statistics potion. Finally, you can find 4 Mokoko Seeds on Astella.

Mokoko location and secret door

Among the possible rewards of the island, you will find in particular the token of the island of Astella, but also two mounts, chests of rewards of improvement of object of tier 2.