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Bonus Tips for Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross


Bonus Tips for Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Without a doubt, Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross has become not only one of the best games adapted to the "Seven Deadly Sins" franchise but also one of the most acclaimed in the anime and gacha genre.

The reasons for this success are many, being able to highlight its constant updating and new content that is added to the game, also the events, the fidelity with which the events of the manga are represented, among other strong points. Due to this, more and more players want to start in this excellent game.

In addition, this wonderful title has a very active community of players who help each other and where you can socialize while you learn the basics of the game and even ask some questions. There's no reason not to give Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross a try, especially if you're a fan of the series.

And if you are interested in starting to play this title, this interests you, because we have compiled a series of tips that can be very helpful for you to take your first steps and not waste certain resources that you will need later. In addition, we invite you to take a look at our complete Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross guide, where you will find very useful content for you.

Tips for Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross that will help you progress faster

When you start in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, you are likely to be overwhelmed by all the content the game has to offer and not know where to start or what to do. In fact, a very common scenario as you climb the first few account levels is that you get certain valuable resources and spend them unnecessarily thinking that you have too much of it.

The latter is a very common mistake among new players but should be avoided, as these materials will be needed later and will be difficult for you to farm. It is for this reason that we have prepared some additional tips focused on providing a kind of guide or light to the players during their first steps in the game.

The tips that we will provide you range from tips on what to invest your time in, to other recommendations that will allow you to be more efficient on a daily basis, in addition to helping you enjoy all the content that 7DSGC has for you.

Play the story mode as far as you can

The first recommendation that we make has to do directly with the story mode since it is the mode that you can play when you take your first steps. However, through this you are going to unlock other functions and modes, so you could leave it aside eventually.

You should avoid leaving the story mode to focus on another mode, and instead spend as much time as you can advancing as far as the level of your units allows you. The reason is simple, as you will not only be unlocking features and mods, but you will also be getting a lot of important materials as you complete the main story missions.

All this without counting the secondary missions, where you can also get many prizes. It is important that you try to advance as far as you can and when you get stuck in a scenario, you must make an effort to improve your units to be able to beat it. It is recommended that you do it at least until you beat the first season chapter of the battle in Liones.

Max out the level with the villages

The next tip that we prepared is a bit related to the previous one and it is that you should max out the friendship level with the villages. As you may already know, you will be constantly visiting these sites when you complete the main and secondary missions of the game.

However, once you finish the main and subplot quests, there will still be other special quests from the village, which usually consist of helping NPCs with a problem they have. By doing so, you will gain friendship points that will gradually fill up a meter.

The most important thing is to bring your friendship level to 5, as this will mean that you will have completed the village quests and, therefore, you will receive a great reward of 30 diamonds. In other words, you get enough materials for a multi-summon, as we explained in the hero recall guide above.

In addition, as rewards from those village quests, you will also get some equipment, cooking ingredients, and other materials that always come in handy. For all this and more, it is recommended that you spend your time maximizing the friendship of all the villages you pass through on your adventure.

Save diamonds for future banners

One of the most important tips, especially for new players starting this fun game, has to do with diamonds, which are a farmable resource.

If you are just starting out in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, we advise you to save your diamonds as much as possible. This is a very valuable material and with which you can get certain items, mainly new heroes that are added in themed events for a limited time. However, since the higher rarities are less likely to be summoned, you're going to need a lot of diamonds.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is read our diamond farming guide, where you will learn the different means of obtaining this material and then you must have a saving mentality. When doing this, it is normal that you miss some character banners, but it will help you always stay with diamonds to try to get certain heroes.

It is understandable that being a game of the gacha genre, one of its main attractions is the summons, but you must have a mentality of saving this resource to avoid being left at zero and regretting it when a very powerful banner is added.

Join a Chivalric Order

As soon as you beat the battle chapter in Liones where the Sins face the Holy Knights controlled by Hendrickson, who was possessed by demon blood, you will unlock the ability to join a Guild or Order of Chivalry.

It is important that you join one of these as soon as possible, as it will give you access to many features and game modes, such as the Chief of the Order. All of these will allow you to obtain more materials necessary to improve your units to their maximum and strengthen them to continue defeating the other scenarios of this title.

Being in a Chivalry Order you can enjoy several benefits, not only the help of your guild members but also being able to buy materials in the special shop, participate in the Orders showdown, fight against the Boss, among others. All this adds more fun to the game. In addition, it is a way to get some diamonds that always come in handy.

And if you don't know which order to join, the game itself offers you some suggested guilds based on your level and where you can have a high level of participation. However, it is recommended that you be part of one that is active and has an open channel of communication.

Play all Death Matches daily

If you read our Boss Battle guide, you will know that there are a total of 6 scenarios that you can play daily and get some resources, including Equipment Runes. By doing this you will be able to activate the death clashes of demons and get the materials so that your characters can exceed their maximum level cap.

To properly take advantage of this daily event, you need to play all 6 scenarios continuously to activate the mentioned battles. This way you can maximize the demon ears farm you need to upgrade your characters. And if you finish all your attempts and you didn't manage to activate the demon you need, you can always count on the invitation of your friends, since it is a modality that is played together.

Try not to miss any daily scenario of the Boss Battle or of the demon, because remember that it is better to have materials to spare than to have some missing at an important moment.

And as a bonus tip, if you have any of the characters added with the Hell of Demon Showdowns difficulty, you can add them to your lineup to ensure you get resources to upgrade outfits and weapons, but there are also other units whose passive ability allows you to guarantee the activation of a specific daemon.

Repeated heroes: upload your Ultimate or buy in the Coin-shop?

This is a very frequent doubt that players have since when they obtain a duplicate hero, it will be converted into a silver, gold, or platinum coin, depending on the rarity of the same. The function of this item is to increase the level of the ultimate ability card of the character in question, which translates into a considerable damage increase when used in battle.

However, there is also another use and that is that from the store interface you can find the coin store menu, were using this material you can redeem some prizes. Among the available resources, we have SR and SSR earrings, stamina potions, books, chalices, among many more. Although the most important are the heroes.

Indeed, through the coin shop, you can unlock other heroes that you do not have available in your unit roster, although you will have to pay a certain number of coins. The most interesting and important are the SSR characters that require 3 platinum coins. Within these, we can find Gowther and Escanor, both with a Strength attribute, although there are many more units. The particularity of the two that we have mentioned is that they are extremely useful at the beginning of the game and even later.

Therefore, what you should do with your coins will depend a bit on you. If you get duplicates of powerful units that you are using in the game scenarios, then it is recommended that you level up his Ultimate, but if not, then opt to collect the amount you need to buy in the coin shop or coin- shop.

Participate in the Vaizel Fighting Festival

If there is one game mode in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross that you should always take part in, it would be the Vaizel Fight Festival. This PVP mode allows players to face each other in real-time, experiencing fierce and very fun battles where the strength of each one is measured.

However, beyond how fun this modality is, the most important thing is its prizes, because this PVP event is one of the best ways to get diamonds and even SSR equipment if you compete and go to the top of the table. leaderboard.

These prizes are distributed based on the division you are in, but the most recommended thing, especially if you are not a big fan of PVP scenarios, is that you participate until you reach the Gold 3 division, since this will ensure you 30 diamonds weekly, which translates to a multi-summon.

Obviously, if you enjoy the competitive game you can continue playing and improving the amount of diamonds you receive, as well as accessory chests that will allow you to randomly get equipment for the heroes.

Focus on one team to start

When you're starting out, it's best to try to build a team that's suitable for all of the early stages of the game, so you can focus your resources on these characters and not make the mistake of trying to buff too many at once.

The latter is an inefficient practice that only makes you waste resources on units that you will not use later and that can serve the equipment that you use to overcome the game scenarios.

Avoid wasting Gold and Earrings

At the beginning of the game, you probably feel that Gold is a resource that you handle well and of which you have a lot of. However, as you progress and unlock new character upgrade features, you will realize that this is not the case. In fact, it is one of the rarest and in which you should pay attention not to waste.

It is important that you always keep in mind the fact that Gold is a scarce resource and do not spend it on unnecessary things. In addition, you can take advantage of the modes of Fort Solgres where you can obtain Treasure Chests to sell them and get more gold so that you never lack.

The same goes for Earrings, especially SSRs, which are hard to come by and are required in large amounts for your characters to exceed their level cap. Take full advantage of all the game modes that offer them to you as a reward.