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 In Lost Ark, you will be able to face many bosses including one called Calventus. You are told where he is and how to defeat him.

Lost Ark is playable for free on PC and within the game, players can access many activities such as dungeons, but also bosses.

Some players are also trying to find out where they will be able to find one of these famous bosses, namely Calventus who can be encountered at level 3 during the Guardian Raid.

Where can we face Calventus in Lost Ark?

If you're looking to find out where you can find and face Calventus in Lost Ark who is one of the raid bosses, well, you're going to have to raid Guardian and do tier 3. In order to face him effectively, you will need at least an ilvl of 880.

Calventus being a raid boss, he has multiple patterns that will change depending on the phases he goes through. In total, he has three different phases, including the last where he becomes enraged. For how the fight goes and what attacks he can do, you can check out the video below from Nassem.

After defeating him, you are going to have three possible loot, namely a Guardian Stone, a Destruction Stone or a Flurry Rune.