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Chivalric Order in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Chivalric Order in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

 Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a mobile title that rewards and recognizes teamwork on the part of players, and even encourages it through specific modalities such as Death Matches against Demons, for example. While it is true that individually you can enjoy a great experience with this game, if you join other users, you will have a better time.

In this way, the Order of Chivalry, also known simply as “ Guild ”, was born, which brings together several players in the same guild and gives them access to new functions, as well as interesting and fun modes with many rewards.

If you are just starting out, we recommend that you join a Chivalric Order as soon as possible, as you will receive many benefits for it. And to go deeper into this system, we explain it in detail in the next few lines. Also, we invite you to take a look at our complete Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross guide, where you will find the informative content you need to get the most out of this title.

What is the Chivalric Order in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross?

To begin with, it is important to know what the Order of Chivalry itself is. Its concept is easy to understand since it is a kind of guild or clan, in which various players from the server in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross meet. The Orders have several levels, which increase as the users have constant participation and fulfill the tasks that are assigned daily.

But this is not all, as being part of a Chivalric Order gives players access to a wide variety of content, as well as new ways to win some attractive prizes, not to mention the Boss they can face.

In addition, in recent updates, the Orders Competition event was added, which brings even more fun and competition to being part of a Chivalric Order. Without a doubt, as soon as possible, you should join one of these guilds. Fortunately, from this selection interface, the system offers you some suggestions about the Orders that may correspond to your level.

And in case you were wondering, this feature is available once you beat the story mode chapter set in the Kingdom of Liones. When you defeat him, you will already be able to access this menu, which appears as a floating option from the tavern screen.

How does the Chivalric Order work in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross?

If you don't know everything about how a Chivalric Order works, you may join one and it goes unnoticed by you and you lose many opportunities and attractive prizes, like diamonds, for example.

When you are part of a Chivalric Order, daily missions are unlocked for you that you must complete within this system to obtain some rewards. The experience does not change much, since all the content is available through the clan interface itself.

To access it, you must click on the floating Order menu in the game lobby, which will take you to a screen with information about the guild you are in, such as its level, requirements to join, the name of the leader, among others. In addition, you will also be able to consult the daily tasks that you must carry out, among other options.

However, the option that interests us is the one that allows us to move to the guild and that says exactly that. By doing so, it will take us to the stage of our Order, from where we can access all the content and possibilities that it offers, which we will tell you about shortly.

You can also add your guild members as in-game friends to make it easier to team up and send support requests to each other when facing various Fiends or World Bosses. Without a doubt, it is a function designed for teamwork.

What can you do in the Chivalric Order in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross?

As we have mentioned, being part of a Chivalric Order in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross gives players access to a lot of new and fun content that will enhance their gaming experience, making them look forward to daily activities.

But to detail this in the best possible way, below we will tell you everything you can do in the Chivalric Order in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross.

The daily record

First of all, we must mention the Daily Log, which is available within the Order scenario, specifically in a pillar of light located near the NPC of the store.

As its name says, we must access this interface daily to register, which would be like a demonstration that we are active that day. The more players and guild members make such a registration, the better it will be, because we will be able to get some rewards, which are quite good, considering the effort,

If 5 members sign up they get some C Treasure Chests, if 10 users sign up then the prize will be UC Treasure Chests, if 15 sign up then the reward will be R Treasure Chests, but if 20 users sign up then it will be R Treasure Chests . of SR treasure and a diamond. From this point, the prizes improve.

If 25 members sign up, the prize will be an SR Treasure Chest and a Diamond, and lastly, if 30 sign up, the rewards will be a UR Treasure Chest and another Diamond.

the order shop

The Order shop is run by an NPC between the Daily Login pillar and the Clan War pillar. Through this interface, we will be able to sell items that we have in our inventory and do not need, but we will also be able to buy others.

The product catalog is limited according to the level of our Order, so the higher it is, the more content we will have access to. Through this store, we can buy from some power-up items for the Clan War to rare materials to improve the heroes.

Order competition

It is an event that takes place periodically, in which the system brings together 64 guilds and organizes them into 16 leagues made up of 4 each. They will have to fight with each other for 12 days to get the winners, who will receive many rewards, such as coins for the store and diamonds, which is the most important thing.

It is important to point out that in this modality, the Order must assign heroes to defensive and offensive positions, which cannot be used again by another player, including those associated with the main ones. All this is at the stage of preparation.

Once the confrontation begins, they will have to obtain the most points and conquer more enemy bases than their opponent. In the end, whoever has reached these milestones will rise as the most powerful guild and the rewards will be sent to the members.

Order Boss Battle

Last but certainly not least, we have the Order Boss Battle, which is an event that is active and available to all guild members . We previously explained everything about this modality in a complete guide to Chief of the Order , but we will summarize it for you a bit.

Basically it is an event in which players must face a powerful boss and defeat it, earning points . With this score they will be able to position themselves in an internal ranking of the guild and obtain many rewards.