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Complete walkthrough of Ghostwire: Tokyo. How to complete story missions and get all endings


Complete walkthrough of Ghostwire: Tokyo. How to complete story missions and get all endings

Action Ghostwire: Tokyo from the Japanese studio Tango Gameworks will introduce the player to the mysterious world of supernatural forces. After the mysterious disappearance of all the inhabitants of the city, the hero will have to learn magical abilities in order to repel the attacks of demons and find the missing sister. In this guide, we will walk you through all of the story missions in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Chapter 1: Beginning

In this episode, the player will get acquainted with the initial combat techniques and skills of the hero. The location is linear, so in each mission, you need to move along the markers.

Disappearance. How to get to the hospital

After the introductory video, in which the player will be introduced to the main character Akito, we follow all the instructions of the voice - we learn to block and attack enemies. We get on a straight road to the hospital and absorb the energy of otherworldly matter. After completing this action, we go inside the building to complete the task.

City of shadows. How to find Chambers Marie

We follow the corridor and the meetings of two demons. Use stealth to get around the enemies or defeat them with a standard attack. We open the first ethereal weaving.

We go up the escalator to the second floor. At the end of the corridor, we attack the enemy and pull out the core. We follow the marker.

On the way to Mari's chamber, you will have to defeat a few more enemies.

You can also break otherworldly matter from a chair and a vending machine.

We open the door to the sister's room and watch the cut-scene - the masked man Hannya and his assistants will take Marie. We leave the hospital.

Chapter 2: Threat

At the beginning of the chapter, the linear narrative will continue. Later, the player will enter a small open area, in which additional tasks will appear. The hero will learn how to dispel the fog, visit the partner's hideout and fight the first full-fledged battle with the boss.

QC. How to get katashiro and upgrade it

We follow to the point indicated on the map and find the blue arch.

On the way, we avoid white fog, which reduces the level of the hero's health.

We inspect the gate and clear the torii. Inside the sanctuary, we pick up the katashiro and the treasure. You can increase the storage capacity of an item at merchants. For 3000 units of local currency, the cat will sell one level of improvement. At an early stage, it is not recommended to buy too many of them, otherwise, there will not be enough money for other useful items.

Moving on to the next marker. The dog will notice the demons. We defeat enemies in a short period of time and save the spirits with the help of katashiro.

We find a telephone booth under the pedestrian bridge, enter the number and send the spirits behind the veil. Let's watch a short video.

On the marker we reach Yugenzake. On the way, we can look into the store and buy a couple of useful items.

We fold the sign on the indicated door to remove the protection and go inside the building.

How to clear the fog. How to get out of the veil

We use a projector in a large room. We open the box near the tables with monitors and pick up weapons. Next, we examine the photo and go outside. The apartment is also full of rare items and notes to explore.

Now you need to get out of the veil in a short period of time, otherwise, the hero will die. We rise to the top floor, break the stone and go into the apartment at the end of the flight of stairs.

We follow in a straight line and shoot from a bow at an object. We immediately run out of the apartment and climb two floors higher. We make our way through several rooms. For this, we use squats and jumps.

In the closet, we break the stone of the curtain and get out into the street.

Near the blue ball, use ghostly vision and follow the shadow to the filth.

Use the new skill again and break the core. Some of the fog will dissipate, but Akito will lose the trail of the spirit.

Deadly labyrinth. How to get the fire skill

Let's go to the marker. On the way, we will notice a tengu to which you need to be attracted.

Akito will be on the roof and learn to glide in the air. Access to side quests will open. For example, in the quest "Spring cleaning" the hero needs to get to the point indicated on the map and clear the area from enemies.

We reach Shiroyama Shrine. We destroy all enemies in the zones and clear the torii.

We use ghost vision more often to highlight the location of objects and demons. Once the area is cleared, fast travel will unlock.

We reach the marker and find a fiery sphere.

Before entering the room, we can use the box of offerings and get a variety of items for the previously accumulated currency.

We follow further to the indicated point on the map. You won't be able to get into the fog, so you'll have to climb onto the roof and clear another sanctuary. To do this, you need to remove the filth and climb onto the construction site. We get down to the lower floor and try to clean the sanctuary.

The hero will be attacked by a girl with scissors. Keep our distance and defeat the demon with the help of skills.

We clear the sanctuary and inspect the water sphere for new skills. We get out on the street. The fog will dissipate, so we can easily run to the Kagerie observation deck. We kill all enemies and rise to the roof.

We use binoculars - the shadow is near the descent into the subway. We get to the marker and go to the subway.

Underground chase. How to get to the boss

Activate the blue sphere and follow the ghost. We defeat the demons and get to the point.

To do this, you have to go down to the very bottom and run along the subway rails. We make our way through a huge underground construction site and enter into a fight with the boss.

How to defeat the Yaseotoko boss

The player will have to fight with a powerful opponent - the servant of the main villain. In this battle, it is recommended to stay as far away from the enemy as possible. The boss casts a fire beam and green shots and often soars into the air and lands down.

In the latter case, the enemy deals area damage. The only way to avoid injury is by jumping. Yaseotoko also uses a shield against the hero's attacks.

We try to pull out the core as soon as the enemy is seriously injured, and watch the cut-scene.

Now the player will not be able to use magical powers. Carefully climb to the surface. Silently defeat the enemy on the left and climb the bridge.

At the very end, we kill another enemy and follow them to the big stairs. If the hero is noticed, you will have to use a bow. On the marker we get to the orange door, kill the demon from the back and get out.

Underground twin. How to return the magic

We follow to the indicated point in the apartment of KK. We get acquainted with the partner's girlfriend and go out into the street.

We move behind the black smoke and defeat all the enemies along the way.

We pass deep into the Hirokawa Shrine.

After a short video, we kill the demons. A huge beam will appear in the sky. This concludes the current chapter.