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Core Keeper: Get Scarlet Ore

 Scarlet Ore is among the best materials you can get in Core Keeper. We reveal where you can find the resource.

Core Keeper: Get Scarlet Ore

In our guide to Scarlet Ore in Core Keeper you will learn:

  • What do you need Scarlet Ore for
  • What are the requirements to find Scarlet Ore
  • Where to find Scarlet Ore

Why do I need Scarlet Ore?

Scarlet Ore is one of the most valuable materials in Core Keeper. As soon as you have fused it into Scarlet Bars on a Smelter Kiln, you can use it not only to build a new workbench and a new anvil, but also to craft numerous new items, pieces of armor, and even weapons with it.

Tip: The Scarlet armor is currently the best armor in the game. As soon as you have the opportunity to craft it, you should definitely do it.

Requirements to find Scarlet Ore

Before you can find Scarlet Ore, you must defeat the three world bosses: "Ghorm the Devourer", "The Hive Mother" and "Glurch the Abominous Mass". Then you use their three items (Ghorm's Horn, Heart of the Hive Mother, and Glurch Eye) to activate the core.

Where can I find Scarlet Ore?

Once you've activated the core, head to the edge of the map. The wall that previously stopped you from moving forward now disappears when you approach it.

Behind the wall the green nature area " Azeos' Wilderness " awaits you. Keep an eye out for the glittering resource deposits - behind them lies the coveted Scarlet Ore. You need at least one Iron Pickaxe to mine.

Before you head back home, collect at least 25 Scarlet Bars - you need them to build the Scarlet Workbench. You can only craft other items with scarlet bars on this workbench.