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CORSAIR K70 RGB PRO review | Modern technology in a classic guise

 With Corsair keyboards you can basically be sure that you are paying a lot of money, but you are also getting reasonable quality and reliable technology. The manufacturer has made a name for itself over the years and the success of keyboards like the K70 proves this impressively. The same has now received another refresh, which is now called the K70 RGB PRO and costs a whopping 199.99 euros. We are of course in the high-end segment and the keyboard has a lot to prove.

The fact that Corsair continues to make no compromises when it comes to the processing of the keyboards becomes clear as soon as the K70 RGB PRO is unpacked. As usual, you get such a sturdy keyboard that you're tempted to pound nails in the wall with it. A robust plastic body, and the rock-hard aluminum frame... fits. The fact that Corsair has now also given the K70 double-shot PBT keycaps is the crowning glory. Nothing wears out that quickly.

The package also includes a palm rest, which is attached with a magnet and also has two guide lugs. Together with the large anti-slip rubber, the keyboard stands as if nailed to the desk, but at 444 x 166 x 40mm it also takes up a lot of space. The connection is made via a USB-C to USB-A cable, but the USB passthrough had to believe in it. And since the USB-C port is recessed, not every cable fits if you want to swap it out.

CORSAIR K70 RGB PRO review | Modern technology in a classic guise

The K70 is a full-format keyboard, but it doesn't have separate macro keys. You will find three buttons for profile selection, lighting brightness, and Windows key lock at the top left. On the top right are dedicated buttons for media control, mic mute, and volume control, which got a lot more love this time around in terms of quality. There's also a tournament mode switch with a latch on the back that switches to single-color lighting and locks out prohibited functions.

As far as the switches are concerned, Corsair once again relies on Cherry and offers the K70 RGB PRO with the linear Cherry MX Red and the nimble Cherry MX Speed ​​Silver. Both linear switches are primarily intended for gaming. The fact that Corsair has a heart for ambitious gamers and e-sports enthusiasts is also clear from the inside, which has undergone the greatest revision.

The K70 RGB PRO has been given AXON technology. The same offers 8,000 Hz hyperpolling and 4,000 Hz key scanning, which enables a reduction in input lag from the most common 1 ms to 0.25 ms. For the normal gamer, this should be less important, but in e-sports, where fractions of a second are involved, this can definitely be an advantage. It goes without saying that the keyboard also has N-Key rollover and anti-ghosting.

CORSAIR K70 RGB PRO review | Modern technology in a classic guise

The keyboard is again configured using the iCUE software, which is a bit complex to use but offers an extensive repertoire of features, from complex RGB lighting and macros to key assignments and profiles for selected gamers. Thanks to 8 MB memory, you can store up to 50 profiles and call them up at the touch of a button.

As expected, the K70 RGB PRO does not have any dropouts in practical use. The keyboard responds quickly to inputs, and the proven Cherry switches work precisely. However, we did notice a small flaw and that is almost a Corsair signature: Some keys, especially the space bar, have a clear reverberation when hit. That's no big deal, but it's surprising that this keeps coming up on Corsair keyboards.


Successful refreshment of the classic

The Corsair K70 RGB PRO, unsurprisingly, once again plays at the forefront of the best gaming keyboards. The workmanship is high quality, the built-in technology is modern and there is nothing to complain about in terms of performance in practical use. Sure, the 8,000 Hz hyperpolling technology doesn't make sense for every gamer - normal gamers will hardly notice it. But for ambitious gamers and e-sports enthusiasts, the reduction in input lag to just a quarter is certainly an argument to make the investment. However, Corsair will apparently never be able to get the clear reverberation noises of some keys under control. But you can get over that because the rest is just right.


  • robust processing
  • useful additional keys
  • Wrist rest with magnetic attachment
  • Cherry switches
  • durable PBT keycaps
  • 8,000 Hz hyperpolling
  • up to 50 profiles


  • again clear reverberation with some keys
  • no USB passthrough