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 In Lost Ark, you must defeat certain enemies to complete your Adventure Tome! This is the case of the Crocodile Predator!

Lost Art is a Korean MMORPG that arrived in Europe and America on February 11, 2022. The game is free to play and has very wide content for all players. Unfortunately, the European servers are currently victims of their success and it is difficult to connect to them at certain times of the day. 

Like other MMORPGs on the market, Lost Ark invites you to create a character and level it up by chaining quests and dungeons in Achesia. Once level 50, many activities are available to you, including Una's tasks, dungeons, but also completing your adventurer's tome to obtain rewards. As part of this content, you must defeat the Crocodile Predator.

Where is the Crocodile Predator in Lost Ark?

The Predatory Crocodile is found in the Eastern Luteran region and more specifically in the Croconys Coast area. Contrary to the Croc Predator, it is not a Crocodile but a Giant Crab. you can find it here:  

Lost Ark Predator Crocodile location

To help you, you can watch this video on YouTube which shows you the location of the Crab and how to access it:

You should have no trouble finding the Croc Predator in Lost Ark since it's a large grabe surrounded by smaller crabs. It's not really a boss, but more of an elite mob.