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Diamond Farming Guide in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

 Since you start playing Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, you realize that one of the most important, as well as scarce, resources are diamonds, as they have many uses within the game. Also, new players are often advised to save them as much as possible, as when they are taking their first steps and leveling up their account, there are more ways to get them.

The latter is essential to know and many players wonder what are all the means that exist to get diamonds. And if you are also interested in knowing this, you have come to the right place, because in the next few lines we will tell you everything you need to know about it; from what they are used for, why they are important and we will also go over the ways to farm them.

This information interests you, especially if you are a player who does not plan to spend real money, although we already told you that this is one of the fastest ways to obtain them. We also invite you to take a look at our complete Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross guide, where you will find very useful information that will help you be more efficient in farming and master each section of this wonderful mobile title.

What are diamonds in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross and what are they used for?

Essentially, diamonds in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross are a special farmable material or resource, which allows us to use them to acquire various items. It could be said that this is the most valuable resource that exists in this game, but also one of the most difficult to obtain since it requires a lot of patience and a saving mentality to achieve it.

Currently, the main use of diamonds is to get most of the characters available in the game through hero recall, which is basically a system of random summons, where each unit has a small percentage of being achieved.

To summon a hero, it takes 3 diamonds, but there is a better summon offer where we pay 30 diamonds and we can get 11 heroes in the random recall. Obviously, the higher rarity characters are more difficult, so it is important to always have a large amount of this resource with the intention of ensuring it.

But this is not all, since another use that is given to diamonds is to reroll or raffle again some sub-attribute that you have obtained from the equipment when you do not have hammers or anvils. However, it is not recommended that players spend this vital resource on this, but save it to try to get new characters.

Why is it important to farm and save diamonds in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross?

Why is it important to farm and save diamonds in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross?

In case you still don't understand, diamonds are resources whose main use is to get new characters. This means that they are extremely important material since more powerful heroes with more interesting mechanics are constantly being added, which are necessary to overcome PVE scenarios more easily, as well as to be able to stay in competitive modes where we face others. players.

However, it is of little use to know all the means to obtain diamonds if we do not have savings in mind. This is important, especially for new players, as trying to reach a large amount of diamonds will not only allow them to secure the character they add in the temporary summon event but also allow them to always keep enough diamonds to summon for the rest.

Therefore, if you want to get the most powerful heroes and even the festival ones they add, while still being able to sustain yourself with some diamonds for later events, then you should dedicate yourself to maximum farming with a saving mentality. Having said all of the above, it is time to tell you about the methods to get diamonds.

How to get diamonds in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross?

One of the best mechanics in the gacha section that Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross has and that not all titles of the same genre share, are the insured heroes.

In this game from the Seven Deadly Sins franchise, a reward mechanic has been introduced that rewards you when you spend diamonds on summons. In other words, when you reach a certain number of summon attempts, you will automatically receive a guaranteed SSR rarity character and when you reach another milestone, frequently 900 spent diamonds, you will get the guaranteed banner hero.

Therefore, it is necessary to take full advantage of all the methods that Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross offers to farm diamonds. And if you don't know what they are, don't worry, because then we'll tell you about them and we'll explain in detail what you should do.

main story missions

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a game that has a story mode that faithfully replicates the content that we have seen in the series and read in the manga. Throughout this mode, we will be overcoming various missions in the available chapters, which would be the story arcs.

Fulfilling the missions of the story mode offers us many prizes, which are quite varied. However, within these we have to highlight the diamonds since by overcoming some battles or participating in certain dialogues related to the main plot, we can gradually collect some diamonds, which is always good. But it is necessary to point out that there are not always reward diamonds.

Story side quests

In the same way that we have main missions related to the story mode, we also have secondary ones. These are not necessary for the development of the plot or for us to continue with the chapters of the adventure, but they are a great way to obtain various rewards, such as ingredients for dishes, materials, and many diamonds.

In fact, some secondary missions offer us 2, 3, and even 5 diamonds as a reward, simply for overcoming them. In addition, these add fun to the game and favor the exploration of the world of the Seven Deadly Sins. Without a doubt, these missions are one of the easiest ways to farm diamonds, especially when you are just starting out in the game and there is a lot of content to overcome.

Complete the village quests

It is important to note that story side quests are not the same as village quests. As you may already know, in the Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross game, we have the chance to explore the settings, towns, cities, and villages that we visit together with the protagonists when we beat the main story. It's like a kind of mini-open world.

After we beat the chapter of the main story corresponding to a village, this does not mean that we are finished here, since the missions of the place still remain. These have their own story and force us to interact with various NPCs scattered throughout the village, who assign us missions. Once we complete them, we will receive some diamonds, although they will mainly be ingredients.

But this is not all, since it should be mentioned that each village allows us to farm friendship with it, which in turn unlocks new missions for us. Once we reach level 5 of friendship, we can participate in all the tasks that it has for us. And when we achieve it; that is, if we complete 100% of a village, we will immediately receive 30 diamonds, which translates into a withdrawal of 11 heroes. It is an excellent way to farm this resource, although it requires time.

Do the daily quests

Every day, when we access the game, we will have at our disposal a series of tasks or missions assigned by each of the members of the Seven Deadly Sins. These are very varied and can be from cooking a dish, playing in Fort Solgres, participating in the Vaizel Fighting Festival, facing each other in the Boss Battle, among others.

Obviously, each of these tasks will reward us with rewards, but the ones that interest us are the ones that provide diamonds. In fact, on average you can get about 3 diamonds with this method, which always adds up and comes in handy.

Complete character tasks

When you're starting out in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, and as you unlock new characters through the story mode, you'll be given some quests for these heroes. These are basically tasks that you have to accomplish, such as leveling it up, evolving it to UR rarity, and so on.

All these small missions allow you to get some materials as prizes, of which we must highlight the diamonds. In fact, when you're just starting out, they're a great way to slowly build up diamonds. Also, considering the number of heroes you unlock, it's a pretty good overall reward.

fulfill the achievements

A reward mechanic in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, which is available to all players, from beginners to the most advanced, are achievements. This is an interface of special missions or milestones that we must fulfill as we play.

When the achievements are fulfilled, we receive some special items, which will accumulate. In the lower area, we can see a bar that fills up and corresponds to the achievement points we have obtained and those we need to obtain a reward. These prizes are diamonds.

In the beginning, the diamonds we receive are 10, but as we complete the missions and get more points, the prizes also increase, going to 15, then 20 diamonds, and so on. These tasks can be to earn a specific amount of gold, reach a certain account level, get a certain number of heroes, among others.

Vaizel Fighting Festival Rewards

It can be said that participating in the Vaizel Fighting Festival is the most efficient way to farm diamonds. As you may already know, this PVP tournament has different divisions in which we have to position ourselves and each one offers different prizes on a weekly basis, which are diamonds and accessory chests.

If you manage to qualify in the Gold 3 division, then weekly you will receive 30 diamonds as a prize. And if you stay in this category for the whole month, then that would be 120 guaranteed diamonds, not counting the ones you get from the other methods. Obviously, the higher you go in the ranking, the better the rewards, even getting up to 60 diamonds weekly.

Play the special events

In Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, new limited-time special events are constantly being added. These allow players to overcome different scenarios and get many attractive rewards. Within these, it is also possible to obtain many additional diamonds, which always come in handy.

It is recommended that players do not neglect the events and complete them in their entirety to maximize the amount of prizes and diamonds that can be farmed. In addition, the game usually includes many special missions, which is very good for users.

HawkPass Rewards

The special pass or HawkPass is another great way to get some diamonds for completing certain special missions. However, as a feature that requires real money investment to get the most out of it, it's not for all players, but we mention it anyway.

Buy diamond packs with money

Obviously, the fastest and most direct way to get a lot of diamonds in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is by buying packages from the store, although for this you must pay with real money. This is not an option for everyone, but it should also be mentioned. And if you can afford to spend on the game, you will find very attractive offers.

Raise affinity with heroes

In the hero improvement menu, you can find many functions, but the one that interests us this time is affinity. It is a system in which we will have to give food or an affinity potion to the character to increase a friendship bar.

In the process, when we reach certain levels, we will get some rewards, such as being able to hear dialogues from the hero and even a weapon or outfit for the unit. However, upon reaching level 3, we are rewarded with a diamond, which may not seem like much, but keep in mind that it is 1 per character, it will add up eventually.

Increase Heroes' Affection

Finally, we have the affection of the heroes. This is not to be confused with affinity, which we recently talked about.

The Affection feature is that we have to perform certain interactions with the characters in the tavern interface, which will allow us to earn hearts. Once we reach a certain number of these, we can claim 5 diamonds. And the more hearts we get, the higher the number of diamonds.