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Elden Ring Guide - How to get through the Misty Forest (East of the Graveyard)

Elden Ring Guide - How to get through the Misty Forest (East of the Graveyard)

 We talk about all the significant places of the Foggy Forest, look for weapons and armor, kill bosses, inspect the catacombs

Return to the North Shore of grace or any other point in the Graveyard and follow the path to the east. You need to stick to this path, and then you will find on the right side of the unknown area the place of grace "Fogwood Outskirts". Activate this place, open the map and place a marker on the guide stele to the east. Follow the most direct route there. Avoid or kill huge bears. Pick up the Graveyard, East card.

Open the map and you will see the small tree of Erd. Go to it, collect the tears (the boss is not here), and go to the round building near the tree, to the northeast of it, a few steps away. Enter inside this structure to discover the river source of Siofra. Take the elevator down and activate the place of grace "Siofra's River Spring Depths".

Move down the source. There are enemies in the ruins ahead. On the right, you can find additional resources and herbs. After passing through the ruins, you can collect two blacksmith stones, the second and fourth levels. Also on the other side of the ruins, turn right, walk along the upper walls, jump onto these walls and run across to the other side. Follow the walls to the left and kill two enemies. Drop down the hole in the floor to be on top of the broken statue, where there is a scarab and a corpse with three pickled bird legs.

Now go to the stairs, go up to the elevator and ride it up. The path to the left leads to a tower with protective pills. Move southeast along with the source, killing crabs. Activate the place of grace "Siofra's Quay". Climb up the rocks nearby and go on top in the opposite direction. Kill two enemies and pick up the gunsmith's handbook (6). Return to the place of grace and find a stone stele with a bowl at the very beginning. Light a fire in a bowl. Go in the opposite direction, to the large steps leading to the huge ruins. Now you do not need to go there, because you need to kindle all the steles. But on the other hand, on the corpse to the right of the stairs, you can find the map "Siofra River".

Go northwest up the slope, kill all the enemies, and set fire to the second stele. In the middle of the lake, not far from the place of grace, there is a teleport. If you use it, move to the top of the mountain, but still there, underground, near the Siofra River. Move up the slope and activate the third stele on the right (set it on fire). If you climb even higher, you can find steps. On the steps lies a corpse with an amulet of an enlightening horn that increases concentration. Use the two sword keys on the demon statues to activate the elevator. Ride it up to get to the Starry Wastes. Activate a nearby place of grace "Deep of the Siothra River". This will create a shortcut, so I don't see much reason to spend two xiphoid keys. There is another way to get to the Starry Wastes.

Go back down and activate the place of grace "Under the well" near the elevator. Go in the opposite direction. On the right, you will see a building. In front of the rock leading to it, on the left is another stele that needs to be kindled. Go to the building and move to the right. It is impossible to get inside, but near the waterfall, there is an entrance to the cave. There will be a runic arc on the corpse. Return to the teleporter and go down even lower. Activate the place of grace "Forest of Followers" under the stone arch. To the left and right, look for two stone steles that can be set on fire.

Climb up the wooden scaffolding at the pillars ahead where the crab is wandering. Follow up all the stairs, collect the item and carefully drop down to the wooden path just below. Go to the rock ahead and behind the cave, you will find a huge room made of stone blocks, where an abandoned merchant sits. You can buy three soaps, three xiphoid keys, one larva tear, five butterfly larvae, a nomad warrior's handbook (17), and a nomad warrior's handbook (18) from him. There is also a new weapon "Shotel" and some arrows.

Get down. In the middle of this lake, look for another stele. Light it up and head east to the last stele. When you set fire to it, you will see an inscription that power accumulates in the remains. Return to the beginning, to the place of grace "Siofra's Quay", and go to the southeast, to the large ruins, where there are steps with a map of Siofra (we picked it up earlier). You can climb the hill on the right to find a weeping leaf and a shield with the hawk crest. Go through the ruins to get to the land of the holy horn. Interact with the remains to move to the boss's cave. You will find the Ancestral Spirit. After defeating the elk, you will receive the ashes of the worshiper of the ancestors. Use the glowing dot to return to the lands of the holy horn.

Stand south of the followers forest, where in the center of the lake there is a stone stele with a bowl that you set on fire earlier. To the east of it there is a fallen round column. Climb up this column after searching the corpse with the motley jerky. At the top of the ruins, to which the column leads, there will be a teleport. Take advantage of it. You will find yourself on a hill to the west, where you have not yet had time to visit. On the left, you can collect ant stones. On the right, you can find a powerful enemy, the Dragon Soldier, which can drop a dragon halberd. On the waterfall near him lies a corpse with the seal of Marika from the scars. In the building near the fallen pillar, there is a blacksmithing stone of darkness (5) and a ghostly bubble. This completes the study of the Siofra River.

Return to the place of grace "Under the well" and ride the lift up if you activated it with two sword keys. Return to the outskirts of the Misty Forest. Travel west to a fork and follow down the road to the south. It leads to the prison, but to the right of the road, if you look at the map, you can find ruins. These are the ruins of a settlement. Destroy the flowers, go down to the basement and defeat the Pumpkinhead Madness. Activate the place of grace "Destroyed Basement of the Settlement", open the door and talk to Sellena. You can learn the magic of shiny stones from this sorceress. Don't give up!

Return to the place of grace "Outskirts of the Misty Forest" and look for a green dot in the forest to the south. These are ruins. Move to the ruins in the Misty Forest, kill the huge bear and go down. Inside the chest is an ax talisman that enhances powerful attacks. By the way, in the same ruins, a witch's assistant is waiting for you. But we will talk about the endings separately.

Move further south, where some object is visible on the outskirts of the island. To the left of the path, there will be a golden inscription. Turn left and find a nomad merchant. You can buy a rotten bloodied finger, a slice of meat, a monster liver, a lump of flesh, Trina lilies, recipe guides, a common hatchet, a couple of shields, and arrows with bolts from him. Go further south, to the cape of the island, and find Fort Haight. After killing all the enemies, search the tree on the right to find a golden seed. Get inside the fort, kill the rats and other enemies. In the building ahead is a guide to a nomad warrior. At the top, you can meet the knight Godric, from which the ashes of the Bloodstrike war will fall. There is a bloody rose on the corpse. Climb to the top of the tower and find the left half of the Dectus medallion in the chest. To the west of Fort Haight, find the favor site "Fort Haight West".

Travel back to the place of grace "Fogwood's Edge" and move east along the road until you hear the voices of Kenneth Haight. Defeat the demihumans below and climb the ruins above, forming an archway. Kenneth is standing there. Talk to him. If you have already cleared Fort Haight, you will be able to receive a reward from Kenneth. This will be an Erdstal dagger. Head east to the ruins at the crossroads to get to the third temple of Marika. Activate the place of grace of the same name. Pick up a flask with a miraculous potion. By mixing it with the tears found under the small trees of Erd, you will receive elixirs with different effects. You will also receive a Crimson Tear. Under the statue on the side lies a sacred tear.

To the left of the temple, in a pond with bushes, there is a teleporter. Use it to teleport to the northwestern outskirts of the Starry Wasteland. Opposite the gate stands a huge gargoyle. Defeat her to get the Black Gargoyle Blade and Black Gargoyle Halberd. Open the gate to enter the Animal Sanctuary. There is also a place of grace. Inside you will find a beast. Chat with him. You can transfer Roots of Death. For three roots of death, I received the spells "Beast Vitality" and "Beast Sling", the seal with the sign of the claw (sacred weapon), and the key item "Beast's Eye", which will tremble if it is near the root of death.

Return to the third temple of Marika. In the gorge with water on the left, you can find wolves and a bear, as well as pick up a blacksmith's stone (2). To the north of the temple, you can climb the mountain, along the path, or with the help of the air current. After the first air current, you will find the entrance to the Gael tunnel. Inside it, activate the place of grace "The back entrance to the tunnel of Gael". If you have not yet been in this tunnel, then the door behind the place of grace will be closed, so you can leave this place.

Leave this place and jump higher on the air current. Jump left to the ruins. You will see an inscription that the eye of the beast is trembling. This place is called "Village by the waters of the call." To get into the dungeon, you will have to sacrifice two xiphoid keys. There will be turtles below. Open the door and take out the green turtle talisman from the chest. It increases the speed of stamina regeneration. In the village itself, look for a boatman. After killing him, you will receive the Root of Death and the ashes of the skeleton militia. To the west of the village, look for a place of grace "Outskirts of the village by the waters of the call." Continue west and to the left of the path you will find a nomad trader's fire. You can buy three pickled turtle necks, a reference book, a cracked pot, a short sword, a halberd, a Chariots of Fire note, and a thief's mask from him.