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Elden Ring Guide - How to get through the Sacred Snowfield

Elden Ring Guide - How to get through the Sacred Snowfield

 We talk about all the sights of the Sacred Snowy Field, looking for the Great Runes of Mog and Malenia

In Elden Ring, you can find two pieces of the sacred medallion of the Holy Tree. With these parts, you will be able to get to the northernmost region of the Interearth, located to the left and above the Giant's Peak. Let's figure out how to do it and what you can find there.

The first thing we'll do is find the medallions. Move to the north of Giant's Peak to find Sol's castle. Clear it and at the highest point, north of the place of grace "Sol Castle Roof", look for a ghost on the tower. Interact with him to get the left side of the Holy Tree Medallion.

Now go to the place of grace "Albnir Village". It is located west of the southern passage to Lake Liurnia. You can teleport to the place of grace "Lasquiar Ruins" or "Liurnia Lakeshore" and go west. From the very place of grace "Albino Village" move along the cliff on the right. First, there will be an enemy, and then, in the corner, you will find a jug. Hit him. This is a disguised Albino who will give you the other half of the Holy Tree Medallion.

You now have a whole medallion (inventory will still show two halves, but nothing needs to be repaired/combined). Go to Rold's large lift, stand on the platform and switch the action so that it reveals not an ordinary, but a secret medallion. You will be transported to the Secret Path to the Holy Tree.

Walk forward and open the door. There will be a fork ahead. The path to the left leads to the place of grace "Secret Path to the Holy Tree" and the exit from the catacombs. The way forward will allow you to find the Root of Death (if you already have an eye from Dee, then it will twitch). In the room ahead there will be octopuses and two warming stones. Climb the stairs again towards the place of grace, but linger on the middle platform. On the left, there is a broken railing. Stand in this place and look down. There is a passage in the wall. Jump in his direction to get to the invisible bridge. Enter the corridor, pick up the lily of the valley, and hit the wall. Take the silver scarab from the chest ahead.

Stand in the opening of this niche and you will see another passage in the wall opposite. Move towards it along an invisible bridge, but closer to the columns (forming an arch) in the middle, move to the left, since the path is slightly curved. Kill the enemies and pick up the bud. Stand in the opening again and look to the right, to the west. You will see another passage just below. Stand directly in front of him and move in a straight line. Kill the enemies and take the grave lily of the valley from the niche. Exit and jump down to the right side. Pick up a hero rune. Jump over the window into the adjacent corridor and kill all the enemies. After defeating them, pull the lever to open the heavy door. Look for the door itself on the other side. Go to the boss. Defeat the Mimic copying your hero to obtain the Ashes of Amon, Monk of the Black Flame, and retrieve the Death Root from the chest. Do not use a glowing dot. Exit the boss room back and turn left. Ride the elevator up to find a +2 magical dragon talisman that greatly increases magic resistance.

Exit the catacombs to find yourself in the Sacred Snowfield. Open the map, put a marker on the stele to the north and move the only possible way. Soon you will discover the place of grace of the same name. A little later, enemies will appear. Among them will be an archer on a wolf, which can drop blue-silver armor parts and an albino bow.

Move further north. When the fog clears, you will see a wagon with two giants. Kill one of them to stop the wagon and retrieve the Fluid Curved Sword from it. Get to the stele and take the Snowy Sacred Field Map. Behind the rock near the stele, there is a corpse with a forged stone of darkness (8). Anastasia, the Devourer of the Extinguished, may appear on the frozen river. It will drop the summoning finger potion. In the western part of the region, you will see an orange spot. These are the catacombs. Go inside and take the elevator down, activate the place of grace "Yellow Anix Tunnel". Go inside the corridor. At the very end, there will be a locked door. On the left, opposite it, there is a hole in the floor. Jump down and kill the enemies, which can drop level 6-8 blacksmith stones. There is ice grease on the corpse. Go deep into the mine kill enemies and collect different items. Climb up the stairs and get to the big gate. First, open the door on the left, and then go through the gate and defeat Astel of the Star of Darkness. The boss will drop the Astel Meteor enchantment. Be sure to go down at the place where you jump over the abyss on the stalactites. There are enemies below, but you can also find a dragon forge stone.

By the way, upon returning to the fortress of the Round Table, you may be attacked by Enshi. Defeat him to get a new weapon. Then come back here later and at the place where Enshi stood, you will find the armor of the royal remains.

Open the map and look around the eastern part near the frozen river. There is a circle there. This is the Albino tower. Go there. To remove the seal, pay attention to the hint on the left. It depicts two fighting demons. Summon two fanged imps from the ashes to kill a couple of enemy imps. The print will disappear. Climb to the top of the tower and collect the powerful Grave School Talisman, which greatly increases spell power.

There are ruins north of the Yellow Anix Tunnel. You can search for them. Go to the northwest, to a place on the map where various obstacles are displayed. Among other things, you can find a teleport with blood at the edge of the cliff. Use it to get to the Mogwin Palace.

Mogwin Palace, demigod Mog

Climb down the cliff until you find the first place of grace "The Steep Road Leading to the Palace". Move the only route and kill the albinors. In the lake, in the cave on the right, look for the Blood Tribute War Ash Scarab. There is also a blacksmith stone of darkness (9). Near the tree in the water lies the rune of numena. Move across the bloody lake to the northwest (there is another road that goes to the left, but we will use it later). The rock on the right has a corpse with a runic arc. Ahead will be shamans, summoning ghosts. If you kill the shamans, the ghosts will also disappear. There is also a sacred bud and another butterfly larva lying around. Take the stairs to the left and pick up the Mogvin Palace Map from the corpse. Climb a little higher and activate the place of grace "Entrance to the mausoleum of the dynasty."

Climb up the mountain to the mausoleum. Beware of zombies. They explode upon death and cause blood loss. In addition, most of them are non-aggressive. Just walk past. Closer to the entrance, go to the right to find the xiphoid key. Zombies may drop mushrooms and/or bloody roses. Get inside and go forward. Turn left, kill the enemy and talk to the imprisoned merchant. You can buy three Rune Arcs, Bleeding Pills, five Sword Keys, unlimited Bloody Roses, 10 Rotten Bloody Fingers, Arrows, and Lost War Ashes from him. In another part of the corridor, pick up the rune of the lord. There will be a fork here. You can go right and go down, or left and go up. The way up leads to the exit from the mausoleum and the place of grace "Dynasty Mausoleum Center". Kill the enemies outside, near the altar, open the chest and take the dragon blacksmithing stone of darkness. Opposite there is a lift. Ride it up to meet another Demigod. It will be Mog, Lord of Blood. It will drop the Great Rune of Mog and the Memory of the Lord of Blood. After the victory, activate the place of grace "Cocoon of the Unearthly".

Return to the beginning of this area, go down to the blood lake and turn left. You haven't gone there yet. There will be big bloody birds and dogs here. On one of the hills on the left, look for a tree with a golden seed. Away from him, on the edge lies a reference book of a nomad warrior (24). On the other side, you can find the Holy Tree Dragon Talisman +2, which greatly increases resistance to holy damage. In the same place, a xiphoid key is lying in the grass.

We continue to explore the Sacred Snowfield

Climb to the upper left corner of the region where the ruins are displayed. On the way there you will find a wandering Mausoleum. Destroy it as you did before. The task is complicated by the fact that the mausoleum uses magic for protection. Enter the ruins of the apostates and activate the place of grace of the same name. Near the woman in armor lies a silver mirrored shield. The huge woman is connected to Latenna's quest chain, so we'll ignore her for now.

Go down to the frozen river. A Funeral Bird will spawn at its western edge. You can finish the mini-boss to get the Explosive Flame of Death enchantment. Move along the frozen river to the east. Somewhere in the middle of the path, on the right hand, you will find the place of grace "Inner part of the sacred field." Go east along the river and find a statue on the left. To break it, lure a large crab or octopus closer. The octopus is a little further on the left side, in the same place as the statue with two stone demons. The statue contains blacksmithing stones of darkness (8). Insert the two sword keys to enter the Cave of the Forgotten.

Immediately at the entrance, activate the place of grace "Cave of the Forgotten". Move through the cave, killing the enemies. In one of the adits, you will see a mountain with a purple object. You can climb it. In the room ahead, behind a long corridor, there will be a dead end. You need to return to the adit with this mountain and the object and find the same mountain on the right. Jump on it and jump over to the adjacent ledge. Go into the next room and start climbing down the ledges until you reach the very bottom. From here, go to the next room, kill a few jellyfish and jump down. Defeat the Bastard Crusader mini-boss. It will drop the legendary two-hander of the Golden Order.

Return to the surface. There will be a dragon in the very east of the frozen river. You can knock out the Dragon Heart from it. You can also climb up to the high ground at the dead end, on the right side, using the Stream double jump, and get to the opposite side. There will be a corpse with a dragon blacksmith stone. Climb north to the Small Tree of Erd. Keep in mind that you will have to go around it in a circle to get even higher and find the Putrid Incarnation. After defeating the mini-boss, you will receive a Spiky Cracked Tear and a Bursting Crystal Tear.

It remains to look into Ordina, the liturgical city. This is the main location of this region. The passage inside is guarded by yellow fog. Go to the right of the main gate and look for a passage with a set of Black Knife armor. Go around the city in a circle. To the left and below is the place of grace of the same name. There are several passages. You are interested in the one that is closer to the place of grace. Go from it to the left along with the buildings. Go around until you find a wooden staircase leading to the roof of the tower. From the tower, go behind the fence leading to the barrier. Once in the city, look around and find the stairs leading to the passage with the seal. Go down and turn right, to the round plate of the prison. Read the messages on the Imp Monument. You need to enter the prison and light the four seals.

Go down the stairs and light the fire on the altar on the left. Here you can be attacked by an invisible enemy. Then go right and left, go around the building and go up the stairs. So you did get past the barriers in the city. At the top of this tower, above the second staircase, there will be a second altar. Light it up and look around. You will see another altar on a high tower in the middle of the city. Look for it by the yellow glow. Kill the archers and get to the tower. Light the third altar. Finally, go to the western point of the city and inspect a large building, on top of which you can see the fourth altar. There are stairs on the side of the building. Climb up the two ladders to the top and light the fourth tower. The seal will fall in the city. You can now climb the stairs and teleport to the Tree of Mikella.

Holy Tree of Mikella, demigod of Mikella

Activate the nearest place of grace "Crown of the Holy Tree". Turn around and climb back up the tree. At the very edge, there will be a corpse with a xiphoid key. Move along the branches of the tree, lower and lower. When you find yourself on a thick branch with ants, climb up. At the very top, there will be a corpse with a messenger's crown. Go down the branch and turn left, where there are two messengers. Climb to the top of this branch. Kill the enemies and jump to the top of the mushrooms to find the "My Love" talking head. Move down the thick branch, onto the concrete walls, and go down the stairs. The elevator does not work, but there is a place of grace "City of the Holy Tree" in the building opposite.

Exit the building, kill the first enemies in the city, and go up the stairs opposite (wooden). After doing this, kill the enemies and jump in the opposite direction, to another enemy. It can drop a two-handed weapon, and a +2 pearl dragon talisman lies on the corpse next to it, which greatly increases resistance to non-physical damage. Keep moving up or down. In the arena with the red-haired werewolf lies a dragon forge stone. On the balcony of the room on the left, there is a smithing stone of darkness (8). Cross the bridge and activate the place of grace "Holy Tree City Square". Pick up the golden-eyed rune lying nearby (3). Jump to the left onto a thick branch with ants. Kill them and pick up Eonia's Butterfly. Enter the building on the right and pick up the smithing stone of darkness (9).

Move further along the roofs, go down and go through the buildings. You will see a wooden bridge leading to the sorcerer. Kill him. The bridge on the left leads to the elevator. Activate it once. Now you can take a shortcut. The nearby bridge on the right leads to the building with the numena rune. The far bridge leads to the first boss of the location, Loretta, Knight of the Holy Tree. Defeat him to receive the Loretta Mastery enchantment and Loretta's War Sickle. After the victory, activate the place of grace "Promenade of the Holy Tree".


Go further and down the stairs. Slide down the stairs. There is an elevator in the tower, but first, move past it up the stairs to open a chest with a dragon forge stone. Ride the lift down to get to Elfael, the foot of the Holy Tree. Ahead you will see the first enemy. This is a knight of pure rot, from which parts of the battle, a spear or a sword can fall out. Activate the place of grace in front called "The Chapel".

The following enemies can drop Tree Guardian Armor, Brass Shield, Heavy Crossbow, Holy Crown Helm. In the room on the left, there are two enemies and a golden-eyed rune (3). In the second room on the left, there is a staircase leading up. There will be a corpse with a blacksmithing stone of darkness (8) and a branch along which you can climb higher. Run along the branch to the right and jump onto the fence. Under the tower bell on the left lies the sword of the knight Michella. Climb down the stairs behind the bell, drop down onto the road and kill the incarnation of the Tree. It will drop Rotten Hammer. At the far end of the road, there is a corpse with a dragon blacksmithing stone of darkness.

Jump over the fence to the right of the corpse and drop down. Jump even lower. Next to you will be a gray passage with demons. Place the sword key to get inside the room. There is a chalice with the talisman "Marika's Seal of Pain", which significantly increases the characteristics, but increases the damage taken. You can go in the opposite direction, kill a few enemies, collect blacksmithing stones of darkness 8-9, and other items. Along the way, you will find two stairs. A further staircase leads to soldiers behind large crossbows and the Incarnation of the Small Tree. On the other hand, there are more crossbowmen on the hill. You can immediately run into the building to find the place of grace "Elfael's Inner Wall".

Get out of here and run forward along with the steps where the crossbowmen were (or are). This path leads back up. After a couple of stairs, move southwest along the walls until you find another gray passage. Spend one sword key to enter a secret room with the Triple Rings of Light enchantment. Go back and enter the room on the left, where the branch goes. Climb up the branch and cross the fence to the other side to bypass those two crossbowmen from the back. Opposite them, under a stone bowl, lies the ashes of the soldiers of the Holy Tree. There is a stone rise to the side of the crossbowmen. Run along with it and jump to the right, into the room with the helmet of the Knight of the Holy Tree. Jump down to the place of grace.

From the Inner Wall of Elfael grace, go to the passage to the south. Kill three enemies. They can drop a rotten crystal spear or staff. Inside the chest they guard is a rotten crystal sword. Go to the other end of the corridor and pick up the rune of the hero. Go back a little, climb the branch and climb it through the hole in the wall on the right. Enemies in the Red Rot Lake have a chance to drop Eonia Butterflies. The easiest solution is to run through the red rot using flasks. Treat further, moving along the branches on the right. Then enter the room, jump down at the stairs on the left and activate the place of grace "Drainage". Rest to remove the red rot and restore the flasks. You can go back and climb the hill on the right. From there, along the branch, go to the far part with another lake of red rot.

Now, from the drain, go outside and run along the branch to the left. Jump down to the stone slope, from it jump to the branch on the left and go down to the neighboring stone slope. You will go up from it and onto another branch or immediately down to the balcony, you will get into the same building (in the first case through a hole in the roof). But! If you jump through the hole on the roof onto the beams, and from them, you get to the side ledge with a chest, you can get the Great Shield with the Dragon Crest talisman from it, which increases the resistance to physical damage incredibly. Use the lift on the first floor of this building to go down. You can go outside through the adjacent doors and search the cemetery from two sides, but there are many enemies there. At the bottom, activate the place of grace "Roots of the Holy Tree". Ahead will be a yellow mist that leads to another demigod. This is Malenia, the Blade of Michelle, who in the second phase will become Malenia, the Goddess of Rot. Upon victory, you will receive the Great Rune of Malenia and the memory of the goddess of Rot. Don't forget to activate the place of grace "Malenia, Goddess of Rot".

Return to the previous place of grace and look to the right for a room with a large red flower. Climb up the steps next to it and ride the lift up. Outside, jump onto the path and run to the left (before going to the right). In the building ahead there will be one enemy and a smithing stone of darkness (9).