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Elden Ring Guide - How to go to Rennie's quest and get the secret ending

Elden Ring Guide - How to go to Rennie's quest and get the secret ending

 Exploring the Eternal City of Nokron and Noxtella

To get to Nokron, you will need to start the Rennie Witch quest chain. To get to Rennie's Tower, head to the northwest of Lake Lyurnia at Kariya Manor. There are towers behind the castle. Talk to Rennie in one of them and agree to serve. This path leads to a separate ending of the game! After that, talk to Blyde. He wants to get to Nocron. Now you need to kill Radan Redmane, who is located in the Starry Wasteland. Having done this, talk to Blyde. He will say that the comet has fallen. Go to Fort Haight, west. A huge hole has now formed nearby, into which the comet has fallen. Find the ledges and start climbing down until you get to the city itself.

Move forward through the buildings, beware of falling, since you have not activated any places of grace yet. Carefully go down even lower, collecting resources. Soon you will discover the first place of grace called "Nokron, the Eternal City." Pick up the Bell Orb ahead and kill the enemies. Behind the house on the left there is a smithing stone of darkness (4). Go to the far right corner and look for the ashes of a soldier with a large shield in a small flower bed. Inside the monastery, look for the larva's tear.

Go to the passage to the left of the monastery, where there are steps leading down. Kill the Nox Swordswoman. It can drop armor. In the gazebo on the right, look for another tear of the larva, but enemies will appear. Behind the yellow mist lies an enemy, the False Tear. This boss copies your character. For victory, you will receive a Tear of the Larva and a Mask of the Silver Tear. Activate the place of grace "False Tear".

Move along the long bridge and at the very end go down on the left side. Light the altar on the left. Shamans will appear that strengthen the barbarians. Light the second altar on the left and continue down the path. Kill the enemies near the elk corpse and light the third altar. Walk to the left of this place. To the left will be a spacious clearing with wolves. Kill them and look for the fourth altar behind the tall stone pillar. There are two more to light. Go north, kill two shamans and rats and light the fifth altar. Use the Stream to jump into the flooded ruins and collect loot. Climb the right wall, get to the far building and jump off with the bowl. Kill the shaman and search the chest containing the young ancestor's head. Return to the beginning of the path, look to the left of the path for a long staircase with burning bowls. To the right of the stairs, look for the sixth altar, which needs to be ignited. Having done this, go to the ruins of the holy horn and interact with the elk. Destroy the spirit of a noble ancestor. You will receive a Memento of a Majestic Ancestor. Use the glowing dot to go back.

Opposite the land of the holy horn, there is a passage between the rocks and a place of grace "Forest of the Ancestors". After activation, jump down the rooftops to enter the lands of the sacred night. Continue down the rooftops, run across the broken wall to the opposite building and pick up the grindstone on the left. On the left there is a passage with two demons and gray smoke. You can spend two sword keys to find a chest containing the legendary False Tear Ashes. Go down the stairs, destroy the orb and get a maggot tear. Exit the temple to the courtyard and activate the place of grace "Holy Land of Night". Go to the other side and you will see a small temple with a chest. Inside the chest is the legendary Blade of the Fingerslayer and a large ghostly lily of the valley. Use the teleport to go back. Get to the surface and return to Rennie to give her this blade.

Sacred Tower of Liurnia

This figurine opens the way to the Sacred Tower of Liurnia. To get there, head to the Carian Reading Room, located in the southeast of Lake Liurnia. There is a pedestal on the first floor. Install the inverted statue received from Rennie on it. So you turn the whole tower. Go up the stairs to the lift. There is a passage ahead. Drop down to the side ledges and enter the main hall of the tower. As you kill the enemies, jump lower and lower until you reach the elevator. Ride it down, open the door and find yourself on the bridge. Activate the blessing "Lyurnia Tower Bridge". Defeat the Divine Skin Apostle on your way to Liurnia's Sacred Tower. Enter the tower and ride up to collect the Cursed Sign and the Stargazer's Legacy Talisman. The curse mark is needed to get the secret ending.

Return to Rennie's tower, but it will no longer be in place. Activate the new place of grace "Rennie's Chambers". A third tower, Rennes, opened to the north. Get inside and use the teleporter above. You will move to the main stream of the Ansel River. Search the sarcophagi. One of them has a "Little Rennie" doll. Rest in the place of grace to talk to the doll. Try again to talk a few times. Rennie will send you to Noxtella to kill some Shadows of Doom.


Go south to the ruins of Ul's palace. Kill the monster and get a blacksmithing stone of darkness (7). On the left, there are flowers, a sword-shaped key, and the ashes of clay people. Move through the ruins, where the river flows, down through the cave with ants. Soon you will reach Noxtella, the Eternal City. Climb down and activate the grace of Noxtella, the Eternal City. Go up the first steps and in the building on the left, find the chest with the Ant Skull Plate shield. A little higher on the left there will be another room with a chest, inside of which lies a bell sphere. Climb even higher up the stairs. Don't rush to cross the bridge to the right. Go around the building on the left and place the sword-shaped key in the statue of the demon. Inside the chest in the room lies the ashes of the dolls of the night maid and the swordswoman.

Go across the bridge and find a chest with a large ghostly lily of the valley in the building on the right. Climb up the steps. Look to the right of the buildings for a blacksmith's stone (6). Enter the building. The chest contains a blacksmithing stone of darkness (7). Exit through the door on the left, enter the next building upstairs and kill two Silver Tears. The chest contains the talisman "Moon of Noxtella". Exit the temple to the left and use the lift to go down to the lake. Pick up the golden seed and jump down. There is another elevator in the building on the right. Ride it below and activate the place of grace "Noxtella Falls Pool".

Rot Lake

Go forward through the cave with lizards and destroy the first Ominous Shadow. This is Blyde's phantom. You will receive the key to the abandoned palace. He opens a chest from the great library of Raya Lukaria Academy. In the building on the right there is a lift leading even lower. You can go down to get to Rot Lake. Pick up a map of Rotten Lake on the shore. Travel to the grace of the "Deep of the Ansel River" and take the elevator up. Visit the academy and retrieve the Darkmoon Ring from the chest in the main hall with Rennala in the great library. The chest is to the right of Rennala sitting on a chair, slightly behind her.

Return to the lake of Rot, in any convenient way. Get to the column on the right and stand on the button to make the platforms appear. You can simply run to the desired building, use potions, go inside and activate the Great Cloister blessing. Walk down, jump down and kill the enemies. In the building ahead with the steps there is a chest with a Scorpion Sting weapon. Go to the left of the building and rest in the sarcophagus. After a couple of cut-scenes, you will find yourself in a different place. Destroy Astel, the Voidborn. You will receive a boss memory.

Activate the place of grace ahead. Run forward through the cave and climb up to the moonlight altar. Activate the appropriate grace. Climb up the mountain on the right and destroy Adula, the dragon of shining stones. You will receive a dragon heart and Adula's moonblade (enchantment). Enter the Cathedral of Manus Celes. Activate the Place of Grace and collect Starlight Shards. To the right of grace, look for a hole through which you need to go down. Move through the cave and chat with Rennie. Talk to Rennie. She will disappear, and you will be able to pick up the legendary two-hander of the Dark Moon. You can also return to Rennie's tower to kill the crazed Blyde, getting his armor and the Royal Two-Handed.

Now complete the game on the normal path, but instead of restoring Elden's ring, interact with the summon sign on the floor. Rennie will appear, you will see a different ending.