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Elden Ring Guide - Normal Ending (Forbidden Lands and Giants' Peaks)


Elden Ring Guide - Normal Ending (Forbidden Lands and Giants' Peaks)

Exploring the Forbidden Lands and Giants' Peaks, we get the standard ending of the game

Return to the eastern bastion of the capital, go through the door on the right and take the elevator down. Run along the main street of the castle to the east, to the gate leading to the next region. Kill the enemies, go up the stairs and inside the building, pull the lever to go up the elevator. In front of the passage ahead is a fire dragon talisman +1. Run forward to the exit from the fortress. You will be taken to the Outskirts of the Capital. Take the other elevator down to get to the Forbidden Lands. Activate the place of grace "Forbidden Lands".

Move to the red marker where the road points. Kill halflings along the way. Also along the road grows one tree, under which lies a golden seed. Near the right place, a mini-boss Ebon Blade Kindred will appear. It will drop black blades and a gargoyle axe. Activate the place of grace "Rold's Big Lift". To the left of the passage to the lift is a woman. Show her your fingers. Then activate the medallion given by the girl to enter the Giant Lands.

Walk forward along the path, pick up the Giant's Peaks, West card from the guidepost on the right, and then activate the place of grace "Ruins of Zamora". An NPC, Shabriri, will appear nearby. Chat with him to learn about an alternative way to end the game. After entering the ruins, go right to the mountains and in the far ruins, look for a ladder leading down. Behind the door is a chest with a miner's smithing bell sphere (3).

Follow the road ahead and turn north. There is a statue here pointing to the catacombs, but the catacombs themselves will be a little further away (read below). Head forward, kill a few enemies using fire. The big man has a chance to drop Fire Prelate Armor and a Spiked Whip. Punishing spikes and a pulsating leaf also lie nearby. Do not rush to move along the long bridge. Turn to the right of it to go along the slope and find the entrance to the Catacombs at the top of the giants. Activate the place of grace of the same name. By the way, inside the catacombs, the eye will begin to twitch, which means there is a root of death here.

Follow deep into the catacombs and ride down the elevator. Go past the locked door and drive even lower. There will be a straight line, a long way. Kill enemies, jugs, poisonous plants. At a dead end, you need to jump down into the niche on the left. Follow the same path, the corridors are identical, but the enemies will be different. Jump down again through the same niche. Run the lift up, and jump down yourself. Kill the jug, go to the next room without going down, and on the other side look for a corpse with prey and a statue with a lever. Pull the lever to open the heavy door, jump down, call the elevator and go upstairs. Go through the door and destroy the tree spirit. For victory, you will receive a golden seed and a smithing bell sphere of a lily of the valley harvester (2). The chest contains the Root of Death. Use the glowing dot to return to the beginning.

When moving across the bridge, be careful because the giant will shoot at you. Where possible, hide behind rocks. And don't forget to move on the Stream. On the other side there will be a scarab, for the destruction of which you can get blacksmithing stone of darkness (8). Behind the bridge, climb the stone arch up the mountain and activate the place of grace "Ancient Ruins of the Snow Valley" located on the left.

Head north and turn west along the frozen river. While killing the enemies, get to the giants' shack. Inside it there is a corpse with prey. This is the Traveling Handmaiden armor set. To the left of the shack, look for a stream of air on which you can fly up. After climbing the mountain, run to the right to find a wandering merchant. In his assortment, there are three runic arcs, frostbite pills, three xiphoid keys, a preacher's handbook (7), a set of armor of a rogue knight, and arrows with bolts.

Move to the other side, do not cross the bridge, but instead, go to the ruins of the Stargazers. Kill the enemies and find the flying jellyfish. She is trying to find her sister. Use the ash with the jellyfish to summon it. Both jellyfish will disappear and the seal below will fall off. Climb down and search the chest for a Blade of Primordial Shiny Stone. Cross the bridge and head west. Climb up the hill through the cemetery. Huge skeletons will appear. It's best to bypass them. Go down the left towards the castle to find the boatman. Destroy it to get the Root of Death and the Haifen Spire sword. Walk down west to the castle. Along the way, you will encounter a powerful enemy, the Burial Bird. After killing her, you will receive the spear of the death ritual.

Move towards the castle, destroy the Mausoleum (attack on the growths on the legs) and create another memory of any killed boss. Activate the place of grace "Main Gate of Sol Castle". Kill the lions in the castle courtyard to get blacksmithing stones of darkness (7). First, go to the left and enter the room with snails, from which grave violets fall out. On the corpse lies a butterfly larva. You can go upstairs and clear the walls. Collect different items. In the far part there is a blacksmith stone (6). Climb down another ladder and pick up the Wizard painting. Open the door locked from the inside. Go through the door on the left and go up the stairs. Kill the exiles. An exiled knight will appear on the stairs ahead. He can drop his two-hander and pieces of armor.

Do not rush to enter the building with the place of grace. Climb the stairs to the left and move to the left side. Kill the wolves and the knight, go up the stairs to the right and take the sword key. Go to the place of grace "Temple of the Eclipse" and activate it. Enter the temple and pick up the legendary weapon, the Eclipse Shotel. Exit on the other side and go into the room ahead. Climb up, kill all the enemies and activate the elevator. Now follow the yellow fog and fight the boss of this location, Captain O'Neill. For the victory, you will receive a new weapon, the veteran's prosthesis. Activate the place of grace "Sol Castle Roof". Go to the far tower and ride up the lift. Pick up the sacred medallion of the Holy Tree, its left side. Return the way back and after the passage after the place of grace, turn left. Go up. This path leads along another castle wall and you can find a medallion. If you jump down to the room with the rats, you can pick up a runic arc.

In the gorge above the tree shown on the map, you can find giants and a tree with a golden seed. Return to the rock and move west to find a descent to a frozen river and a place of grace "Ice Lake". Near the middle bridge leading to the mountain with a tree (depicted on the map) there is a place of grace "Elevation at the ruins of the snowy valley." Destroy the Manifestation of the Erd Tree to get Tears for Potions. Move east from the Frozen Lake grace, along the lake itself, until you are attacked by the dragon Borelis Frostmist. After destroying it, you will get rid of the fog and get a dragon heart. Move south across the lake until you find the ruins. In front of them lies a corpse with a miner's gloomy blacksmith's bell sphere (3). Enter the first temple of Marika and activate the place of grace of the same name. Under the statue lies a sacred tear that improves flasks.

Move west to the road shown on the map. Turn right and get to the high tower. This is a heretical tower. The clue on the imps says that falling snow allows you to see the invisible. Return to the grace of "Rise at the Ruins of the Snow Valley". Move east along the map, where the supposedly destroyed third bridge is located. Stand near it and you will see a white haze. The bridge is actually invisible. Walk forward and about 20 steps before the tower look to the left. Look for that haze. You can shoot from a bow or crossbow. On the left there are steps that lead to the balcony a little higher in the letter "G". Climb to the top of the tower and collect the legendary spell "First Star Rain".

Return to the road and move south to the guide stele. Along the way, you will discover the fortress and place of grace "White Ridge Road". Go to the fortress. On the left, there are the prelate and the perpetrators. Kill them and pick up the sword key. The culprits have a chance to drop the staff of the culprit. Enter the Guardian Garrison and kill the Flame Guardian. Go left and look on the left for the stairs up. Look for a blacksmith stone behind the enemies (7). Leave the garrison, move to the left of it along the road to the south, until you pass along the chain to the guide stele with the map "Peaks of the Giants, East". Activate the place of grace "Giant's Gravestone".

Move southwest to the ruins shown on the map, through the Burning Vale. Kill Okina, the Bloody Finger to get the Summoning Finger Potion, and the River of Blood weapon. Okina's mask (headdress) will also drop. Activate the place of grace "Temple of Peace" and take the sacred tear. Head back to the chain bridge leading further west. Along the way, activate the place of grace "Foot of the Forge". You will face a boss fight, the Fire Giant. For the victory, you will receive his memory. Activate the place of grace of the same name and go up to the Forge of the Giants. Please note that now you are going to the first of the possible endings, so it is advisable to make backup saves. After climbing onto the bowl, go left and activate another place of grace. Speak to Melina, calling her during the rest at grace, and say that you are ready to proceed.

Crushed Farum Ozula

Walk forward and pick up the blacksmith stone (8). Jump down from the right side to the entrance to the fortress. You will be taken to the Crushed Farum Ozula. Rundown and kill the enemies. In the room on the left, find the place of grace "The Collapsing Grave of the Beast." Defeat the giant dragon to get the Legendary Dragon Smithing Stone. Enter the room on the left, at the very end, and activate the Depths of the Collapsing Grave of the Beast. Enter the temple ahead and exit to the main courtyard through the passage on the left. Use the elevator to go down. Killing enemies, get to the reservoir. There is an arbor with a blacksmith's bell sphere of a lily-of-the-valley picker (3). You can also find various blacksmith stones here. Continue moving along the fortress and around the corner, you will find a small pebble. Return to the lift. You can go the other way along with the castle, jump over to the round platform on the rocks and fight the dragon. There is a blacksmith stone (8) on the corpse.

Go back up the elevator and enter the temple. Exit through another passage, into the courtyard, and activate the place of grace "Balcony overlooking the storm." Inside the temple, there is also a prayer book of the dragon. Look for a miner's grim bell-shaped smithing sphere (4) on a corpse not far from grace. Move to the northeast and jump down the rubble. Kill enemies. Jump down the hole to get into the illuminated corridor. Climb the stairs in the next room, kill the enemy on the balcony and jump to the left. Follow the ruins, climb the stairs and find the legendary large grave lily of the valley. Jump down and run east to the place of grace "Dragon Temple".

Climb down and defeat the Two Divine Skins (bosses). They will drop Miner's Forge Bell Orb (4) and Black Firestorm War Ashes. Activate the grace "Dragon Temple Altar". The door on the right leads down to another place of grace "Dragon Temple Transept". Go through the passage to the left of the previous grace to be north of the temple. Jump to the right through the blockage and go down the stairs. This is the only path that leads to the northeast. Exit the building to the stone dragon and kill the knight. Jump behind the broken railing on the right to activate the Dragon Temple Roof Boon.

Reach the dragon outside by jumping across the rooftops and kill it. You will receive the Legendary Dragon Smithing Stone. Nearby is a gazebo with the same legendary dragon stone of darkness. Jump down the pieces of the mountain to the left of the stone pavilion where you fought the dragon. You will reach the building. Climb the stairs, kill the enemies and get the tower dragon shield from the chest. Enter the elevator and go upstairs. Run over the rocks up and to the right, go up the stairs and get the Talisman of the Storm Dragon +2. Jump down and go back to where you fought the dragon. On the left there is a hill with columns. Climb it and take the golden seed.

Climb the hill to the right of the gazebo, turn right and jump onto the fallen thin column. On the other side there will be a building with enemies and a miner's gloomy bell sphere (5). To the right there is a staircase leading up. Follow there and ride up the elevator. Activate the blessing "Great Bridge Surroundings". First go north and go down the stairs. Turn left, search the corpse. Jump down to the nearby bridge where the enemy is standing. Kill him, collect the loot and call the elevator in the tower ahead. Take the elevator down, go outside and search the chest on the left to get the Dragon Knight Armor.

Return to the grace of the "Great Bridge Neighborhood", go north again, but this time on the balcony, go down the stairs on the right. From the chest, get the legendary talisman of the old lord, which increases the duration of spells and prayers. This time, run from grace to the right, to the final location of the game. You will meet a knight on horseback. It will drop pieces of ugly dragon armor. Walk forward and fight the Sacred Beast. Upon victory, he will transform into Maliket of the Ebon Blade. If you win, you will receive his memory.

Leindell, Capital of the Ashes

After the cut-scene, you will return to the burning Leindell. Go forward through the desert, look for steps on the left and go upstairs. Ride the elevator and fight Sir Gideon the Omniscient. You will receive his weapons and armor. Activate the place of grace "Sanctuary of the Tree of Erd". Climb up the branches on the balcony as you did earlier. Activate grace in the queen's quarters and travel through the yellow mist to fight Godfrey, Elden's first lord. In the second phase, he will turn into Hoara Lux. You will receive his memory.