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Elden Ring You have to consider that before NG+

Elden Ring You have to consider that before NG+

 Did you enjoy Elden Ring so much that you would like to play it again? No problem, with the New Game Plus you can start the game again from the beginning. However, not everything is accepted. Therefore, in this guide, we will show you what you need to look out for before you start in NG+.

How do I start the New Game Plus?

After you have successfully mastered the Elden Ring, the game will invite you to a new game. The so-called New Game Plus. Before you start the game again, we recommend that you wait and do some preparations.

You can also start the New Game + at any time via the Place of Mercy in the Round Table and start the game again. Until then, you can still visit and explore the entire map, with the exception of old Leyndell.

You should do that before the NG+ starts

Some items and items will not be carried over to the new game. This is especially true for the items that are relevant to the main story. However, some things can be tricked. Therefore, complete the following points before you start the New Game +:

  • Buy lots of Forgestones, Darkforgestones, Spirit Lilies, and Tomb Lilies from the Twin Hull Sisters using Sound Beads. In the next run, the sound pearls disappear and you have to look for them again. The stones and lilies, however, remain in your inventory.
  • Also, find all Great Lily and Dragon Stones in the world before it resets. You can collect these again in the next round, but double is better.
  • Don't forget to exchange the Dragon Hearts you've won by fighting the Dragons for Invocations at the Dragon Cathedral Commune. You can do this later, but you have to get to the cathedral first.
  • Collect or buy as many Stone Sword Keys as possible, these will be transferred to the New Game Plus.
  • Get Larva Tears if you want a different combat focus in the next game and use them on Rennala .
  • Buy any spells, invocations, and ashes of war you can find. Otherwise, you have to look for them again in the next round.
  • Don't forget to redeem the Echoes of the Lords at Enia if you have any left. Use the Wandering Mausoleum to duplicate the Echo of the Lords. This allows you to buy the second weapon directly from Enia without having to defeat the prince again.

What is changing in the New Game Plus?

In principle, the game as a whole remains the same. In total, you can play the Elden Ring eight times, up to New Game +7. Enemies get harder with each restart. Because they not only withstand more damage, they also do more damage. However, this only becomes noticeable from the second half of the game, since you are usually quite overleveled at the beginning.

Likewise, the amount of the rune reward changes when defeating the opponent. However, this varies per opponent and area, so no exact information can be given here.

These were already all the changes that are waiting for you in the New Game +. There are no new items and no new enemies added. All items and enemies keep the same slot they had in the original run.

What is taken into the New Game +?

All weapons, shields, armor, and spirit ashes retain their value and are automatically carried over to the new game. If you have already upgraded them to the maximum level, this remains the maximum. A further upgrade is unfortunately not possible.

The spells and invocations and accessories in your inventory will also be carried over. Unfortunately, you cannot wear two of the same accessories at the same time. Although it would be incredibly useful for rune farming.

The entire map will remain revealed depending on which areas you have explored, however, the Places of Mercy will disappear. You have to find them again and activate them again to use them. You can still read the explicit place names such as Torstadt der Akademie or Forge of the Giants on the drawings for orientation if you move the cursor over them.

In addition, you can use the horse and ashes of the spirits right from the start, since the bells remain in your inventory. The co-op will also continue to work if you use a password to bypass the level difference. So you don't start the new game completely alone.

There are some items that can only be collected once in total and will not respawn. These include, among others:

  • cracked pot
  • ritual pot
  • perfume bottles
  • sharpening knife
  • storage stones
  • talisman pouch
Other items like Sacred Tears, Golden Seeds, Sky Dew, Dragon Hearts, and Stone Sword Keys are carried over into the new game and kindly respawn on the next playthrough as well. However, there is also a level limit for the bottles. You can have a maximum of 14 bottles and 12 upgrades. Any excess Tears and Seeds will remain in inventory as they cannot be sold.

You also keep the manuals as well as all gestures and unlocked exclamations for your character. Likewise the echo of the princes. However, you can only duplicate this in the New Game + once you have defeated the boss.

What will not be carried over to New Game+?

Since you are starting the game from scratch, all Greater Runes will be removed from your inventory. This applies to both the mandatory runes and the optional runes. This means that you have to fight two Runelords again to get to Leyndell.

The Dectus Medallion and the Rold Medallion, as well as the Haligbaum Medallion, will also be removed from your inventory and must therefore be collected again. This also applies to all other items relevant to the main story, such as the Shimmerstone Key to the Academy and also Miquella's Needle.

All quests that you have started or completed will also be reset. Any NPC quests ( Alexander, Millicent, Diallos, etc.) as well as quests that concern the ending (Ranni the witch, Three Fingers,...) get the zero status again and have to be rediscovered.

So if you've explored the end of the insane flame, the mark will be removed in New Game + and it's like you never rebelled against the two fingers. Your eye changes will also be reset.

All sound pearls are again scattered in the world and must be found again before you can use them again with the twin sisters. The same applies to prayer books and magic scrolls, which you can hand to the NPCs. Likewise, the paintings will be removed from your inventory.

Now you know everything there is to know about the NG+. Since there is always something to discover, you will probably be busy with the world of Elden Ring for another playthrough or two. Especially if you want to experience the three main endings. We wish you lots of fun!